Scream Heil Corona! Or Be a Political Leper!

Gerald Grosz is an Austrian politician for the BZÖ (Bündnis Zukunft Österreich, Alliance for the Future of Austria) and the FPÖ (Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs, Austrian Freedom Party). In his latest video he has some acerbic words about the ubiquitous, mindless Coronamadness that brooks no disagreement.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:01   Jan Josef Liefers, Nina Proll, Manuel Rubey and
00:05   47 other well-known actors and actresses from German-speaking countries,
00:09   all of whom have hitherto been politically “unsuspicious”,
00:12   after their criticism of the no-alternative lockdown policy,
00:15   also because of their dismay at the hopelessness of their own profession
00:20   find themselves overnight in the circle of supposed right-wing extremists,
00:24   neo-Nazis, corona deniers.
00:27   In other words, forced by the media and the political establishment to collectively enter
00:32   the community of political lepers,
00:35   who have no right to freedom of expression, who have been declared untouchables,
00:40   whose thinking, speaking and ultimately even their existence,
00:44   like the virus, must be neutralized.
00:48   Resistance to the erosion of basic rights,
00:51   criticism of the divisions in society, disapproval
00:54   of this continued destruction of the pillars of our existence
00:58   are generally qualified as lateral thinking, anti-Semitic,
01:02   neo-Nazi, right-wing extremist primitiveness
01:06   of the mob condemned to speechlessness.
01:11   Anyone who does not, day in and day out,
01:14   flaunt the collective panic and hysteria openly and for all to see,
01:19   who does not sing daily the song of the collective suicide
01:23   of our society, who is not compliant and subservient
01:27   to every contradictory measure of an idiotic,
01:30   even insane policy, is a pariah.
01:33   And is consequently, in his professional existence,
01:37   yes, even in his social status, declared an outlaw.
01:41   Anyone who doesn’t scream Heil Corona, doesn’t take the knee before the Virus,
01:45   is no longer a good person. Every critic of this corona policy can with hatred and agitation
01:50   be doused with the slop bucket of contempt.
01:53   Family liability included!
01:56   The judges who, in this newly resurrected block warden period,
02:00   judge the rebellious delinquents
02:03   and expose them to public pillory, are precisely those
02:08   who only on Sundays spoke up against hatred and agitation and prejudice,
02:12   always and only for the good and the true.
02:16   Sunday Democrats. And now it hits 50 actors,
02:20   their reputation, their right to freedom of expression
02:24   and their criticism, presented in any case artistically and with intellectual honesty,
02:28   are being robbed thereof. And we see that no one is immune
02:33   from being at the mercy of this new fascist dictatorship of opinion.
02:38   Everyone, and really everyone, no matter where they stand politically,
02:42   overnight, in an updated Nazi corner,
02:45   can end up as a Corona denier.
02:49   For truthfulness and righteousness, you need, in this 21st century,
02:54   courage, thick skin, independence and a fast horse!

3 thoughts on “Scream Heil Corona! Or Be a Political Leper!

  1. It’s ironic that the acting profession that has been decimated by the response to the virus, is overwhelmingly on the side of the Left, the left that historically puts the arts under its boot.

    It’s good to see some brave souls in the profession, like Laurence Fox, see what’s really important, see the longer view, and sacrifice their careers to engage in the fight.

    Another such, screenwriter Andrew Klavan, said that he found even more fulfillment once he chose to speak out.

    • I think Laurence Fox has the best platform for changing london into a safe city after Sadick Khan turned it over to muslims killers.

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