Celebrating a Century of Communism

A Portuguese reader named “Orwell” took this photo and sent it to me:

He said:

I just saw this huge billboard today! In the town of Loulé in the Algarve [southern coast of Portugal].

Just look at that! Hammer and sickle, and a pool of blood. This is openly going on in Portugal in 2021. No one bats an eye.

I guess the splash of red is the blood of some of the 200+ million people they have already murdered.

In Portugal just a few weeks ago, they sneaked in a new law, passed without any democratic assessment, a law on the expropriation of private property. Now without rhyme or reason, at the whim of some state commie bureaucrat or commissar, your private property, house, land, apartment can simply be confiscated from you!

They are moving quickly towards outlawing private ownership of property in Portugal.

Where else in the world has communism reached the venerable age of 100 while still being celebrated? Russia observed the centennial of the Revolution in 2017, but I’m not sure the celebration was universally enthusiastic. China and North Korea haven’t reached a century yet…

11 thoughts on “Celebrating a Century of Communism

  1. Holy Crap, a friend of mine just bought a House on the Azores a few weeks back.
    He asked me, why I don’t move there after I sold everything in South Africa before they start expropriating everything.
    And now I find out about this…….
    This is not going to end well for ALL of us.

    • There is no longer anywhere to run to. All us of European extraction will have to make the cold hard choice now, fight and be the Wolf, or be slaughtered like the sheep? So the stark, cold, hard choice is starring you in the face, what will you do?

    • Why leave Africa just to be inundated with it again in the Azores? Soros and his minions are already busy turning the islands into West Moria, complete with a full complement of rapist orcs imported from the sumps of Africa. Probably why houses are affordable there, because anyone with a brain has already seen the writing on the wall and has long since departed while there are still suckers willing to pay full price for soon to be worthless goods.

      • I have looked at every country. Only Poland, Hungary or Switzerland on my list. Shame about the weather. Also Poles leaving Spain to go back to Poland. I call it “Aaliyah” the Jewish word for going home. Everyone, white, has to go home and make their last stand.

        • The true story of the heroic battle that inspired the new Netflix film “The Siege of Jadotville” .

  2. But it’s designed to aid the wretched of the earth,….and the commissars who see to their welfare.

  3. Portugal is an outlaw state!!! Run by left wing marxist maoist NaZis, on top of this the current head of the UN is another portuguese leper!
    the portuguese Communist TRAiTOR Antonio guterres, who is on the payroll of the wef and bill gates, soros.
    guterres is a accomplice of the klaus schwab covid 19 pandemic scam and genocide of millions of people!!!

    Here is the Uk column news, from 17 march 2021,
    And they cover the new law in portugal for allowing the Portuguese state the Free right of expropriation of private property in portugal.

    The law was passed without any proper democratic debate or assessment, and was not passed through parliament. Incredible!!!!

    In the news cast here below from Uk column news, from 17 march, you can find the article at 33.34 in the video! Portugal is now a prison, with all borders closed, and people forbidden from travelling between different council areas, with gnr paramilitary road checkpoints everywhere, and violent thugs fining and pushing innocent people around under threat of being arrested and or fined huge sums of money!

    This is the NaZis, all over again, if there are any real men in portugal then they need to rise up, and take down the commies nazis that have stolen there country and freedom!!!


  4. Portugal, police fine over 12000 people in 20 days, and arrest and imprison anyone who dares to be disobedient!

    Portugal is now in the full control of communist NaZis!!! It’d scary to even go out here, because you dont know if your going be coming back alive. We are all trapped in here, the land borders with spain are closed, since a long time, 3 months, and patrolled by gnr thugs who have already forced over 9000 people into quarantine, and turned many people away leaving them in limbo, there lives ruined!!!
    On the other side the Spanish cop thugs are playing the same game! So u can end up being homeless, trapped in u car, cant go forward, or backwards, these NaZis in police outfits abusing and destroying people. Its really frightening now.
    And there releasing more propaganda to portuguese msm that there going start locking down again if just a few more data numbers show covid increase,
    This is how it must have been and felt in Germany any in 1939.

    The Portuguese prime minister costa and president a commie old codger about 90 need to be arrested! And there gang of medical bureaucrats and fake data accomplices, must all be rounded up, and put on a Nuremberg 2..0 trial asap.

    The country is completely ruined, businesses, hotels, tourism, people are living off handouts from Red Cross and charity food, including myself since 13 months!!
    Portuguese give 0 cash € AND NO medical or health treatment to anyone, all medical and hospitals only accept covid people. Only people they give cash support to are savages who arrived on beaches and bogus asylum seekers and invaders from Middle East and Africa, yes!! They get given everything!!! Because the portuguese leftists who run the local councils in portugal are afraid of the word RACIST!!! So they make sure that the ikalergi plan and soros invaders get cash, apartments, food, new clothes, full medical care,
    But you, the European man or woman, who worked and payed huge taxes, you will get 0!!! ZERO!!! This is how it works!!! Do u understand???

    many many have died here in portugal from untreated existing illnesses, or people whos operations were cancelled! many many have died, and falsely labeled as covid deaths!
    for gods sake, we need to get out of this insane madness!!!!!
    we are in the clutches of butchers and tyrants who are murdering millions ad millionsand millions of people!!!

    it s time to get hold of guns and fight back!!


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