Somebody Must Have Sprayed Red B Gon

A couple of weeks ago our Portuguese correspondent Orwell sent in this photo of a billboard in Loulé in the Algarve celebrating the centennial of communism in Portugal:

At some point since then the red billboard, like so many enemies of communism, has been disappeared:

Orwell had this to say about the vanished billboard:

It’s bizarre!

It looks like someone else has taken solid action to remove the huge PCP communist banner ad. Not only that, but the frame supporting it has also been completely demolished.

Rightly so.

Note: For the title of this post I thought up “Red B Gon” as an imaginary (but much-needed) product that eliminates communism at home and in the workplace.

It’s my habitual practice to do an internet search for any clever idea I come up with, because 95% of the time someone has already thought of the same thing. In this case, a product called “Red-B-Gone” already exists. Its purpose is to get rust out of water pumps and similar devices where the constant presence of water causes rust to accumulate. However, I couldn’t find any product by the same name that is designed to get rid of commies, so the diligent householder will just have to do that particular job himself.

2 thoughts on “Somebody Must Have Sprayed Red B Gon

  1. Imagine the various uses such a product could be put to. If it were packaged in a small spray can like pepper spray then it could be concealed upon one’s person for use in such locations as faculty lounges and liberal cocktail parties. “Ho-be-gone” is another such desperately needed product. Discrete deployment throughout the White House and Oval Office would ensure the Cackler doesn’t muscle the Hair Sniffer from his legitimately elected office.

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