More Than Fifty Migrants Break Into Melilla

Despite the fact that Spain, like Italy, is in the throes of a severe coronavirus crisis, culture-enrichers are still attempting to force their way into Melilla, the Spanish enclave in North Africa. The following news report describes a partially successful attempt by a large mob of Africans to break through the border fence.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is an excerpt from a article about the same incident:

50 Migrants Cross Into Spanish African Enclave; 5 Injured

MADRID (AP) — Some 50 migrants on Monday forced their way into Spain’s Melilla city over the fence that separates the European enclave in northern Africa, authorities there said.

The central government’s delegation in Melilla, which borders Morocco, said that they were part of a group of around 250 migrants who launched a “massive and violent entry” into the city, scaling the fence and ignoring the Spanish law enforcement officers on guard.

Video transcript:

00:10   In the early morning of Sunday-Monday, a group of 260 immigrants tried
00:14   to jump the fence at Melilla at the zone of Villa Pilar according to
00:18   the Government Delegation office. In spite of the efforts of the Civil Guard, armed forces,
00:22   and national police, 55 of them were able to enter. 38 were rejected and returned
00:28   to Moroccan authorities, and the rest remained on the other side.
00:32   The delegation stated that it was “a massive and violent crossing”.
00:36   Besides that, some of the sub-Saharans were detained for damaging certain vehicles which
00:40   they encountered nearby, presumably on purpose, and two Civil Guards were injured.
00:45   The group that was able to reach Spanish soil headed for the CETI [migrant reception center]
00:49   of Melilla to be received. Due to security measures for the coronavirus,
00:53   they remained waiting at the port, and 20 of them were treated
00:57   by the Red Cross, mostly for injuries and stitches.
01:01   Four of them were taken to the hospital for bone fractures and one head wound.
01:05   They were also given blankets, water, and a bite to eat.

Hat tip for the article: Reader from Chicago.

8 thoughts on “More Than Fifty Migrants Break Into Melilla

  1. Stupid spaniards.

    Why the shock that ignorant savages ignored the entreaties of wimpy spanish police? Instead of flowery language perhaps if they spoke with the language of the truncheon and buttstock then the savages would be able to listen better. Better still would be to automatically eject any who succeeded in illegally crossing the border, with plenty of bruises and maybe a cracked skull or broken bone or two to encourage their compatriots to stay out as well. Instead, the Spanish put the feast out on the table unguarded and acted shocked when the dogs jumped up to steal it.

    • Well it looks like both parties got what they deserve. The dogs of war and the consumers. Looking your grandchildren in the eye may eventually be invaded by complex twitches. Pretty much every western EU country has fallen.

    • You are far too kind Moon, a belt fed bundle of joy used in a precise manner always takes the day over such kind methods as you suggest, and just for good measure and some fun, spray some napalm, because overkill is always highly under rated. I will guarantee you the savages, those that survive the first encounter, will spread the word faster than drums can beat a warning, that those bloody Europeans are not playing any longer.

      • I would prefer kinetic intervention, however the reality is that as long as Spain remains part of the EU or contains a government that is too feminized to stand up to the bullies in Brussels, realistic options to deal with the invaders are limited. A good beating and some broken bones can be explained away as something the orcs did to each other which is why I recommended such an option.

        Giving entry to the rest of the EU to any orc who manages to scale the fences and evade the police is the stupidest thing I have heard of and I do not know why the Spanish government, even socialists, cannot simply choose to ignore such idiocy emenating from Brussels like a foul stench from a pile of ordure. Not like those morons will kick them out of the EU over it.

        • I would suggest the Chilean or Argentinian solution.
          I nice flight with an airplane.
          Expensive, but the methods you suggest leave something to trace. We should avoid that.

        • It is because that the EU is letting them in if they reach European soil that the natives at some point will take the matter into to their own hands and deal with the 3rd world invasion problem, which will inevitably lead to governments falling and the harsh hand of the military will take over. Bloodshed on a massive scale is inevitable.

  2. Electrify the damn fence and be done with it. And to perdition with any complaints from ‘international’ groups or the EU.
    Either that or land mines…or both.

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