Sometimes You Just Have to Hurt People to Make Them Obey

The following video translated by Hellequin GB serves as an apt follow-up to his article from earlier tonight about the restrictions imposed on basic civil rights in Germany.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   That man is attacking me. Please keep your distance.
00:03   Phillips [?]… Please keep your distance.
00:08   You are not keeping your distance. And leave my [?] alone…
00:12   Keep your distance… Keep your distance from me, please.
00:16   Do not touch me, do not touch me…
00:20   Thank you, thanks a lot.
00:23   You’re not allowed to touch me. Thanks a lot…
00:27   You’re not allowed to touch me. [Other woman:] I would think so, too.
00:30   This is not pleasurable. No, get away from us with that knife.
00:35   [Unintelligible]
00:39   Are you crazy or what? [something about house rights]
00:43   Attacks again, someone else now. [Man:] Give it to me…
00:48   [Woman:] My cellphone will not be touched
00:51   He has her in a headlock… [unintelligible]
00:54   Take your hands off that woman.
00:57   Can’t you keep this man under control? Leave the woman alone. —Leave me alone.
01:01   You must be [crazy?]… Let go of me.
01:04   He has… you’re getting a complaint anyway… especially now
01:07   And that from three people already… I’ve got a medical exemption for the mask.
01:11   Then show it to us. —I don’t have to show it to you.
01:15   I do not have to show you my exemption.
01:18   Otherwise, by law, you’ll have to leave the premises
01:22   This is not the law. —Yes, it is.
01:26   [Unintelligible]
01:30   Where is this written down? —It’s written down in, in the law.
01:33   In the law is written: “Anyone who has a medical exemption does not need to wear a mask.”
01:38   No, we do not have to show the medical exemption.
01:41   I asked earlier to call the police, because I have the exemption.
01:44   Why didn’t you wait until the police arrived? —Because he took me in a headlock.
01:49   As he did with her, and he threatened her with a knife, with a knife.
01:53   That’s not true… I can show it, that’s not a problem.
01:56   Yes, we tried that. We tried that.
02:01   We never got the chance, since the man threatened us with the knife.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes You Just Have to Hurt People to Make Them Obey

  1. Where were all the other German men? Hiding behind a corner perhaps? Had I been in this situation I would have warned the fat oath to desist, and when he didn’t he’d a received a haymaker to the side of his fat head care of my right fist…

    Some time ago i was in the supermarket minding my own business and buying the ingredients for a stir-fry. “You’re not wearing a mask,” said a fellow customer, a man about mid 50’s I’d guess. “I know” I replied. “You’re supposed to” he continued. “I know” I replied. “Why aren’t you wearing one?” He enquired. “What’s it got to do with you?” I asked.

    The customer pulled back his shopping trolley and rammed it into my thigh. “You’ve just assaulted me,” I said. “I will assault you if I see you outside,” he said. I was prepared to let go his ramming the trolley into me, but there was no way I was going to accept it along with a threat. I took two or three steps and landed a haymaker to the side of his head – his specs went spinning down the isle. I expected him to reply but he just stood there looking stupid. Typical liberal bully, not expecting anyone to challenge his bul;lying ways.

  2. Yes, this what’s going on now, there’s people just acting as enforcers against others.

    Happened to me, you get these nut jobs telling you u mask is not fully over u nose, threatening you in shops or wherever.

    Its Provocation Causing, or leading to fights or altercations.

    Interference with strangers, its Very dangerous, but certain types of people are doing this, they seek power over others.
    They r like the East German stasi.
    If u ignore them, they will call security thugs to beat u down, and play victim card, claiming u threatened them.

    This is what’s going with this COVID hoax.

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