WordPress Shoots Down Western Rifle Shooters Association

My worthy compatriots at Western Rifle Shooters Association have been shafted by the WordPress Stasi. This is the message you now see when you try to load the site:

westernrifleshooters.wordpress.com is no longer available.

This blog has been archived or suspended in accordance with our Terms of Service.
For more information and to contact us please read this support document.

This is not the first time a deplorable blog has been removed by WordPress.com. I’m hoping that the site will eventually be restored under its own domain name.

Gates of Vienna uses the WordPress blogging engine, but I have my own domain and own my copy of the software, so WordPress can’t interfere with GoV at all. The downside is that it costs money to go independent (hence my recent fundraiser).

I’ll report any further news on WRSA as it comes in.

Update: WRSA sent the following message:

Gab is the current rally point; future moves will be there.

11 thoughts on “WordPress Shoots Down Western Rifle Shooters Association

  1. My oh my…they supported GoV! I liked ’em for that!
    Thanks for continuing to tell the truth.
    from the land of o

    • Any website with Matt Bracken as a contributor is worth following.

      I have shamelessly borrowed several extremely non-politically correct memes from them over the years. I suppose that getting de-platformed and banned is an acknowledgment that one is effective and a threat to the masters of the universe. If those who think they can stifle peaceful dissent online by banning are making dissent go away, they will be in for a rude awakening when the only avenue available for any kind of dissent is Rule .308

      • I don’t know where you live, 007, though I’d guess in the US.

        Like (I hope) many relatively sane Europeans (which I consider myself to be culturally, as a Brit, albeit anti-EU), I still look to the States, with all its imperfections, as the “City on the Hill”, which has pulled our irons out of the fire more than once, and do wish it well, and (like my brother in Vancouver, who’s rather closer to the “action”), look with increasing apprehension on the increasing fragmentation of American society.

        Question is, if the proverbial ordure hits the fan in the US, which way will the police, National Guard, military etc. jump? Because with all respect to the private gun owners (and none to the white supremacist ones), the aforementioned are the ones with the serious ordnance.

        I so hope this scenario never occurs, not least because of the potential loss of lives among decent Americans, but they themselves need to rescue the situation by putting forward non-extremist candidates for the Presidency and Congress. If I were a US citizen, I’d likely be a Democrat, but I have only contempt for the Clintons, while regarding Reagan, with his limitations, as a decent man.

        Apologies to US followers for my impertinent excursion into your murky waters; ours in the UK are hardly much clearer at present!

        • I don’t believe the Guard, most police, and the military would side with a far left or socialist/communist government if it were to come to that. I think a military coup would be more likely if it became bad enough that the government was ordering the military to turn its weapons on American citizens. The recent explosion of sheriffs declaring their counties Second Amendment sanctuaries leads me to believe that most law enforcement will also refuse such orders from a rampant and rogue government. All that military hardware would likely walk out the gates of the armories if such orders were given to start using it on citizens.

          Besides, the number of Americans who are armed, especially in rural areas greatly outnumbers the total number of police and military members and since both groups live among the civilian population, it would be a very stupid member of either group who would start killing their fellow citizens at the behest of an out of control government and not expect their families to take the retaliation for their actions.

          • I can think of a dozen ways to pressure the American people w/o the use of tyrannical police tactics. Got a grandchild in Govt. school? Retirement acct? Vehicle registration/insurance? Regarding an individual police officer or Nat’l Guard or active duty soldier, it may be easy to identify those who are not on board with their bosses and be left behind….

  2. Today they silence the peoples voices, tomorrow they shall hear the sound of rifles in response. Every time the so called powers that be silence or de-platform people, it makes it impossible for this to end peacefully. I read that quote back when I was in 5th grade and as the years have progressed or regressed, depending on your point of view, the quote comes to the forefront of the mind and soul.

    • +1

      CA, you putting up a tip jar? If you already have one, remind us where?

      Thanks for that canary in the coalmine.

      When this is all behind us your face will go on the new Mt Rushmore at the right hand of the noble visage of Mr. Honkler himself. I declare it shall be so!

  3. Hi….I just attempted to share only the LINK to western rile shooters on FACEBOOK

    Facebook sent me a nasty message, I can’t repost the image, but I’ll see if I can copy the text.

    THIS happened to friends: https://westernrifleshooters.wordpress.com/

    Your message couldn’t be shared because this link goes against our Community Standards.

    If you think it does NOT go against our community standards, please let us know. And there’s a link on the “please let us know”.

    Check my link, I’ll probably be next

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