Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

The Netherlands is not the only one: the Swedish government is preparing to repatriate “Swedish” ISIS jihadettes and their puir wee bairns from Syria. Mama went there to wage jihad for the Caliphate, but now she wants to come home.

Sweden is a gigantic open-air lunatic asylum. Yes, I concede that it has beautiful forests and lovely women, but it’s a nuthouse. There’s no doubt about it.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Nya Dagbladet:

Female ISIS terrorists soon back in Sweden

According to information, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs [Utrikesdepartementet, UD] is hoping that all female ISIS terrorists with some sort of connection to Sweden who are still in camps in Syria, and their children, will be brought to Sweden by this summer.

The UD told the newspaper Bonnier Expressen that they are sending a delegation to the special prison camps for ISIS terrorists in northeastern Syria, and that they are meeting with the women and children with Swedish citizenship who are being held prisoner there.

“The families are extremely happy about this,” says one of the women who traveled down there to fight for the Islamist caliphate to the newspaper.

According to information, the UD has held talks with the Kurdish authorities who rule over the area but have also taken DNA samples from the women and their children to confirm their identity. In addition to UD, a representative of the Center Against Violent Extremism and a pediatrician participated.

“The main purpose of the consular visit was to move farther in the process of establishing the identity of the foreign-born Swedish children and get a better picture of the children’s health,” they write in a statement.

There should be about 12 ISIS-women and 22 children who are said to have a “connection to Sweden” and will be picked up. Whether some of these actually have Sweden as their country of origin or come from non-European countries and received Swedish citizenship is not clear from the context.

One of the female terrorists that Expressen spoke with confirms that UD said that the families can be “back in Sweden” as early as the summer. Several of the children have never been in Sweden at all, rather only in the Islamic State or camps in Syria.

Already, several families have managed to “escape from the camps” and make it to Sweden. To date nobody has been convicted for their involvement in terrorist activity or the Islamic State’s systematic murder of dissidents and religious minorities.

The Red Cross and Human Rights Watch claim that the environment in the prison camps is “harmful for children” and have, therefore, long demanded that Sweden and other countries should come and pick up women and their children.

UD does not want to answer whether it is clear that ISIS terrorists will actually soon be brought to Sweden, but are “awaiting information” from the Kurdish authorities in the region. They confirm, however, that they are preparing for such a solution.

15 thoughts on “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

  1. Maybe some jihadist can place a bomb on the aircraft used to repatriate this rabble and send all these soldiers of allah to Paradise that much faster. Pity about the waste of a good aircraft and bomb though.

    • How high does a plane fly?
      Cue GOLDFINGER ta taaaa ta (the music from Shirley Bassey)

      Explosive decompression sucks (you out of a plane)

      So you dont need a bomb.But you are right. It is a waste of jetfuel.

        • Well, depressurizing the fuselage would do the trick quite nicely and if the pilots donned their oxygen masks, enable them to escape unscathed.

          However, there is poetic justice in islamists being done in by one of the things that they are best known for; a bomb on an aircraft or a suicide bomber.

        • Alex, you can’t open a door on an commercial aircraft when it’s in flight, it’s pressurized so you can’t open them.

  2. When Men were unable to turn Sweden into paradise wymyn took over. Now only Swedish can rightly claim that they have a feminist cabinet. These feminists have turned Sweden into no-go zones for white Swedish. A paradise for Afghanis.

    Well it is paradise, though.

    Only feminist cabinet can achieve so difficult a task.

    Do you remember when the feminist cabinet were invited to Iran, the feminist cabinet kept wearing their own traditional hijab, chador, niqab,

    The feminist cabinet stayed defiant. Empowered as they are in the west.

    Just look at the feminists how stupidly they laugh.

    Swedes are not stupid to believe in Christian fairy tales.

    They have a new religion that corresponds to their thinking.

    I mean clever thinking

    • All feminists have a plan, until they get punched in the face by a 3rd worlder dashing their big dreams of a female dominated society.

      • Feminists are too stupid to realize it even then.

        I don’t believe that they really dream of a female dominated society; more like the males where these creatures tend to dominate are so pathetic that the females come to control their societies by default and not by design. And once they do they tend to not know what to do with it. Sweden being a prime example.

  3. To see all the Turkey hair cutting shops so popular with the Christians one might wonder if it’s to show another dopey “not me” or density inside as well as off the head.

  4. Poor old Sweden. It was fun for feminists while it lasted. I imagine most don’t even remember how to oppose anything. Sharia will start to look like a fantastic idea.

  5. This is what happens when you let women and their feelings get in the way of bloody common sense.

  6. Talk about inviting the serpent into your home. I hope the Swedes get what they deserve; mass destruction and mass murder. Yeah, I said it. But the Swedes voted these idiots in to office, let then live with the suck.

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