Welcome to the Corona Gulag!

Germany has become the most extreme COVID dystopia in the Western world. Three samples of the latest Corona horrors are below.

First, a video report on a detention camp for quarantine-breakers that has been set up in a former juvenile prison in Schleswig-Holstein. Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Next we have a deaths-with-vaccine report from Miesbach in an article published by Politically Incorrect and translated by Hellequin GB:

Miesbach: Seven dead “from or with” corona vaccination in old people’s home

The most important lesson that the author of this article has drawn from the Corona crisis is to do everything in your power to never become a resident of a retirement home. It has been shown that when you move into such an institution, you give up your basic human rights at the gate and never get them back.

At first it was “only” the restrictions on freedom of movement and contact with loved ones that our elderly had to endure, now it is the corona vaccination, which one can hardly avoid in practice in such custodial institutions.

There are now increasing reports of deaths in old people’s homes following the mass vaccinations of residents.

23 cases were recently reported from Norway ( PI-NEWS reported ) and now there is another series in a nursing home in the Miesbach district in Upper Bavaria.

After Norway, now Miesbach

As the Miesbach district office reports , 41 residents in a senior citizens’ facility have tested positive for the coronavirus. As in Norway, 34 of these had previously received a vaccine from BioNTech / Pfizer. Seven of the vaccinated residents died; among the non-vaccinated there was only one fatality. Before the vaccination campaign, there were only five corona fatalities in the old people’s homes in the Miesbach district from March to December.

The declaration of the competent authority: “Due to the short time between vaccination and outbreak, it can be assumed that the vaccinated had already been infected at the time of vaccination.” In addition, the district office pointed out that the full vaccination protection only occurs after the second vaccination.

Does the vaccine promote the onset of the disease?

It is more obvious, however, that the vaccination in the presence of coronaviruses in the subject’s body promotes the outbreak and subsequent fatal course of COVID-19. Before this suspicion is completely dispelled, it borders on negligent homicide to continue to carry out mass vaccinations in old people’s homes.

However, one has to be aware that political interests stand in the way of such an education, so there will likely be many more victims before anything in this direction is done. In view of the unexplained deaths, it must be seen as a stroke of luck that there are currently bottlenecks in the “supply” of the vaccine. There is also a vaccination break in the district of Miesbach.

No evidence of vaccination effectiveness in people over 74

The journalist Boris Reitschuster, one of the last critics of his guild, points out on his website that there is no evidence that people over 74 years of age are helped by the effect of the BioNTech vaccine, as well as that of the remedy from Moderna.

Interesting letter to the editor

Incidentally, the report about the seven residents who died “from or with” the vaccination coincides with a letter to the editor published in a daily newspaper by a retired former head physician at a Bavarian clinic. It says: “Why are the risks for a vaccination so exaggerated when, on the other hand, there are much higher risks from driving a car, alcohol, smoking etc.?” The exact same question could also be asked when it comes to the coronavirus.

In the letter to the editor from this professor, who may also have a good political network due to his previous work, there is also an extremely interesting statement: “There will be no compulsory vaccination as long as the 70 percent target is supported by a responsible population.”

Aha. And what if not…?

Finally, a report on more deaths-with-vaccine from Lake Constance in southern Germany, at the border with Austria and Switzerland. Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

Lake Constance District: mass deaths as a result of the Covid vaccination

In the Lake Constance district there has been a real mass death as a result of the Covid vaccination: On New Year’s Eve, 40 residents of a nursing home in Uhldingen-Mühlhofen were delighted with the first dose of the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine. Since then, 11 seniors from this vaccinated group have died, and 15 other seniors and carers are acutely ill with Covid.

As usual, official bodies are now doing everything they can to deny any connection between vaccination and deaths, or to deny its mere possibility. Because at least most of the deceased did not have any acute previous illnesses to which death could be attributed, and the accumulation of evidence does not speak in favor of a “natural death”, one falls into a completely new scam: The dead must have had “a previously undetected infection with the virus,” the Südkurier (paywall) quoted the local health authorities.

The home is sticking to the second Corona vaccination date on January 28th.

Source: Ken Jebsen

Video transcript:

00:00   It’s the first jail for quarantine breakers in Germany.
00:03   Here in Mortsfelde, Schleswig-Holstein, a former juvenile prison will soon be used
00:07   to lock up COVID contrarians.
00:10   It’s not a hotel. People will be moving here who, for whatever reason,
00:15   don’t follow the quarantine orders issued by the cities and state of Schleswig-Holstein.
00:20   Anyone repeatedly caught by police leaving their home and breaking quarantine
00:26   has a last chance to avoid detention after officially being contacted about their endangerment.
00:33   The individual will be visited at their residence and told,
00:37   “If you further disregard quarantine orders, then we have a nice place for you in Mortsfelde.”
00:41   Anyone sent here can expect dreariness in the days ahead. The six cells,
00:45   measuring twelve by eleven feet, are now available. Tiled floors, a wooden bed, a shelf,
00:50   a table with chair and a mini-bathroom. There’s a view through locked windows with bars.
00:56   I’m standing in the courtyard of the juvenile prison in Mortsfelde.
01:00   Here, young people and children were permitted to move freely outdoors, play a little basketball or
01:05   other games. However, quarantine breaker aren’t that fortunate.
01:09   They aren’t permitted to leave their twelve-by-eleven rooms.
01:12   I just had a look and the cells are pretty uncomfortable. So I don’t think anyone
01:15   would want to stay here, and people should think twice about breaking their quarantine orders.
01:19   Staying in your home is far more comfortable.
01:22   Retired police officers and prison wardens will guard the prisoners in three shifts.
01:28   It is the last resort, because it is restriction of the basic right of freedom. It’s our last step.
01:37   The imprisonment lasts as long as the ordered quarantine, which normally just a few days.
01:42   However, even just a few days could seem very long in the Corona jail of Mortsfelde.
01:46   Starting in February, the locking of doors will begin. Northern Germany takes off the gloves.

11 thoughts on “Welcome to the Corona Gulag!

  1. “Germany has become the most extreme COVID dystopia in the Western world”

    very arguable at this point

  2. First, there is the fake nature of the PCR test used worldwide to test for the Corona virus, which has never been isolated yet either, so that the PCR test is testing for “fragments” of some virus (which?).

    So the Miesbach figure of 41 positives is a mere allegation: what is the ct figure for this test, that is, how many times does the local test office in Miesbach repeat the test? 25? 30? 40? The more times, the more the false positives.

    Second, the article does not state that the Pfizer shot is an mRNA device.

    So consult the various videos on e.g. Bitchute or Brandnewtube of Drs Carrie Madej, Dolores Cahill etc. to see what the mRNA is designed to do, what it contains, and how that may kill people.

  3. I wonder how much longer until the Fourth Reich resorts to just gassing and cremating dissenters and CCP virus scofflaws? After all, its in their DNA.

    • This of course is arrant generalising Germanophobe [material that I deplore] which [redacted].

      There is vigorous resistance to the Corona Cult in Germany and it is a German attorney, admitted to the bar also in California as trial lawyer, who is spearheading legal action by coordinating with US and Canadian attorneys. His name is Reiner Fuellmich, there are numerous interview videos of him at Bitchute, Brandnewtube.

      Dr Heiko Schoening of https://worlddoctorsalliance.com/flew across to London and was arrested only for a day and released without charge to prevent him from speaking in Hyde Park.

  4. This subject is so fraught. Here in the UK, in the early stage of the pandemic (and long before any vaccines were available) the rise in fatalities in retirement/care homes was horrendous, and not attributable to any cause but Covid itself; there was much criticism of, in particular, the lack of ppe for the staff.

    I don’t know whether the same happened in Germany, but I really don’t believe it’s fair to put so much blame on the authorities, and medical and care workers, who are trying to deal with a difficult, stressful and tragic situation as best they can.

    On a personal note, I’m pleased and relieved to report that both myself (72, and high risk because of my meds) and my beloved (a few years older, but don’t say I told you) have had our shots.

    • You seem in your panic to have swallowed the Covid Cultian narrative of this entire fraud whole.

      Good luck with your shots, assuming you had the Pfizer jab, Dr Dolores Cahill predicts you are at risk from an mRNA-triggered cytokine storm if you encounter Covid in the wild later on.

      1. horrendous? attributable? how do you know? because it was on your controlled TV? read https://lockdownsceptics.org/ which is UK-focussed.

      Or if that makes your head hurt, watch some of the videos of retired GP and bestseller Dr Vernon Coleman on Brandnewtube, remember him from when he was still allowed on the BBC?

      As it says there today:

      “….So let’s conveniently shelve the fact that official figures yesterday showed another 800,000 people out of work (2.6 million and climbing). And that urgent breast cancer referrals were down a horrifying 32.6% last year, compared with January to November 2019. When it’s the turn of those women, many of an age to have young families, to go to the cemetery, I trust Myrie and the team will be there to record the epitaphs on their gravestones: “Loving wife and mother, died too young from lockdown.”

      • The Pfizer jab isn’t recommended for people on immunosuppressannts, or I’d have got it a couple of days earlier.

        We seem to live in slightly different realities; with around one in every thirty people in London infected, I just want to stay alive, and feel safe going back to my job in the charity shop when it reopens (maybe in April?) and having a pint in the pub (possibly May), and especially seeing my friends and family in person.

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