Marseille Experiences the Delights of Cultural Enrichment

The following video concerns an exhibition of photography in Marseille showing the work of the migrant-rescue NGO “SOS Méditerranée” in the Mediterranean.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Hello everyone! I’m currently here on the Canebière.
00:03   La Canebière is the historic high street in the old quarter of Marseille.
00:07   Not only well known in Marseille, but all over the world.
00:11   It’s the heartbeat of the city, the historical heart and the cultural heart.
00:15   And of course here on the Canebière, the town halls of the 1st and 7th districts
00:19   are located. and there’s an exhibit of photographs. The exhibition created in partnership
00:23   with the association SOS Méditerranée. So I went inside to have a look at the photos
00:27   in the company of Clémence Parodi, our elected official of sector.
00:31   We discovered photos that had been taken on the Mediterranean during the rescues
00:34   carried out by the activists of the SOS Méditerranée association.
00:38   So they rescued refugees at sea, or present themselves as rescuing refugees.
00:44   It’s an invitation into a very tearful vision, a very tearful situation,
00:47   but it is necessary to look at these photos.
00:50   Ultimately, what jumps out at you is that they are
00:53   essentially men of sub-Saharan origin and young men.
00:56   Men in their 20s and 30s. In their 40s at most,
00:59   who could and who should remain in their own countries,
01:03   to defend them, to fight for their fatherlands, but they prefer to come to the coasts of Europe
01:08   in hope of finding a social welfare El Dorado. What’s also being conveyed through these photographs
01:13   is the colossal financing necessary for this project. There are men and women in the background.
01:19   Starting with Mr. Soros for example, who organizes the invasion of Europe. That’s it.
01:24   The organized invasion of Europe. For whose benefit?
01:27   I leave it to you to think about this question. In any case,
01:31   it’s not for the benefit of the people of Marseille, not for the benefit of the French,
01:35   and not for the benefit of Europeans, who are suffering the full brunt of an economic cost.
01:38   The social cost. At the cost of their identity and their security.
01:42   Allow me to remind you that the last Islamist attack in Nice
01:45   was the work of a so-called Tunisian refugee
01:48   who had transited through these so-called refugee networks.
01:52   SOS Méditerranée, in partnership with the mayor’s offices of the 1st and 7th districts,
01:56   a part of the left-wing majority in Marseille, has organized real pro-migration propaganda.
02:02   Propaganda aiming to get into the heads of the people of Marseille
02:06   to make them accept this massive immigration. This immigration, this invasion.
02:10   So this is what our taxes are used for. Your taxes. The taxes of the people of Marseille
02:14   are used to make pro-migrant propaganda, pro-illegal immigrants, because these people
02:18   are illegal and it is necessary to specify it. They are rescued at sea and then they are
02:25   transported to the European coasts. Never to the coasts of Africa.
02:29   That’s strange, because they could also be taken in by Tunisia. By Algeria. By Morocco.
02:35   No, it never happens, even though these countries are the closest. It’s always towards Europe.
02:39   Towards the big supermarket. Towards this relocation machinery,
02:42   which receives subsidies of all kinds.
02:45   Once these individuals have landed, they’re assisted.
02:50   They will be assisted with everything from A to Z while staying here in Marseille,
02:54   but our restaurateurs, the bars owners, the hotels are being shut down and forced into
02:58   extremely complicated economic and personal situations. Extremely serious.
03:03   The impression that you get from this social-ecological-communist city hall
03:07   is that they are more concerned about people other than their own.
03:11   Well, I want to tell them it is the people of Marseille who must be aided first in Marseille.
03:15   The people of Marseille come first in Marseille.

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  1. Just look at this picture, that’s the future of Europe, it’s happening right now ..

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