Government of NRW Says: We Know Nothing!

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Politikstube:

NRW [North Rhine-Westphalia] state government is flattening everything because of Corona, but does not even know basic information!

AfD parliamentary group in North Rhine-Westphalia:

Daily reports on tens of thousands of “newly infected” people are supposed to put us into shock while the government is destroying our freedom, our society and the economy. A more prudent view is undesirable.

Now the state government reveals: It does not have any essential basic information for this. Incredible: “The exact positive rate is not known because the total number of tests carried out is not known.”

The NRW Ministry of Health sends us this oath of disclosure in response to the question of how the number of positive test results divided by the total number of tests carried out has developed. The resulting positive rate is ultimately much more informative than the bare absolute number (but also less scary).

As an illustration: In the last calendar week, over 1.5 million people in Germany were tested for Sars-CoV-2. It goes without saying that you will also find thousands of “infected” or “sick people” (in fact, even those who tested positive are mostly symptom-free or have only mild symptoms). The positive quota of 7 percent sounds much less dramatic — in other words: Of 1.5 million people tested, 93 percent are still negative.

There are probably many more!

Because of the “error rate” even Jens Spahn had expressly warned against too many tests in June. The Bavarian professional footballer Serge Gnabry is probably the most famous “infected” person who tested false positive, as a second test in October showed.

The state government is, however, unconcerned: The results can be “assumed” to be highly reliable. Well, then…

“As early as the summer, the state government was shocked by the information that it did not know how many Covid deaths were seriously ill, nor how many were autopsied,” commented Dr. Christian Blex (AfD parliamentary group NRW). “Because there is no obligation to collect this data!”

“Not even knowing the exact number of tests, as she now admits, is unsurpassed in terms of incompetence and disrespect in view of the unbearable burdens that are imposed on us citizens.”

One thought on “Government of NRW Says: We Know Nothing!

  1. But if there is a secret agenda, if we are just not letting a good crisis go to waste, then the political attitude is understandable.

    With the media pushing that same agenda, only those whose enquiries stray from the narrative will even start to get to the truth. Most do not even start the enquiry.

    I hate facemasks, the whole idea that I am ‘dangerous’ to my fellow men without one; that I have to be muzzled like a dog, makes me boil with rage. The fact that this ‘protection’ is mythical pseudo-science makes me want to spit….

    I am saddened as well that we put up with it, that the fear of microbes is so tangible that we behave like children with nightmares, I must ask myself, where it is going to end, will I have to buy a train ticket to travel to an obscure place in the countryside to be ‘resettled’ because I am not going to be ‘voluntarily’ vaxxed with a vaccine only tested on healthy young people? A vaccine the does not protect, but only ameliorates the symptoms.

    What has happened to my human rights?

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