91-Year-Old Woman Raped to Death by Culture-Enricher

Here’s another sick, disturbing story from Modern Multicultural France. Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Le Figaro:

In Paris, a 91-year-old woman dies after being raped during a burglary

An elderly woman reportedly suffered extreme violence including rape, according to a police source, before succumbing to her wounds. A suspect was arrested Tuesday.

June 15, 2021

In his odious crime, the executioner spared his victim nothing, however fragile she was. On Friday June 11 a 91-year-old woman died following a sordid break-in, Le Parisien reports. A suspect has been arrested, and the investigation is still in progress.

On June 10, ne of her acquaintances, upon coming to pay her a visit, discovered the victim in her apartment near Place d’Italie (13th arrondissement), her body showing signs of the attacks, but still alive. Transported to Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital and placed on an artificial respirator, she succumbed to her injuries the next day. Among her observed wounds were cranial trauma, several fractures and hematomas, and also signs of rape, according to a police source. An investigation has been opened by the prosecutor’s office and assigned to the 3rd district of the Judicial Police (3e DPJ) for rape leading to the death and burglary, “At this stage of the investigation the exact nature of the violence committed cannot be determined,” the prosecutor cautioned.

At the residence police established some facts and gathered clues: The attack is believed to have occurred between 4 and 7 in the morning, without anyone hearing. On Tuesday 15 June, a homeless man of about 20 years of age was arrested at Sarcelles (Val-d’Oise). According to a police source close to Figaro, it is reportedly an individual of Pakistani origin. His fingerprints match those discovered in the victim’s apartment. The man is known to the police under several aliases, “changes his date of birth often”. The analyses are in progress for involvement in a possible rape, and it is not yet known how the burglar got into the apartment.

The apartment on the ground floor was far from being isolated, and Berthe herself led a calm life still rich in interactions: between the home aides and nurses, she received up to five people each day. “She was a small lady who could only move about with her walker. In the evening, one of the persons came to her to help her out of her wheelchair. Physically, it wasn’t that good. But mentally she was all there,” reports a witness quoted by Le Parisien, while a neighbor adds that she was known for her generosity: “She had her heart in her hand, willingly gave a small room to people who needed it. It is disgusting what happened to her.” This woman had a daughter.

13 thoughts on “91-Year-Old Woman Raped to Death by Culture-Enricher

    • The muslims and orcs infesting Europe are only symptoms and not causes. Any effective resistance and pushback needs to be against those in power and those pulling the strings of those in power who are funding and providing organization and motivation to the invasion.

      At a tactical level, resistance such as targeted beatings or worse of invasive criminals, the destruction of invader centers, and targeting of local officials, weak judges, advocates for the invaders, and corrupt and oppressive police either through property destruction, intimidation of family members, etc., is an important element of resistance and counter-invasion. But this alone doesn’t stop the invasion. It just forces those in public positions of trust to choose sides or choose to sit it out on the sidelines for fear of worse consequences.

      Strategically, those behind the invasion and destruction of the West need to first be identified and exposed, and then targeted personally or if not possible, then those who can wield some influence upon them targeted as well. Of course all of this is easier said than done, and as those responsible control the reins of power, it will not be possible to use legal means or the political systems they built and dominate to do anything about their predations.

      As to when, well, the economic situation is not quite dire enough in the affected countries for most people to give up their tenuous hold on a respectable middle class existence to make themselves pariahs and social outcasts to stand publicly against invasion, and they have far too much to lose by resorting to violence even amongst those with the training and inclination to use it effectively. Translation: it needs to get a whole lot worse before the average person doesn’t care about the consequences of taking the fight to these (illegitimates).

  1. Ok, I am beyond words. (Or maybe I accumulated to much of these attacks.)

    The only thing that comes to mind is Repressalien.
    You know, when the french / russian resistance killed a german soldier during WWII, the germans responded by killing according to various sources 10-100 innocents to make the killer come forward. If he did, only he was supposed to be shot. But that never happened as far as I know.

    Yes, I know my comment on “Dutch Culture-Enrichers Are Out of Control” but now I would really like to enact Repressalien.
    Just imagine, whenever one of THEM does something like that, 100 of THEM are shot. No talk, just lining them up and firing.

    • Shooting on that scale would imply the existence of a large number of firearms and ammunition in willing private hands.

      If the object is just communal punishment then that might be a valid approach, but the authorities including the local and national police forces would be far more motivated to punish the patriots behind such an act than they would be to find the rapist of a 91 yr old white woman. A better objective would be to demotivate the invaders so much that they voluntarily remove themselves from Europe. Towards that end, a better strategy would be to lure orcs into honeytraps where instead of carnal knowledge of another European female, they are waylaid by her accomplices and the orc is subsequently relieved of a hand or an eye or a tongue or emasculated before being released back into the wild. This serves several purposes; first live orcs communicate with one another, and were the practice to become widespread then orcs would start to self-remove themselves from Europe or at least countries and regions where this was a distinct possibility. Second, this could be accomplished by small cells of three or four individuals and would be much harder for police to do anything about, or to devote real resources to the detective work needed to find the patriot cells.

      • The natives of western Europe are buying every kind of weapon they can sub rosa, quite a few see the writing on the wall and the intelligence services see this as well, and it is scaring the hell out of them. The arms market coming out of the eastern block, Ukraine and Russia is booming, and let us not forget there are miles of tunnels filled with what the Germans and Russians left after the war that can be filtered out in a matter of days.

      • Again, Excellent analysis and strategy, well done. Now if we could just get those bloody Europeans off the damn couch to do something.

        • Destroy the economy and make them unemployed and they will get off the couch when the unemployment checks are not enough to pay for food or internet.

  2. “The man is known to the police under several aliases” another example of how overpaid and useless are the police. An armed citizenry would do a much better job of policing.

  3. Oh No! It’s already clear that politicians have left the elderly behind… But THIS?? We also know, how Muslims comefirst before LGBT, their special status means little in comparison. Now their special status comes before ALL, and atr the expense of ALL TOO.
    91 years she survived on this place we call home, (Earth I mean), so, 1930 approx, she must have seen so much. God I hope she gets proper justice, although there isnt any justice for that! It actually sounds like the French Police are fairly good? I don’t know, but I’m assuming from a few small things I’ve seen & heard of.

  4. The longest day was yesterday I just noticed, in the north. And although it happened over a week ago, most likely this “individual of Pakistani origin” didn’t know how to fill in such long days of freedom in a once great western nation?

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