Unaccompanied Sewer Snoids Wreak Destruction in Catalonia

Och, the puir wee bairns!

“Unaccompanied minors” have been vandalizing and looting businesses in the town of Mataró in Catalonia. The mischievous urchins hide in sewers as part of their youthful antics.

The video below was composited from two cell phone clips. Notes on the footage (source):

In Spain (Mataró, Catalonia) the “menas” (Menores Extranjeros No Acompañados, Unaccompanied Foreign Minors) are also doing their thing.

They have been looting stores, bars, etc. for days.

Weeks ago they occupied a house, and they do not stop robbing neighbors as well as entering premises and robbing them.

Some neighbors who are tired of them have formed patrols. The second video shows how these immigrant children get into the sewer to move around without being seen, and hide.

Many thanks to Pampasnasturtium for translating the videos, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

    Part 1
00:00   …intimidate, because that, well, the only thing it does
00:04   is intimidate, and breaking into your house,
00:08   and, all in all, we can’t complain
00:12   that it didn’t go bad,
00:16   and [unintelligible] it can be fixed, but we can’t
00:20   allow this to keep on happening in our city of Mataró, OK?
00:24   I hope that you’ll be able to send that everywhere it’s received,
00:28   the more people the better,
00:32   and that it may be received by some politician, so they say something to us
00:36   as one more of all the persons who are being damaged here in Mataró, downtown.
00:42   Good morning and hugs for everyone.
    Part 2
00:00   [Unintelligible]
00:07   [Man] Aaahhh ha ha ha…
00:10   [Woman] With flashlights and all. [Man] We’ve caught you! Now I call the police…
00:15   [Youngsters in sewer] Son of a bitch!

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  1. Flood them out with water like the rats they are or drop a few tear gas canisters down their lairs. Better yet would be a gopher blaster using propane; no more thieved houses or thieves!

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