Vittorio Sgarbi: “Let Us Be United in Liberation Against Hypocrisy and Lies”

Vittorio Sgarbi is an Italian art critic, cultural commentator, television personality, and member of the Chamber of Deputies for Renaissance, the party he founded. In the following video from the floor of the legislature, Mr. Sgarbi heatedly denounces the false coronavirus death statistics that are being propagated by the government and the media.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:02   We are on the eve of April 25, and it is necessary to be united
00:06   against dictatorships and united in the truth
00:12   Let’s not make this the chamber of lies.
00:16   Not the 26th of February, but the 9th of March,
00:19   the science, the science evoked here said
00:23   that the virus was little more than an influenza.
00:27   That science is what inspired this government,
00:31   it is said, it was said, and documented, it was said…
00:36   Don’t lie! Tell the truth!
00:40   Don’t make this the chamber of lies. At least the principle
00:45   of Giambattista Vico is applied, Vico: “verum ipsum factum” [we only know what we make].
00:49   So you have heard and you have given the numbers.
00:54   I want to give them too. No, D’Attis, no, Pagani.
00:58   Don’t also say here 25,000 deaths.
01:02   It’s not true. Don’t use the deaths for rhetoric and terrorism.
01:06   The numbers from the Higher Institute of Health say
01:10   that 96.3%
01:15   died from other diseases.
01:18   Exactly the data, the numbers… the numbers.
01:22   Say this, and it is the truth! It is the truth! Read it! Read it!
01:26   Colleagues…Colleague. —[Unintelligible] I have read them all.
01:31   Sixty per cent died from other diseases,
01:35   according to the Higher Institute of Health. If you don’t know it, study it!
01:39   Colleague Sgarbi, turn… —Colleague Sgarbi… Colleague Trizzino…
01:44   Colleague Trizzino… Colleague Sgarbi, turn to the president.
01:48   …[Unintelligible] while Italy was a red zone, everyone here was without masks.
01:53   Today, Basini is accused because he has to wear it. You are ridiculous!
01:59   You didn’t wear it until the day before yesterday!
02:02   That is exactly how it is. In Germany, the economy, health care, and schools
02:06   will work perfectly on May 4. We are
02:10   a state with the fewest rights in Europe.
02:15   Germany has shown proof of strength and the correct response.
02:19   We here are once more humiliated by Germany even in illness.
02:24   We have closed 60% of businesses.
02:27   I have given data, Dear Trizzino. Go check it out.
02:31   No, it is clear that I was first to call for the closure of Parliament.
02:35   Today, here we are, everybody in masks, while the other time, there was only
02:39   [unintelligible]. There were very few — Dall’Osso. There were few
02:43   who were wearing the mask, and today you are pointed at if you don’t wear it.
02:47   Well, precisely because truth is the most important thing,
02:51   let’s give the actual numbers; let us not continue to lie.
02:55   This is certainly strong data. I read it here too, Trizzino
02:59   56% in Lombardy, 14% in Emilia,
03:03   8% in Piedmont, 5% in Veneto.
03:07   We cannot imagine applying uniform rules
03:11   with such disparate zones of the epidemic. And so,
03:15   I say, at least here we speak the truth. Measure ourselves against Germany.
03:19   Let us be united in liberation against hypocrisy and lies,
03:24   against falsifications, against the false numbers that are given
03:29   to terrorize Italians. The 25,000 dead, as Professor Bassetti said,
03:33   died of heart attacks, cancer and other…
03:37   Let’s not use them to humiliate Italy. Let’s not use them
03:41   to give citizens false news. Give the numbers, check them out,
03:45   and I challenge you before a jury of honor, Trizzino,
03:49   to look at the numbers… —Colleague Sgarbi, turn to the president.
03:52   I simply said, they all give numbers but not false numbers.
03:56   Twenty-five thousand people did not die of the coronavirus in Italy. It’s not true.
04:00   It’s a way to terrorize Italians and impose a dictatorship
04:04   of consent. It’s ridiculous!