The Effects of Cultural Enrichment on Italy and Spain

The two videos below discuss different aspects of catastrophic mass migration into Europe from the Third World. Many thanks to HeHa for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

In the first video an Italian policewoman recounts a violent attack by four culture-enrichers on herself and three of her fellow officers. She is at pains to emphasize the extent to which police officers are hemmed in by PC constraints when they have to respond to violence by migrants:

The second video features Jorge Buxadé, an MEP and spokesman for the Spanish anti-immigration party Vox. His remarks on the floor of the European Parliament highlight the malicious absurdities of the EU’s policies on mass immigration:

Video transcript #1:

00:00   We get into the trenches on a daily basis. Unfortunately, in early May I was attacked
00:06   by four asylum seekers, one of whom had a humanitarian [residence] permit.
00:12   Patrizia is a police officer, and today she is going to tell us about the attack
00:16   she suffered while she was on duty in Pordenone.
00:19   Four asylum seekers surrounded the police patrol; that’s how the fight started.
00:23   Being attacked is something I wouldn’t wish on anyone.
00:28   One of my coworkers who had fractures was hospitalized and given a 40-day prognosis.
00:32   Another coworker was given a ten-day prognosis; another one, five.
00:36   When they attacked me, I had to use a personal defense spray.
00:42   Patrizia tried to fight back. Coworkers who came to her aid were taken to hospital after the attack.
00:47   Only one of the four asylum seekers has been arrested.
00:51   The others are already free. All of them were carrying marijuana.
00:55   The attack I suffered has been a real trauma, because in a matter of seconds
01:00   I found myself trapped in a corner, and I didn’t really know how to react.
01:05   Even if I wear a uniform, I felt like I was in a tough situation psychologically, being a woman.
01:09   Also because you are aware that if you make a mistake, you will pay double for it.
01:14   Even if we wear a uniform and we can exercise the same right of self-defense as everyone else,
01:18   fighting back can be considered excess of legitimate defense.
01:21   Because it can compromise our careers, permanently.
01:24   Some of our coworkers have been on trial for years because of this.
01:28   We feel abandoned by everyone, and still we do it.
01:31   We do it because if we leave the battlefield, there will be nobody left.
01:39   Speaking of immigration, as a labor union representative I will say this:
01:44   it’s completely out of hand, we must be honest about it.
01:48   Why? Because they have stopped expelling illegals.
01:52   They won’t make these expulsion orders enforceable, which exist on paper only.
01:55   We need to expel illegals, at least those who commit crimes.

Video transcript #2:

00:00   Thank you, Mr. President. While migrants are swarming across our borders,
00:04   we are debating a report on how to encourage
00:07   the arrival of unskilled migrants and about the intra-EU mobility of non-EU residents.
00:11   Congratulations! The globalist elites really thank you for doing all this
00:15   for the sake of cheap labor, unemployment, low salaries and the Davos Forum.
00:19   While we are discussing this, 800,000 illegals are storming the borders of Ceuta and Melilla.
00:24   And in Spain 37% of young people are unemployed.
00:28   It is resolutions like this which enable the pull factor for migrants.
00:32   They promise jobs to thousands of migrants who will storm our borders, while more and more taxes
00:36   And absurd regulations are imposed to our European employees and entrepreneurs.
00:41   It’s EU member States who have exclusive jurisdiction on labor legislation, and they are the ones
00:45   who decide what kind of immigration is sustainable, according to their own interests and needs.
00:48   What we need to do is to create permanent employment,
00:51   to re-industrialize Europe, increase the workers’ salaries by reducing
00:55   the tax burden on entrepreneurs, apply the principle of preference of EU workers.
00:59   And above all we need to not spend European taxpayers’ money
01:02   on favoring ethnic replacement. Thank you.

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  1. God please resurrect General Franco! Now there was a guy who knew how to deal with muslims and communists!

  2. This barbaric act against Europeans has to stopped immediately!!, if is a God , please help Us !!, this is outrageous..

  3. I think this police lady should be send a book about the police in South America and how they deal with such crimes – after duty and Black Ops wise..

  4. The MEP actually quoted the approximate correct number eg 8.000, but the translator understood it to be 800.000. Either way, 8.000 is still far too many. 8.000 too many.

  5. As long as the cop does her ‘work’ this will continue. Mass walk-out of all defensive forces – internally and externally – is the only thing that will wake up the Schlafmichel majority.

    • Wrong, a military takeover is the only thing that will save Europe now, for you ain’t voting your way out of this mess, that time has come and is long gone.

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