Dangerous Bicycle Criminal Stopped by Berlin Police

The following video from Berlin shows an encounter between seven burly police officers and a woman on a bicycle, who evidently has violated Corona lockdown regulations somehow by daring to ride her bike.

What’s inspiring about this clip is the cyclist’s spirited resistance to being interfered with by the cops. Not only does she tell them in no uncertain terms that what they are doing is illegal and immoral, she also chides them for failing to maintain social distance.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling. The translator includes this note:

Drug dealers can go about their mischief in Görlitzer Park completely unhindered; they are neither arrested, locked up nor deported. But the Berlin police harass peaceful citizens. What else can you expect from a Left-Green state government?

Video transcript:

00:00   That is not a valid reason! —This is ridiculous.
00:03   You say that? You can’t decide whether I have a valid reason or not.
00:06   You decide that!?! —This is exercise in the fresh air!
00:10   This is fresh air exercise. —Fresh air exercise is allowed.
00:14   This is OUR decision. We decide this.
00:18   I have a VALID reason. Full stop. And now let me through.
00:23   Now you’ll have to come with us. —NO, I won’t go with you! I’m riding here with my bicycle.
00:29   And you have no right to hold me here, DAMMIT!
00:33   And keep your distance. KEEP YOUR DISTANCE,
00:37   DAMMIT! —Calm down. —Keep your distance… keep your distance.
00:44   You stay here. —One is not allowed to ride a bike here.
00:49   [Unintelligible]
00:53   [Unintelligible] —I’m starting to get scared. I get scared here!
00:57   20 policemen that wont let you ride your bicycle.
01:02   [Unintelligible]
01:05   Why should I have to show you my passport? WHY?
01:09   Why do you want to establish my identity? On what grounds?
01:14   [Unintelligible] I want to go there, I want to ride through here.
01:21   And you are not keeping your distance again. KEEP your Distance.
01:26   [Unintelligible]
01:29   Please let go of me. Let go of me.
01:32   LET ME GO. —Unbelievable.
01:37   I have a valid reason,
01:40   and I cannot see a valid reason why you are harassing me with, one, two, three, four, five, six.
01:44   Six policemen, heavily armed, against one cyclist,
01:49   who wants to claim the right to ride a bike here.
01:53   [Unintelligible]—For what reason are you paid for by the taxpayer?
01:58   FOR WHAT? —Calm down. —I’m not calming down.
02:02   One, two, three, four, five, six, seven now…
02:06   Seven policemen for one cyclist
02:11   For wanting to ride my bike here.
02:16   [Unintelligible] —So, and since I’m “STANDING” here now, now I need a mask…
02:20   Please let me cycle…
02:24   You should think about what you are doing.
02:29   [Unintelligible]
02:35   I would like your service number and then I will give you my ID,
02:38   but I also need your service number.

19 thoughts on “Dangerous Bicycle Criminal Stopped by Berlin Police

  1. War cannot start soon enough. It will be a pleasure to string them up by their arrogant necks.

    • There are so many [epithet] overpaid cops. America has 1 million weaponized cops all happy to kill half the population of the nation (the white hetero goy sector) for saying the Covid lock down is a scam, Biden is a Fraud and the MSM is a massive propaganda weapon of the ADL and Bnai Brith.

  2. North Korea looks better than this !!, this is disgusting regime with seven idiots gestapo dumme Kopfes ,attacking this poor woman on the bike , where this illegal parasites selling drugs in the parks of Berlin all over and reaping unpunished young girls and women all over Germany,this is a crime against humanity in Europe happening right now , Merkel and all this old parties belongs to prison for long long time..

    • Prison? LOL!!! Traitors are universally hanged for their treachery by tradition that goes back over a thousands years.

  3. The cracks are beginning to show and the people are getting fed up with the stasi type behavior, so things are getting interesting. Excellent!

  4. The Nazi tendencies are never buried to far from the
    Surface are they?
    What puzzle me though is why they picked on this
    Poor woman whilst literally dozens of cyclist are
    Whizzing past totally unimpeded.

    • “Nazi tendencies?”
      I’ve seen MUCH worse behavior by Aussie cops.
      Aussie cops would have body slammed her to the ground, put their knees on her neck, cuffed her behind her back, and physically thrown her into a paddy wagon. Just watch Avi Yemeni’s videos from Oz.

    • They picked on her because she was a woman and less likely to resist. A gang of police thugs wouldn’t exactly go looking for a fair fight or an opponent that might present a threat.

  5. The Great Re Opening February 14 2021 across The UK

    Time to open up and throwaway the masks! We are the people!

    We are the 99%


    SUPPORT THE ENDing OF THE COMMUNIST LOCKDOWNS, we must take back our freedom NOW!


  6. Merkel is a communist, not a National Socialist, so the knee-jerk historical references to Nazism are out of place. A more correct analogy would be the Stalinist KGB, or the American perpetrators of the Morgenthau Plan, because Merkel is the intellectual brainchild of globalism, not of nationalism.

    • Thank you for clarifying the point. The repeated use of Nazi, Nazi, Nazi as a favorite epithet of Antifa should not be appearing here. The use of arbitrary Corona lockdown regulations as well as their enforcement only against the native White populations (and never against immigrants and brown-skinned persons) are methods used by the globalists to destroy nations and their indigenous Folks. Communism is one-world, universalism ideology. The Nazis, whatever else one may wish to say about them, were a nationalist movement that only concerned Germany.

    • I never got the impression that she is a nationalist. Some one handed her a folded German flag and she took it and threw it away. This woman does seem like a descendent of Hitler himself.

      • Old Hitler didn’t throw away the German flag, he embraced it, so bad analogy. Merkel is a communist and always has been.

    • I would agree that she is not a Nazi, although while she might have got her start with the East German Communists, I don’t think the appellation of “communist” accurately describes her either. Even most of the old communist parties within each Soviet client state were much more nationalist than true believers in fraternal communist harmony between disparate ethnicities and races. Communism was just the lipstick on a pig of a fiction that they were all equal partners in a glorious Soviet Union.

      I would say that she is a willing globalist tool of the financial cartels while maintaining nationalist tendencies when it comes to German domination of the EU and its power structures. The decision to use the resources of the German state to import millions of useless and violent feral orcs from the cesspools of the third world while using the security apparatus of the state to suppress (violently if need be) any dissent of these acts doesn’t make any sense on any level except as servicing her true masters in the global financial cartels who want this for some incomprehensible reason. She is too shrewd to be doing this for political advantage since it has cost her dearly in power and imfluence with no apparent upside.

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