Off the Coast of Libya With an ECHR Lawyer on Speed Dial

A recent news feed reported that migrants who are waiting in Libya to cross the Mediterranean already have the phone numbers of Italian lawyers before they even set foot in a boat.

The following article provides details about the enormous scam being perpetrated by these “refugees” and their European handlers. The two migrants mentioned contacted their lawyer, who filed their case with the European Court of Human Rights while they were still aboard their dinghy at sea.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Il Giornale:

Migrants leave Libya with the phone numbers of Italian lawyers to contact in their pockets

An episode that occurred on Easter Day is emblematic: A lawyer filed an appeal with the European Court of Human Rights while the applicants were still on board a damaged rubber dinghy.

by Mauro Indelicato
April 21, 2020

Even before touching land, and when their boat was still at the mercy of the Mediterranean, two migrants succeeded in contacting a lawyer to launch an appeal at the European Court of Human Rights.

And when their rescue situation had still not been resolved, in the offices of the court the materials regarding the case had already been filed.

An episode that demonstrated how, even prior to the departure of the boats from Libya, some migrants have the numbers of reference contacts in their pockets. Making note of this situation is an article in La Verita (The Truth), which cited the case of two young men on board a small boat that was damaged during the Easter period in the central Mediterranean.

In particular, the documents filed at Strasbourg contain the names of those who made the appeal: They are: Abdel Wehab Mohamed, 28, Sudanese, and Naseneva Diabi, 21, Ivoirian. It was those two who called the lawyer shortly after their departure from the port of Al Khoms, a town east of Tripoli.

Recorded telephone calls and, according to their lawyer, already filed for the examination of the judges of Strasbourg. The lawyer in question is, as also revealed in La Verita, Lucia Gennari. She is part of the Antartide legal office and is the reference for Lazio dell’ Asgi, Association for Judicial Studies on Immigration.

It is she, therefore, that the two migrants turned to, explaining their situation and that of the boat on which they were on board. “The applicants,” reads the document filed at Strasbourg, “are at the moment on board a white and grey rubber dinghy which left Libya from Al Khoms during the night of 8-9 April, 2020.”

According to the testimonies of the two migrants, at least 47 passengers were on board. On 10 April the first SOS was sent, received by the Alarm Phone network, which, via Twitter, alerted the Maltese and Italian authorities on the position of the naval unit. The next day other information, including more alarming information, was transmitted on the sickness of some migrants on board and the damage that forced the dinghy to remain at the mercy of the waves.

All of the various passages were described by the migrants who contacted attorney Gennari, and their testimonies were therefore included in the documents filed together with the appeal. Reference was made, among other things, to the message from the Maltese authorities on the Saturday before Easter at 22:24: “All ships should check and assist if necessary,” it reads, “Malta is not in position to provide safe harbor.”

According to those who submitted the appeal, this answer on the part of Valletta [Malta] could have potentially discouraged rescue actions. From here, also considering the fact that at that moment the dinghy was in Maltese waters, the request of a proceeding against Malta. An initial document was sent to Strasbourg precisely at that juncture, in which was requested the arrival in the area of a vessel which offers, a “safe port immediately” to the migrants.

A second document, on the other hand, was sent on Easter Monday: In that, besides an update on the situation, is also contained a list of alleged violations of human rights on the part of the Maltese authorities as well as those of Italian authorities.

The finger is pointed at the Maltese authorities on account of the presence of the dinghy within its territorial waters and, precisely for this reason, the appeal was not presented against Italy as well. The episode has, therefore, demonstrated how, even prior to the departure from the Libyan coast, the migrants are already acquainted with professionals and referred lawyers. A circumstance often suspected in the past, but which never before surfaced.

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  1. Just how are these orcs able to make their calls? Do they have satellite phones? If so, who paid for the phone and who is paying for the calls? Satellite phones and calls placed by them are not cheap, and it should be possible to follow the money trail if there was any interest in doing so.

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    They do not know how to live in a civilized way,they put their dirty laundry outside in the balconies transforming our beautiful city in a Pakistani suburb and i want to cry or kill.
    How and when this will end?

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  3. Indeed how are they able to make such phone calls-without doubt it is the Traffickers who have arranged it, in order to loosen the reluctance of countries such as Italy in taking migrants. Under no circumstances and irrespective of what judgement the ECHJ may provide should Italy/Spain/France/Malta/ Cyprus or any other country suffering as they are with a deadly virus allow any migrant to land. There is no evidence to suppose that those migrants are not themselves suffering with the virus-furthermore such countries as mentioned cannot possibly accommodate further stress on their strained Medical resources. Europe has over many years allowed immigration from people particularly from Africa/Middle East and Pakistan to enter, which has greatly altered the cultures and way of life in all European Countries and not for the better-consider the disgraceful behaviour of many immigrants against the people that opened their doors to them. The mind set has changed and no longer are these immigrants welcomed as before.

    • Are you surprised ? They reaping our daughters and wife’s , those criminals not migrants, Merkel, Macron and all this globalization traitors responsible for that nightmare,.. man in Europe don’t have balls to protect anything , its awful..

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