The Business of Germany is Anything But Business

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

Germany is becoming less and less attractive for companies

According to a study, Germany has clearly lost its attractiveness in an international comparison. In the current location ranking of the “Country Index for Family Businesses” by the Mannheim economic research institute ZEW, the economically largest EU country slipped three places to 17th place out of the 21 industrialized nations.

Germany thus achieved the worst position in the index, which has been published every two years since 2006 and was commissioned by the Family Business Foundation. The USA, Great Britain and the Netherlands are at the top.

The ZEW announced on Monday that Germany is clearly lagging behind when it comes to taxes as a location factor. In addition to “Taxes” and “Financing”, the ZEW researchers also evaluate the subject areas “Productivity”, “Human Capital”, “Infrastructure and Institutions” and “Energy”.

Translator’s afterword:

I know that there was a plan to turn Germany into an Agrarian Society after WWII, but the Western Allies quickly realized that this would not do, because they would have a need for German engineering and innovations if they want to stay a step or two ahead of the Communist menace.

But since the Communist menace has taken over each and every aspect of the former Free World and turned those countries — with a little nudge by the CCP — into full authoritarian states that are up for grabs by Communist China, I’m not surprised that German engineering and innovativeness have become OBSOLETE. Those characteristics now stand in the way of Progressiveness, and need to be destroyed.

For that purpose they successfully installed Angela Merkel, and she’s almost done with the utter destruction of Germany, but this time not even an agrarian society will be allowed to survive.

One thought on “The Business of Germany is Anything But Business

  1. So Germany slipped from 14 th to the 17 th rank….. among what competition?
    As for family businesses, the aforementioned nations have a tradition of ” old money” , partly stemming from slave trade and colonies.
    It would be interesting to see the names of the 16 nations leading the flock:
    let me guess that there are many with the size of a major city, like Luxemburg, or maybe Andorra?Dubai, with its 80% slaveworker population?
    Sort all those exotic tax havens out, include Delaware,the british and dutch caribean tax havens and the stats will look different.
    And aren’t the family businesses always moaning about taxes, even when their accountance is done in the caribean, but for a safe livelihood, they prefer western countries where police, paid for by the working class tax payer, are not part of the crime scene?Swiss and english boarding schools for their kids? As an icing on top, gated communities serve them well for an extra fee. Check Bel Air and neighboring inhabitance.Showbizz is excluded.

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