Rocks for Vox

Vox is a popular anti-immigration party in Spain, the third-largest party in the country. At a recent Vox rally in Madrid, Antifa activists were allowed to get close enough to the stage to throw rocks, injuring at least one of the Vox leaders.

It’s important to remember that the police only allow such violence to take place because they are ordered to do so. If they had been ordered to crack down hard on Antifa, no rocks would ever have gotten near the Vox people. Their orders come from the municipal authorities, which means they are sanctioned by the national government.

In other words, the government of Spain is using Antifa as a proxy paramilitary force to suppress its political opponents. The fact that the “anti-fascists” are not official state forces gives the regime plausible deniability about the resulting violence. From my perspective, the plausibility and deniability were always thin, and are now all but non-existent. But as long as the state retains full control of the media, it can get away with such atrocities.

Video #1 was translated by Gary Fouse. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video #2 is a French-language report. Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript: #1

00:00   ….more plural than those who wanted — who just threw a rock… that has hit someone.
00:06   This is being permitted by the minister of interior, and this event
00:10   will end only when everybody has left the square.
00:14   And we will come down again. And we will return back to the lectern. Make that clear.
00:21   This… this is what is permitted by Marlaska, Sanchez, and Iglesias.

Video transcript: #2

00:00   Violent clashes broke out in Madrid. On one side, the forces of order,
00:04   on the other side anti-fascist activists who came to protest against a meeting held by
00:08   the far-right party Vox, ahead of early elections planned
00:12   in less than a month in the Spanish capital.
00:16   The result of this violence: two arrests and about fifteen injured, including
00:20   a member of the Vox party who was hit in the hand by a stone.
00:25   The source of the anger was the presence of Santiago Abascal, leader of the Vox party,
00:29   in the district of Vallecas, an underprivileged neighborhood of Madrid.
00:33   Selecting this location was perceived as a provocation by the inhabitants,
00:37   who are mostly opposed to far-right ideas.
00:42   The third-largest political force in the country, the Vox party had enabled the right
00:46   to regain power in Madrid in 2019 through an alliance with the Popular Party and Ciudadonos.
00:53   Following the resignation last month of the region’s president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, from the PP,
00:58   the cards have been reshuffled. Voters are set to go to the polls on May 4.

10 thoughts on “Rocks for Vox

  1. “In other words, the government of Spain is using Antifa as a proxy paramilitary force to suppress its political opponents.”

    Same thing with the BLM crowd, etc.

    Here in Canada, it was the “natives” blocking the railroads. Lasted weeks.

    I wanted to block a highway to protest inaction on fixing the railroad blockades. I’ll bet I’d have been arrested within 15 minutes.

    (The infamous blockades were partially demolished by some regular citizens in Alberta, who started throwing the stuff in the garbage. As for police action, some municipal cops in a suburb of Montreal were on the way to deal with one of the blockades… and just that knowledge was enough to get it to disperse locally – and cause the beginning of the end nationally, to an extent. Strangely the railroad police, RCMP, etc., were unable to do the same… proving that they’d been ordered not to, unlike the municipal cops.)

  2. I see the commentators are still referring to conservatives as “Far Right.”

    • the second video transcript is just en example of how the left has kidnapped the political discourse. It is as if the people from Vox where throwing themselves against the stones of the antifas, causing indescriptible harm to the poor inhabitants of this so called by the articulist underprivileged neighboorhood. The RAIR foundation should put captions in their videos to explain if that is what they think (politically speaking) or if they show this videos to tell us about the absurdity of the left bias in the news.

    • Its the Overton Window.
      It has been driven far enough Left that Communism is acceptable in public discourse and even violent action is acceptable, but any resistance to it is criminal.
      The question is how to drive it back to the right.

  3. Wouldnt that be something perfect for our so-called supporters to help us?

    My two cents:

    1) Sofia Petrova Roberts
    Her mother moved with her (very young, from the data I think she was 2 when she moved with her mom to the USA) from Russia to USA. Then Sofia committed crimes (stole USD 1.000 from mom) and mom banished her daughter to Russia.

    If I would be the ruler of Russia I would immediatly jumped at the chance and enrolled her at the KGB / FSB academy. Then I would have sent her mom a letter: Thanks for sending this girl to us. She knows the USA perfectly so we will use her to train our spies how to live an american life. By the way, we will encourage her feelings of abandonment and let it flourish into hate. And when in a few years your doorbell rings, guess who will be paying you a not-nice visit?

    2) the Goller family from Rietberg
    They have an inn and the police injured them when they opened it against COVID 19 regulations.
    Just imagine Kim Jong-un, ruler of North-Korea, sending his ambassador to this family. The NK embassy rents the inn and then allows the family to run the inn on said territory. Do you think the german police would dare enter NK territory if the NK posts some armed and ready-to-fire guards?

    I cannot understand it: Our rulers are capable of colour revolutions (and other things) and the other side stumbles like blind, deaf people around.
    And please dont come with 4-D chess. That theory was totally sunk with Donald Trump.

  4. God please resurrect Franco, for there was a guy who knew how to deal with communists, he shot them.

      • Yes, Franco also shot communists from Britain, America, Canada, Soviet Union and other communists from all over Europe. Good riddance, too bad he didn’t get them all.

  5. I connected with an English Polish woman who had been living happily in Spain until recently realising it was no longer safe so she was regaining Polish citizenship to seek refuge back in Poland. The circle of life is now to return to the safety of your roots. That’s when I thought of Aaliyah. All white People need to return to Eastern Europe for safety. No other place is defendable. The people you live amongst have been brainwashed and are against you and against defending against invaders. You cannot defend yourself in such a place, you cannot rely on those people.

  6. There was some hope for a modern and functioning Spain under Juan Carlos when Franco passed. Unfortunately, the King either did not seem to know statecraft or was unable to look past his own personal interests. A shame, as the energy of the Spanish people is well known but it seems their leaders are not possessed of it.

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