9 thoughts on “The Pandemic Battle Flag

  1. I have to admit I have been psychologically impacted in multiple ways. When I saw that clip on the news of the grocery store in Naples where nobody had masks they had laid a foundation of fear no matter how minor. Given enough time what impact would it have? 80% of the time I go to a grocery store at night, I get to the doors and say damn it when I realize I don’t have a mask. So it isn’t always on my mind. Then the story made me miss what was or is somewhere else. It seemed like it was 30 years ago.

  2. I wear hearing aids. They work great ( but not perfect ) When someone, usually a Karen, yells at me for being too close, I move much, much, closer and apologize because of my poor hearing, pointing at my aids and ask them to speak up. Drives them bonkers!!

  3. I had early this morning a run-in with a “Muffler” while walking my dogs.
    He was also walking his dog down in the Orchards, Masked and Face-shielded.
    Alfi, our puppy ran towards him and his dog and wanted to play, he immediately started screaming to keep my dog away and proper Social Distancing.
    I just looked at him and said very slowly and very loud: “I am sorry, I am not a Coronazi and do not understand or speak Face-nappy”
    He lost it there completely and wants to lay charges against me.
    Don’t ask me for what.
    I also wish him luck trying to explain this to our Police.
    Also, I have no idea who that guy was.
    Never saw him before in the Orchards or the Village for that matter.
    Must be someone that fled the City from the Grim Reaper.

  4. Meanwhile, over here in Thailand, I keep a mask in the car which I put on when entering our local supermarket. I wear my mask while purchasing the groceries after which I go down to the food hall where a nice lady serves me a pitcher of Chang lager which I cannot drink while wearing a mask so I remove it. The only people called Karen are the Hill Tribes up the road and they don’t bother me at all.

    …And Europe is supposed to be enlightened.

  5. I think Peter’s diet should be his own business.

    Also, if people stand too close, I move away and stare at them; no need for hysteria.

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