The Pharmaceutical Fox is Guarding the Vaccine Henhouse

In the following video, a member of the Austrian Parliament for the FPÖ (Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs, Austrian Freedom Party) calls out a woman named Emer Cooke, a former lobbyist for the pharmaceutical industry who is now on the board of the EU agency that regulates medicines — including the notorious AstraZeneca “vaccine”, which is currently the epicenter of a major controversy.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   MP Gerald Hauser FPÖ [Austrian Freedom Party]
00:05   Dr. Saxinger has just stated that the EMA [European Medicines Agency]
00:09   has checked everything thoroughly. OK.
00:13   The European Medicines Agency is responsible for
00:17   monitoring and evaluating medicines in the EU,
00:21   and is also responsible for their approval.
00:25   And you probably also know Dr. Saxinger, who
00:29   heads this EMA. Namely since November 16 2020,
00:33   before there was even any discussion about vaccinations
00:37   and the approval of vaccinations, a certain Dr. Emer Cooke —
00:41   it can all be read here —
00:45   and this Dr. Emer Cooke,
00:49   who was appointed on November 16 2020
00:53   as the chairwoman [director] of the EMA
00:57   is responsible for a budget in 2020
01:01   of approximately €306 million.
01:05   And do you know what this budget is made up of? 91%
01:09   of this budget comes from fees
01:13   paid by the pharmaceutical companies. OK, so far, so good.
01:17   And if you now look at the C.V. of Dr. Emer Cooke,
01:21   I can tell you, and take a look at this:
01:25   Since 1985 she has been
01:29   working in various positions of the pharmaceutical
01:33   industry. It is interesting
01:37   to note that from 1991
01:41   to 1998 she was a director
01:45   of the FBA. And do you know
01:49   what the FBA is? The FBA is
01:53   the lobbying organisation for the largest
01:57   European Pharmaceutical Conglomerates.
02:01   And do you know that she lobbied for eight years for the Big 30
02:05   of the European Pharmaceutical Industry? And do you know
02:09   who her clients were?
02:13   Guess who, Doctor? I’ll tell you right now if you don’t know, but you
02:17   can guess: Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Novatis,
02:21   Johnson and Johnson, and so on and so forth.
02:25   So, this Dr. Emer Cooke, who was appointed
02:29   in mid-November of 2020 to the EMA board
02:33   has, all her life,
02:37   worked for the pharma industry. She has lobbied
02:41   in an executive capacity for the pharma industry and is now
02:45   responsible for the approval and for the control and the efficacy
02:49   of vaccines like AstraZeneca.
02:53   Honoured colleagues, what would one
02:57   say, even as a not-yet experienced parliamentarian,
03:01   to such a case? What would one say?
03:05   Outright insider deals, outright nepotism,
03:09   bribery, everything possible, that’s how it is.
03:13   Please think about this when in future
03:17   you use the EMA as proof of
03:21   the correctness of the testing of medical drugs.
03:25   Gerald Hauser criticises Emer Cooke, the Director of the
03:29   European Medicines Agency, the EMA, because Cooke
03:34   has long lobbied for Big Pharma.