The Joys of Italian Multiculture

The two videos below provide brief samples of what life is like in Modern Multicultural Italy. Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

Video #1: Bivouac in Milan

The area around the central railway station in Milan has become a more or less permanent encampment of culture-enrichers sleeping rough:

Video #2: Lampedusa

This is the prime season for people traffickers to ship their customers across the Mediterranean. As usual, Lampedusa is the preferred destination, and the island is currently overwhelmed. Some of the new arrivals described in this report are infected with the Wuhan Coronavirus:

Video transcript #1:

00:06   Milan — Migrant bivouac — Marianna Di Piazza, Fabio Franchini.
00:10   This is the Central Station, Milan in the migrant emergency. In fact, in recent weeks,
00:14   the garden spaces near the railway yard have become [unintelligible] bivouacs, as you can see.
00:27   For almost a month and a half this situation has recurred at the Central Station.
00:32   And how many people are there, more or less?
00:35   Usually eight or nine people are always here
00:39   And then new people arrive every day.
00:55   I come from Libya and I have been sleeping here for three months.
00:58   I don’t have a home or a job.
01:03   From the Central Station we have moved to Porta Venezia. Here along the gardens of Viale Vittorio Veneto
01:07   the situation is the following, with dozens of people who sleep under these covers.

Video transcript #2:

00:00   The landings at Lampedusa continue without stop. There were 114 migrants
00:04   rescued during the night on two boats who disembarked on the island.
00:09   The Coast Guard tracked 70 Tunisians along the coast of Lampedusa on a boat.
00:13   By the time the transfer process to the hot spot was completed,
00:17   the naval authorities sighted and hooked up with another boat
00:21   with 44 non-EU citizens on board; four Moroccans and 40 originally from Bangladesh.
00:27   The two groups were taken to the initial reception center where they are now.
00:32   650 persons. Yesterday, 520 migrants were accompanied to other facilities.
00:38   In all, there are two positive cases of Covid-19. 308 migrants
00:42   landed last night from the mercantile ship Cosmo
00:46   at the port of Pozzallo in Ragusa Province. One was detected last night and the other this morning.
00:52   And it concerns a young person from the Ivory Coast already tested positive by a serological test,
00:56   fitted with a face mask and isolated in the hot spot of Pozzallo.
01:00   Also, a pregnant African woman landed in the past few days at Lampedusa,
01:04   was transferred for a check by the department of obstetrics and gynecology
01:07   at the public hospital in Palermo, and tested positive.

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  3. When occupied or colonised or occupying and colonising it is “normal” to be two faced and avoid having honest opinions about anything. I imagine.

  4. My favourite thing about this is that last year a lot of Venezuelans of Italian ancestry were trying to get into Italy as refugees but the government accepted only a few people, because keeping the Libyan slave trade alive is humanitarianism, while accepting refugees from a socialist junta in a state of civil war is apparently fascist.

  5. It is hard to believe that in the UK and especially Ireland who fought for generations until recently would now meekly surrender to political Islam and its invading masses. It has not been long since there was an end to “The Troubles”. Now this timid acceptance of the loss of the entire country and its culture to totally alien Afro-Arabian savagery that shares neither their history, culture, religion or political institutions. The differences between the “Orange” Irish and the “Green” Irish is so minuscule compared to difference between either group and the Muslims. As the numbers of Islamics grows the utter lack of respect for the indigenous population is more and more evident everywhere. A new war order.

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    • This is far from the end, for it is only the beginning, for once the European man has had enough, those old nationalist genes in his DNA of conquer and kill will come out with a vengeance and absolute ruthless resolve. Right wing death squads are right around the corner because as Europeans, there is nowhere to flee to be safe from these 3rd world savages, any longer, the backs are now against the wall. Even a corned rat will come out and fight. So quit whining, and being the sheep, start being the Wolf and happy hunting.

  7. I was in Milan 1998 and it was much better then. I saw a number of Chinese immigrants but not the mass illegal immigration from the third world. Baron please send me your email for Gates of Vienna on here. I’ll check later.

    • The GoV email link is near the top of the left sidebar, just below the RSS feed.

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