Sweden’s Elderly Get the Kiss of Death From Socialized Health Care

Jon Tallinger MD is a Swedish family practice physician in a suburb of Stockholm. In recent days he has gained fame as a whistleblower who made public the official guidelines of the Swedish public health service: Very old COVID-19 patients, or those with COVID and additional severe health conditions, are not to be sent to the hospital to receive oxygen therapy, which might in fact help them survive the disease and recover. Nursing homes and family practice doctors are not permitted to administer oxygen, so there is then no possibility for a very old coronavirus-infected patient to receive oxygen therapy.

The recommended alternative is that such patients be given morphine as a palliative measure. This will kill their pain, help shut down their breathing, and send them off to the glorious Folkhemmet in the sky with a smile on their face.

Below is an interview with Dr. Tallinger about the state directive on oxygen therapy. I’ll make explicit what is only implied in Dr. Tallinger’s remarks: the Swedish establishment apparently views the current crisis as an opportunity to administer euthanasia to the very old behind the scrim of COVID-19, thus reducing costs over the next decade or two and allowing the socialized health care system to survive on life support for that much longer.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for conducting the interview and uploading the video:

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  1. LN on April 20, 2020 at 7:11 pm

    Mass murder, not only mass immigration, is
    administered by the social democratic power
    establishment in Sweden.

    “Significant increase in the number of deaths
    among pensioners in Stockholm.
    New data from Statistics Sweden.”
    “Strong increase in the number of deaths in
    the age group 65 years and older living in
    retirement homes”

    How is that?

    No oxygen is available!
    Alternativelacking palliative care is inserted – high doses of morphine are given (which further complicates breathing)
    – instead of oxigen + broadspectrum antibiotica
    against pneumonia + high doses of vitamin C

    Result: the patient dies quickly and painfree.
    The so-called “consuming meat mountain” has been
    reduced by another unit.

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    LNon April 21, 2020 at 6:03 pm

    The stupidity and inhumanity…





      Doctors frightened – euthanasia instead of treatment of elderly coronary disease

      7 days ago

      The burden on Swedish hospitals due to the corona virus means that district doctors now have to care especially for elderly patients with covid-19. But the “care” prescribed is not life-saving oxygen but, on the contrary, morphine. “It hurts to death,” explains doctor Jon Tallinger.

      Exact24 wrote on March 31 about the new guidelines for how care should act when the covid19 sickness care centers start to run out. Family doctors are relieving the hospitals by taking over the care of elderly patients and have therefore received a rapid course in so-called palliative care, that is, pain-relieving care until death. Central to these new guidelines is a video produced by Stockholm’s nursing home that has been communicated to concerned doctors around the country.

      The think tank The Good Society has taken a closer look at the video and invited doctor Jon Tallinger, who is a specialist in general medicine and is affected by the guidelines. Tallinger was asked when he realized that he should not provide oxygen to the patients, even though the person who is seriously ill in covid19 is suffering from shortness of breath.

      – I find to my dismay that nowhere is it mentioned that one could also try oxygen treatment, says Tallinger.

      Instead, a morphine treatment is prescribed which calms the patient, but further complicates the absorption of oxygen.

      – Morphine causes you to breathe less and get more oxygen deficiency.

      Asked if the morphine does not make it more likely that the patient dies, Tallinger replies “It hurts to death, yes”.

      The background to the guidelines, Tallinger believes, is that you do not have access to oxygen in, for example, elderly homes. But at the same time, he thinks that any hospital ward could be used to help patients with breathing, instead of helping them with death with morphine.

      – All hospital rooms have oxygen so only if they came to the hospital they could have received oxygen. Thus a small tube into the nose, nothing advanced at all.

      Tallinger assumes that the guidelines depend precisely on the lack of capacity in hospital care, but believes that the logical step then should instead be to work to bring oxygen to the country’s elderly homes.

      Mom was tortured to death without oxygen
      One of those who seems to have been affected by the guidelines is Catharina Alinder’s mother Eva.

      – They let mom lie for so many hours without oxygen, and were tortured to death, without going to hospital. She worked all her life, paying taxes, and this was her thanks.

      – She was down to 60 percent in oxygenation. It was terrible for me and my sister to have to see how she suffered during her last day, Catharina says.

      However, Eva Alinder does not learn to be included in the death statistics for victims of covid-19.

      – They did not have a chance to test mom before she died, and they do not test for dead people, says Catharina Alinder.

      Updated April 20, 2020


      • .
        The assassination proceeds in SWEDEN Inc.



        Nurse: Elderly suffocated to death without oxygen – tormented for days

        April 29, 2020

        Doctor Jon Tallinger, who previously noted the ban on using life-saving oxygen to treat coronary patients, has posted an interview with Latifa Löfvenberg, who works as a nurse at a retirement home in Gävle. According to Löfvenberg, the elderly are suffocated to death without oxygen, while it is forbidden to send them to hospitals.

        Löfvenberg states that she has personally seen about ten patients in her elderly homes suffocated to death in her rooms without oxygen and without qualified care:

        – Sometimes it can take several days, but sometimes it takes a few hours, she says in the interview.

        Instead of oxygen, which in many cases has proven to be the treatment that saves lives, the older morphine injections are given – which instead makes breathing difficult. The injections are performed by non-trained personnel after a nurse’s approval to be given by telephone – after describing the symptoms of the elderly.

        The procedure is carried out in accordance with the guidelines previously sent out by the Gävleborg Region to health care facilities – which Fria Tider was the first to notice.

        It is also prohibited to send the elderly to hospitals for more qualified help. This can only happen after the approval of a doctor at the hospital according to Löfvenberg.

        Ten years ago, staff at the elderly homes had the opportunity to administer oxygen, but since then that possibility has been removed. The doctor

        Jon Tallinger, who conducts the interview, describes what happened as murder and calls Löfvenberg a witness to the murder. The interview is conducted in English and is supposed to be a basis for a report on the British BBC about corona management in Sweden.

        Previously, suspicions were raised that the real reason why Swedish health care “continues to function” and has a capacity at IVA sites is that most of the needy are sorted out before they even come to hospital. The entire interview can be seen below:


        Wittness to murder. DRW
        595 views • Apr 28 2020

        Dr. Tallinger
        Latifa Löfvenberg gives wittness statement in english.

        Latifa Löfvenberg is elected representative of Gävle City Council and Region Gävleborg from SD.

        READ ALSO: Eva was tormented to death by corona – treated only with Alvedon and “openly
        alvedon-and-hour window /

  2. I will not argue the economics of what the Borg collective in Sweden has decided, because they are correct on that score. Instead, I wonder if those old Swedish socialists now facing obsolescence at the hands of their own government would have chosen it if they had any inkling of how they would one day be treated by it.

    Someday the current Borg collective will be themselves be old, obsolete, and superfluous, and they will also be cast aside. If there is any justice in the world, the sorry bunch of criminal scum that decided to import hordes of african orcs to replace their own kin will not live to old age, but if they do then likely their replacements will not be as merciful in their send-off. No morphine will ease their final days since it could be sold or used to get fellow orcs stoned, and likely they will suffer the indignity of a rape or two or three as they lay in their bed, and upon their death they will stand a good chance of being eaten but at least it will not matter since they will already be dead and they are atheist anyway.

  3. Moon, you are so funny! ^^ But, in like, a horrible kind of way. Always enjoy reading your comments.

    • Thanks, I try!

      The success of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog taught me that one can get away with saying things publicly in the context of dark humor that would be impossible to say in a more sober or serious way. Usually the news is so awful that since it is not yet possible to throttle the life out of the miscreants, sarcasm becomes the next-best thing; a shield for dealing with the reality.

  4. AGA is one of the many large Swedish companies that, in the early 1900s, were built around unique technical inventions with strong patents and that laid the foundation for the future welfare and industrial Sweden.

    The rapid development of technologically advanced products in the first half of the 900s was largely initiated by the two world wars.

    Aga AB is today the leading industrial gas company in Northern Europe with operations in the Norden and the Baltic States.

    In addition to manufacturing and marketing of industrial and specialty gases, Aga is developing new uses for gases

    AGA’s subsidiary AGA Medical AB is capable of supplying unlimited quantities of oxygen (O2) for medical use.
    Only political decisions can therefore deprive residents of elderly care access to life-promoting oxygen.

  5. Why would anyone live in Western Europe?

    It is a massive insane asylum, run by lunatics who are importing murderers, rapists
    and idiots from Islamic and African Lands while purposely harassing and/or murdering its own indigenous people.

    My ancestors came to America during Europe’s 30 Years War.

    One answer: Emigrate you fools before it is too late.

    • There is nowhere to run to any longer! All of us of European extraction have a very stark brutal choice at this crossroads. Them! Or US! There is no longer any civilized means out of this any longer! If you believe otherwise, you are nothing more than sheep for the slaughter. So decide now, are you the sheep? Or will you be the Wolf!?

    • Because you damn well allow it! That is why! There is nowhere left to run to! Our backs are now to the wall and it is fight or perish! Get it yet!

    • To emigrate and leave our continent to them?
      To see Parthenon as a mosque?
      To see our churches in ruins?
      I would better die.

  6. Look at the pics when socialist were young, imagine the future they thought they were building, a glorious future where all your needs are supplied for you by the benevolent government. A vision worth fighting for, a vision that can only be described as paradise. Now fast forward to today where this vision collides with socialist ideology and reality. You have step into another dimension, were all the scifi movies about political oppression and denial of human rights by governments was portrayed. All the books about how valueless human life could become. From murder before birth to death of the aged by murder. All legally done. You have reached the dead zone. Ending innocent life intentionally is the only vision of socialism. Now let’s look at the pics of the former idealist youth after the social collision of idealistic vision and reality.

  7. That bumper sticker very common in 1980s California. “Grass gas and ass – nobody rides free”. Outcomes by appointment.

  8. .
    Senior Swedish scientist DISMISSES LOCK DOWNS and confirms Anders Tegnell’s herd immunity approach

    •18 apr. 2020

    This extract from the longer version (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfN2J…) confirms that SBP’s policy recommendation is the only valid one for India. Johan Giesecke says that this conversation (about criticisms of the Swedish model) should happen one year from now. Our party agrees. This a 12 round match, with Sweden landing blows on the virus and clearly winning. Other countries are merely dodging the virus. They can’t escape it for ever. Johan Giesecke has three criticisms of Western scientists: – they are not taking an evidence-based approach – Neil Ferguson’s model is terrible + not even peer reviewed – mortality from the virus is much, much lower than 2%


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