Livestream of a Gestapo Raid

A German health expert named Andreas Noack was arrested yesterday during a livestream broadcast when police raided his apartment. Some notes on the incident:

Dr. Andreas Noack is one of the most famous and popular experts when it comes to nutrition, nutrients and health. He was rumored to be under investigation for not complying with German COVID-19 lockdown laws, but some speculate there could be more to it. The arrest came after the German Parliament passed the new “Infection Protection Law”.

The translator includes these observations:

This is how must have felt when people’s homes were raided during the Nazi era. I really did not expect to live in a time that I had only heard about from family, schoolteachers, books, and old Hollywood movies.

I stand chastised.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:27   Excuse me, please excuse me…
00:32   Open up, police…
00:35   It’s the police.
00:40   Excuse me, but the police have arrived.
00:44   The police have arrived …
00:49   Yes… and now?
00:52   Please open up… (OPEN THE DOOR)…
00:56   I don’t know what is going on.
01:00   This is exactly what… You know… um …
01:05   We just spoke about FEAR.
01:08   Look, the police are busy breaking down my door… POLICE POLICE
01:11   I want to see your hands, on the floor…on the floor, both of you,
01:15   down on the floor. Get down.
01:20   Go upstairs, stop those guys. Pull it down, pull it down…
01:24   Two persons here, stay on the floor.
01:28   What is your name? Your name…?
01:32   What is your name?
01:35   I’m Andreas Noack.
01:39   [unintelligible] Have you got any knives or other weapons on you? —NO.
01:45   Come, get out of here …
01:53   [Indistinct shouting by the police]

26 thoughts on “Livestream of a Gestapo Raid

  1. Wow. That is a much newer machine gun than I was threatened with. The police must have received a hellaciously hot tip to storm in like that. I hope whoever gave it is made to pay for the cost of the raid and the repairs to the house.

  2. That’s heavy…
    Seems like the officers don’t know who they’re dealing with? If they were told they’re supposed to arrest an unarmed nutrition specialist for not complying with the COVIC measures, I’m certain the police would take much more civil steps.
    From the video it looks like they were briefed on a mafia boss or a terrorist.

    • This Merkel gestapo , they don’t even doing this to this illegal savages, parasites, Muslim reapists, murders , the not imported for them like this doctor, !!! It’s unimaginable what this corrupted government did to this beautiful country, Germany arm yourself because civil war is coming, more savages are coming underground from Greece straight to Germany, and Of course who else Germany!!! Bring more NGO boats to “ rescue” this terrorist on the see , Germany is destroying Europe for a third time , this time is destroyed by Islam permanently..good luck ..

  3. This is gestapo all over again, the cops been turned into jackboot German NaZis all over again.

    I was in Berlin at wall, checkpoint Charlie,
    September 1988; just before the demonstrations and Berlin Wall came down,

    I was there,

    Now 31 year years later we’re back, to this! A woman who was from that era, a stasi member in the propaganda arm of the gdr gestapo, who were shooting and killing people who tried to escape over the wall, this evil woman, how hell has this merkel woman got to power, but is still still still in power?

    I remember those days, seems recent to me, and how they it was all supposed to be the dawn of new better times, reunification too of Germany.

    But the stasi just came over into the west and spread the Marxism here, and here we are now, it’s like 1989 east Germany but inter whole of Europe, they spread it, communism is a cancer, those who spread must be captured, dealt with this time, for last time.

    Maybe also vote rigging machines been being used in Germany since a long time, it seems like it,

    I’m sure voting is rigged, eussr voting as well. Hammer and scorecard, in uk too,

    Only way Germany can be saved is full blown massing of the people, like romania in 1988,
    Maybe this lockdown will push them to do it,
    like Berlin Wall awakening, come on Germans take back Germany now by force.

    Merkel must be forcefully overthrown NOW!

    Her Nazi gang arrested. Now is the time……to do it…..

    The Germans must fight hand to hand with those traitor gestapo coppers,
    There’s no way out other than full on by the masses of German peoples.

    They must refind the spirit of 1989 Berlin.

    Bring it on….

    • The post war German constitution very clearly states that is is the moral duty of Germans to RESIST BY FORCE any totalitarianism in their government.

      So, Herr Merkle has just torn up their constitution. Germany is no longer in the ‘democracy’ business.
      OK, krauts. You’ve been pilloried for 1933-45 and the uber-marxist National Socialist sperg-out.
      Your ‘former constitution’ spells out your MORAL DUTY.
      If you let it all revert to the totalitariat, the curse is confirmed.
      Get the thumbs out, people, last chance.
      Do the easy thing, like put on the party arm-band and sing ‘Marxist uber alles’; then go to the place you found your selves at in May 1945.
      The difference, this time, will be that no one will be left to give you a Marshall Plan, and there will be no rebuilding on the ashes.
      Your corpses will rot where you fall, and not a tear will be shed for any European.

    • Correction! It was sept 1989 I was at checkpoint Charlie, the wall came open Oct 2 1989; i was also in Berlin one year later, on the night of the so called reunification street celebrations, it was awful, hundreds of thousands people in streets, with beer, broken glass everywhere, no where to sleep, hotels full, it was a nightmare! The checkpoint Charlie was there, all smashed up, a band playing outside it, someone selling hotdogs, I went inside the cabin, 8 sat in the chair where one year before, I had stood on the other side of the guards window while he checked my passport, and I changed up some $ to get 50 East German marks. It was ironic feeling, the guards had gone, wall had gone open, I stood inside the smashed up checkpoint Charlie. Where I had been just a year before a visitor getting my 24 hour pass. Weird.

      Later I lived in Berlin between 2009/2013; I bought a one room apt there, in
      Hennigsdorf, the last s-barn stop nth of Berlin.

      Thank god i got out of Berlin in 2013, sold up and got out of that place before merkel nazi opened the borders to Islam!

    • merkel is indeed a muslim loving nazi. And yet she calls herself a Christian.
      I once heard that she is the daughter of Adolf Hitler and the sister of Hitlers lover.

      • Merkel is a communist and always has been a bloody communist, say what you want about those pesky naxis but, they would never in a million years allowed the 3rd world into Germany, they would have had them shot. Merkel is Hoenecher’s revenge for the fall of east Germany. Time to bring the Kaiser back.

        • that WAS confusing. Sorry

          Merkel is the daughter of hitler an eva brauns sister by artifical insemination.

  4. The French are going to give children ID numbers under the pretext of keeping them from ‘the clutches of Islamists’
    Do you think it’ll stop here? Do you think the German police will back down after raiding homes for corona-denial? No, the precedent is set. If the police here in the UK can get away with raiding homes and breaking up private Baptisms and weddings whilst allowing Black Thugs Matter to destroy my heritage, and allow Islamic radicals to march on London back in August, you know “law enforcement” is out of control.

  5. Germans are suckers for police states. Next they will be looking to invade a neutral country or two.

      • I feel your anguish. Here in the USA we have our own fascists busy turning our country into a police state.

        I love German cars, firearms, and engineering, but I will never understand their predilection for authoritative, tyrannical governments. It is as if the country is full of idiot savants.

        • Keep in mind, that few things in life makes the german soul happier, than the possibility to follow an order…

  6. I don’t know if this is an advantage, but what I can say is that we’ve been to hell and back more than once already and we can rest in confidence that this junta will end like every one before it. Like every time, they’ll be in denial until the facts walk all over them. Stupid, stupid people.

  7. Now is that a military style assault rifle, semi automatic, or automatic.
    Is their ammunition in the breech?
    Is the magazine of legal size?
    Is the safety on or off?
    Has he got his finger on the trigger.
    Is that police guy in breach of a gun licence?

    To send armed police, is pure intimidation.
    Also to see on the wall, a projection that shows he is possibly a Trump supporter, who only wants legal votes to be counted?

    Is there a concern that Merkel is voted in fraudulently as the servers of Dominion Smartmatic are in Germany?

    Was he not wearing a mask, in his own home? even though there seems to be very few in that room, if any one, and probably conversing with someone on line.

    The authorities have no confidence in themselves.
    So in what they see as big things must be stopped, then all things are to be “nipped in the bud” as the perceive in their increasing paranoia that they can not risk the challenge of ideas, with reason

    Then the descent to brute ‘stalinesque’ force.


    In Novosibirsk, an Uzbek, a Kazakh and a Tatar fought to find out which of them is a Jew

    In Novosibirsk, the police stopped a fight between three construction workers. The incident took place on Druzhba (friendship) street in the courtyard of one hostel, all participants in the fight were detained

    The police said that the conflict took place on ethnic grounds – one of the builders, a native of Uzbekistan, Rustam Bikmaev, called his foreman, a native of Kazakhstan, Yerzhan Kusainov (a Turkic name) “a Jew”. He motivated this by the fact that he quickly took up a managerial position, earns more ordinary builders and passed the exam in Russian the first time.

    “Considering himself insulted, Kusainov grabbed a knife and attacked a subordinate, causing him minor injuries in the form of superficial cuts,” the press release says.

    After a while, the fight subsided and the warring parties decided to celebrate the truce by sharing alcoholic beverages. An hour later, already drunk, they decided that the Jew was actually a crane operator Airat Bulushin (also a Turkic name) from Tatarstan, since he was not afraid of heights and was once seen wearing reading glasses. After a while, the brawlers met him on the street and pounced on him with fists, but he managed to fight back and run away, and then returned with a baseball bat and hit Bikmaev several times. Soon, a local policeman Alexander Reznik (at least someone Russian), who lived nearby, intervened in the skirmish, who was called by eyewitnesses of the fight. He detained all three and called in a squad.

    On the fact of the fight, criminal cases were initiated on hooliganism, extremism and causing minor harm to health.

  9. Hard to get a good look at then hardware, and easy enough to look up their TO&E that anyone can do that; it is idle and tedious.
    Res Ipsa locutor. They are armed, and you are not, they have an army, you do not. They say you have no right to refuse, resist, defend or dissent; consent is presumed For The Greater Good.
    The only possible counter is an armed flash mob, like the muslims do.
    Every time, the goons run.
    The catch is, Every Citizen Must Stand To.
    Good luck with that. 90% of these arschlitcher are born unable to think and are never taught to think.
    Third World demographics are into the phase Scotty describes as I Dinna Noow Howe Mooch Muir She Kin Taike
    It is too late. It cannot be recovered or arrested, and there is a hard stop at the bottom.

  10. That Germany, whose earlier ugly versions were “cancelled” in 1945 and 1989, is rearing its disgusting head again, very much to the detriment of the rest of Europe since at least 2015. 75 years after the end of WW2 and just 31 years after the fall of the Berlin wall, Germany has arrived at a stage, where it no longer matters if you say “Gestapo” or “Staatssicherheit” or “Verfassungsschutz”, where you have black-shirts roaming the streets to intimidate wrong-thinkers and dissidents, where you may as well call the parties ( except the AFD) in the parlament : “Neue Einheitspartei Deutschlands” instead of “Sozialistische Einheitspartei Deutschlands”. The ruling party in the one-party state “DDR” was the “SED” , one of these day it will be the “NED”, in what’s degenerating into a “DDR 2.0” . A defacto one-party state/government masquerading as a democracy…

    • That is why the Military will take over at some point. Just like they will in the rest of western Europe.

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