Elderly People Are Pawns in the Manufactured Coronacrisis

We’ve seen what happens to old people in nursing homes in the USA during the coronavirus epidemic — they are locked in while the disease runs like a wildfire through the facilities. In the case of New York State, Governor Andrew Cuomo ordered patients infected with the virus to be sent to nursing homes, effectively passing a death sentence on thousands of residents already in those long-term care institutions.

The following videos are snapshots of what’s happening in nursing homes in Europe during the ChiCom flu. Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling. The first video is from Germany, the second from France. The French one was subtitled in German, and MissPiggy translated the German to get the English subtitling.

Video 1: Elderly man separated from his wife by Corona

Video 2: Torturing the elderly

Video transcript #1:

00:00   What brought you here to the marketplace today? —My wife is in a nursing home.
00:06   Since mid-December. I’m 84 years old. She is, too.
00:12   And I haven’t seen here for eight weeks. I’ll tell you,
00:16   it’s psychological torture, that’s what it is.
00:19   I have gone there every single day and stood outside as long as I could.
00:24   Another man interrupts the interview. —All thanks to Merkel’s regime!
00:29   —Yes, but… the spread. —It exactly the same as the flu two years ago.
00:32   The death rate was far higher. Not a single person cared about it then.
00:37   Not a single person. And now a lockdown is created. Don’t let yourself be fooled.
00:44   Oh, well. No, I’m not letting myself be fooled. No.
00:48   If you listen to ARD and ZDF [state broadcasting],
00:51   then you have practically lost control of your own life.
00:54   You need to realise this! —No. Absolutely not. One must remain reasonable.

Video transcript #2:

00:00   I can’t even go to my roommate, can’t talk to her.
00:05   I’m locked in here all the time. That is not a life at nearly 97.
00:09   But it’s because of this virus… —Yeah, I understand that,
00:14   but my neighbour doesn’t have the virus, and neither do I.
00:18   We could see each other from time to time.
00:22   Isolation and a strict ban on contact have been ordered since mid-March,
00:26   most residents of old folks’ homes in France aren’t allowed to leave their rooms.
00:30   The consequence: some refuse to eat. This 87-year-old is one of them.
00:36   She lost 6 kilos [13 lbs] in one month. Despite intensive care.
00:42   She’s slipping away. She is gradually giving up.
00:48   Her husband can only visit her from afar.
00:52   She comes here on the ground-floor balcony. Voilà. This is Juliette.
00:58   This nursing home won’t accept this anymore and is demanding a relaxation of measures.
01:04   Mr. LeBeau will soon be able to visit his wife in the same room.

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  1. Given their deplorable performance on the Public Stage I have new names for the two “health experts” WHO ordered the lockdown. Their new names are Barx and Falsi, one just barks and the other one doesn’t say anything that’s true.

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