Culture-Enrichers Ignore Lockdown in Turin

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Il Giornale:

“For them the lockdown doesn’t exist.” And the migrants are free to camp out.

Migrants crowded outside the mini-markets and camped out in the green areas, in Barriera di Milano, on the northern periphery of Turin, anarchy rules. Montaruli: Fratelli d’Italia [party]: “Enough with the rule of two weights and two measures”

It is a slow restart, difficult, painful. The country faces phase two in no particular order. And those who remain behind don’t see horizons.

The list of the activities still trapped in the lockdown is long: Bars, restaurants, confectioneries, hair salons, beauty centers, and so on. There are thousands of entrepreneurs who are being asked to continue gritting their teeth. They say it will serve to not frustrate the efforts made thus far.

The people are tired, angry. In some cases, they feel they are victims of a real injustice. One of them is Roberto, 25, and a bar created with immense sacrifices. His is one of the few Italian businesses in Barriera di Milano, on the northern periphery of Turin. It is here where the largest number of ethnic businesses in the city are concentrated. None of them have lowered the shutter; they are considered the same as supermarkets. “In reality they have been transformed into meeting places for the foreigners who camp out with their beer in hand,” complains Roberto. “They can do what they want; they have always done what they feel like, while we don’t even know if we will reopen,” he explains. The bad news that is spread in the area where this kind of activity has by now taken hold is evident from a series of videos.

Testimonies that tell how for some categories of operators, the anti-contagion measures are waste paper. Augusta Montaruli, a deputy for Fratelli d’Italia, has recounted dozens of reports like these. They all come from the ex-worker quarters of the city, from the multi-ethnic streets of Turin that fly under the radar of the institutions: Corso Vercelli, Corso Giulio Cesare, Along Dora Firenze, Via Martorelli. The so-called free zones, often protagonists in the news for episodes of drug dealing, fights and decay. Corso Giulio Cesare, for example, ended up under the spotlight about ten days ago. when some 100 people tried to prevent the arrest of two robbers. Scenes of urban guerrilla warfare which have aroused sensation and indignation. But even after that afternoon of madness, things have not changed. In Barriera di Milano, anarchy still reigns.

“Shutters lowered, businesses closed, workers who, unfortunately, fear for their wages. Many already do not receive them, and in some cities, even the takeaway is prohibited, as happened in Turin. It is said that is why gatherings must be prevented. But we have been complaining for some time; the gatherings already occur: Just take a tour in our peripheries to realize it. They happen when the sun comes up. In front of everybody’s eyes. Unpunished,” explains Montaruli. In the complaint videos received by the parliamentarian, dozens of migrants are seen crowded in front of the exits of the mini-markets, without masks or gloves. The comings and goings are continuous, and there is no sign of the police.

It is an alcoholic campout that continues along the streets and in the gardens. And even in front of the many shutters lowered by the health emergency. “These people,” charges the deputy, “couldn’t care less for the suffering and the sacrifices that decent people are making.” We cannot accept all of this: From the Ministry of Interior to the mayor, Chiara Appendino, the institutions must take measures and control the territory, preventing assemblies. Enough with the rule of two weights and two measures.”

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  1. Of course. What do Western European’s expect? Co-operation? Occupation kick [tush] therapy on the locals works a treat. I used to believe there were mafias and all kinds and sorts who would prevent that – on sight.

  2. Maybe this will be enough to result in the election of Salvini and the League to power; that it is clearly evident what their elites think of them and how invading orcs are favored over native Italians.

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