Was the Corona Gestapo Raid a Fake?

Long-time readers know that on those rare occasions when Gates of Vienna gets fooled by a hoax, we own up to it. Posting a correction or retraction is painful medicine to take, but necessary.

Some sites (I don’t want to start an intramural food fight, so I won’t be more specific) just remove the bogus post and never mention it, as if nothing had happened. But I can’t do that; it just doesn’t sit right. When I get snookered, I let my readers know.

In the wee hours of this morning I posted about the raid on Dr. Andreas Noack during his livestream. A few hours later a reader emailed me to say this:

Hi Gatesofvienna Team,

about your newest post “Livestream of a Gestapo Raid”, i’m afraid it is not very clear, maybe not entirely fake, but look here:


Since the linked video was in German, I had to consult the German Desk to find out more about it. They looked into it, and here’s a summary of what they found:

The original unlisted video is on the channel of the man in the little box in the lower right-hand corner, who calls himself Jabba.

Jabba attacks Dr. Noack and says his story is [bovine excrement]. He’s really rude, and says the doctor can’t prove there was an actual raid. He says there would be documents.

But the police raid was real. The police confirmed it.

It was reported in at least one article that a special police unit raided his apartment. This is an article from Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten: Video: Police raid on YouTuber during live broadcast on the Internet

During the video Dr. Noack holds up the only document he has from the incident, which is a report from the paramedics who were called to the scene. Some people in the comments paused the video and looked at the document he was holding up, and could see that it states he was arrested and then handed over to the paramedics.

Dr. Noack is an alternative doctor, i.e. a real doctor who treats patients with alternative therapies. Someone in the comments suggested the raid was about vitamins, but a poster in the comments writes: “Das war ja die USK, dass Unterstützungskommando aus Bayern, also war das mit Sicherheit nicht wegen Vitaminverkauf.” (“That was the USK, the support squad from Bavaria, so it was certainly not because of the sale of vitamins.”)

Someone also writes that due to the new Corona law, the police can enter anyone’s residence at any time for any reason. (Die Polizei kann in D jetzt leider ohne Dokumente, Richterliche Verfügung in jede Wohnung kommen dank neuem Gesetz.)

The lawyer Markus Haintz received a confirmation from the police about this raid. He’s the lawyer who works with the QUER DENKER movement. He did the interview with RT about parents having their children taken away and put in quarantine. He also announced that Robert Kennedy Jr. would speak at the Corona protest in Berlin this past August.

It’s difficult to discover what “crime” Dr. Noack was arrested for. Some people believe it was most likely for “Wrong Think” (in German: Falsches Denken, or: Verkehrtes Denken). He’s in Bavaria, whose Minister-President Markus Söder is like California Governor Gavin Newsom or New York Governor Andrew Cuomo — in other words, a pocket Hitler.

Here’s a (translated) tweet from the police confirming the raid:

Citizen X: Good morning! There is a video going around of the storming of the apartment of a Mr. #AndreasNoack. Did this raid really take place in this way and can/may you say something about the background?

Middle Franconia Police: Yes, the police operation took place. But it is not directed against the operator of the (live) stream. We cannot give any further information about the background. Your Social Media Team.

There’s also an article from RT, which is currently being translated.

That’s all I have so far about the police raid on Andreas Noack. It doesn’t look like it’s a hoax.

I’ll keep you posted if any new information comes in. I expect the RT translation later today.

5 thoughts on “Was the Corona Gestapo Raid a Fake?

  1. According to the links Helmuth posted the new coronavirus laws were not in effect at the time the raid took place, it also said the house next door was also raided

  2. Nothing to be apologetic about, old boy. It was what it looked like.
    The GestStasi jackbooted the guy. One picture is worth a thousand words.
    I am something of an expert on this, as the MapleStasti use similar techniques as a ‘revenue generator’, now that they are a ‘service provider’, and @*&$%#$ @$#&!?# leafs have a quite horrific ‘revenge swating’ informer culture.
    I have had the full party van treatment (ERT, lots of C8 combat rifles and berserk, poorly trained thugs) when – I Kid You Not – an informant 911’d me because I was(ahem – the actual complaint)
    “walking the (4.95Lb Poodle cross) dog in a threatening manner.”
    Any 911 requires an Armed Response, no matter how nonsensical. This runs up the number of ‘armed responses’, reinforcing the ‘world full of cop-killers’ narrative, padding up the ludicrous budget, and (Drum-roll!) produces a larger annual bill, summarily presented to the municipality each year, on top of the budget allocations.
    It’s a hell of a business model, and the RCMP do describe themselves as such.
    Well worth the $84,000 – $135,000 paid to Briggs-Meyers selected infantry rejects poorly trained in reflex shooting.
    This is quite obvious in the RCMP’s appalling history and current record of successes, such as executing the 2 worst instances of spree-killing in leaf history, Air India and Nova Scotia, where both killers were on the very generous police ‘filthy lucre’.
    It’s right in their moto.
    Maintenant les Droit.
    This is what happens when you have no unalienable human or civil rights.
    As of yesterday, Germans have none.
    I know. It has always been thus in leafistan.

    • This comment requires so much explanatory annotation (e.g., leafistan = Maple Leaf-istan = Canada ?) that its intent could not have been communication.

      • His intent may have been to avoid scrutiny by the internet monitors of the RCMP. See the story in tonight’s news feed about how bad the situation is in Canada.

        • And to express general contempt for an awful country full of terrible sheeple; and, yes, the man is watching.

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