Vaccination: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Sometimes when I have conversations with people about their long-range plans they talk about what they intend to do “when COVID is finally over”, usually referring to this coming spring and summer. I’m a curmudgeonly pessimist about the Wuhan Coronavirus, so I often say: “I don’t think it will ever be over. COVID is here to stay.”

Many business leaders and local elected officials (if they’re not Democrats and/or Socialists) are anxiously anticipating the day when the pandemic is officially declared to be at an end. The number of “cases” is rapidly declining, so there would seem to be cause for optimism. However, bigwigs affiliated with the Permanent Government and the New World Order are not so sanguine — they keep warning us that the danger is not yet over, and we should continue to be very, very afraid. Just yesterday St. Dr. Fauci informed the faithful that they will have to wear their masks through 2022, and perhaps beyond.

The video clip below features Jens Spahn, the Minister of Health in Angela Merkel’s cabinet. In it Mr. Spahn cheerfully discusses the likelihood that additional vaccination (beyond the initial two shots for COVID-19) will most likely be required.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   And what we are doing now, and that is why it is the example in your own family, so to speak,
00:04   so that we can vaccinate the elderly and those in need of care more quickly,
00:08   and at the same time vaccinate those who are particularly endangered faster.
00:12   Those who are 18 to 64 are usually vaccinated
00:15   So that the older ones are vaccinated with Bio-tech Moderna,
00:19   and the 18- to 64-year-olds in the priority group are vaccinated with AstraZeneca.
00:23   To make it faster overall, can you get vaccinated again later? YES!
00:28   The professors will agree with me that it does not affect the immune system,
00:33   if you, in a year, six months, are vaccinated again with another vaccine.
00:39   It is important to first and second vaccinate with Astra-Zeneca so that you have full protection.
00:43   First and second vaccination at the recommended interval. So after the first vaccination,
00:46   9 to 12 weeks later the second vaccination.
00:49   That makes a real difference, also for the immunity, this second vaccination.
00:53   And if you by then, by the way, maybe we all need a third vaccination,
00:58   we don’t even know if we all need another one after 12 months, after 24 months.
01:02   But if you also say for yourself; “I would want, possibly,
01:07   at the end of the year, when we have vaccinated all the others,
01:10   and there are still vaccines available,” (and there will be)
01:13   “to be vaccinated again,” (then that is possible without any problems).

5 thoughts on “Vaccination: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

  1. This man his voice sounds like a Nazi from the 1939 nsdap,

    He talks like he is the king, and he is the boss of all people.

    This man is liar, a cheater, swindler, crook, a Nazi racist commie.

    He is murdering millions of us, and we must remember his name, his address,

    And he must along with merkel, Johnson Schwab, be detained ASAP.

    And these people must, must be executed for crimes against humanity.


  2. Lockdowns are not the appropriate response to COVID-19.

    1. There is no correlation between lockdowns and a lower death rate from COVID-19. The UK has lockdowns, Sweden did not, yet the per capita the death rate from COVID-19 is about the same in both countries. California had more severe lockdowns than Florida, yet the death rate from COVID-19 is about the same in both US states.

    2. Lockdowns also contribute to death. Around two weeks ago I contributed a tip to the news feed, a study which estimates 900,000+ excess deaths in the US in the next several years due to the lockdowns. The lockdowns caused a severe economic downturn, which in turn contributes to increased suicides, delaying of medical treatment, increased violence, and so forth.

    • Those government toadies and their sycophants in the sciences and medicine who craft these justifications should forfeit their pay for the duration of the shutdown of the economy for which they agitate. If they truly believe destroying the economy and thr livelihoods of millions of people is absolutely necessary, then a little solidarity is a good way to demonstrate that they are serious and that they also have some skin in the game. Make them live on the same scraps that they condescend to toss from the table to us lower classes as sops for the destruction of our livelihoods and our future.

    • Swedes are apparently more conformist than we Brits, so they pretty much followed the recommendations without being coerced.

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