Russians Help Disinfect Italian Hospital

The following video from RT shows the arrival of a team of Russian technicians to disinfect a hospital in Bergamo, the epicenter of the ChiCom virus outbreak in Northern Italy.

The Russians are using a 70% ethanol solution to do the disinfection. That’s 140 proof. I figure they just diverted a couple of truckloads of vodka from a Moscow distillery, and watered it down a little for medical use.

The clip is in Russian and Italian, but MissPiggy has kindly translated it from the German subtitles. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:34   All of us, the people of Bergamo, thank you for what you are doing for us.
01:05   Disinfection is carried out with the help of portable disinfection modules
01:10   that use aerosol techniques that have a higher processing power.
01:15   The entire room surface is disinfected.
01:28   The solution is not harmful to the premises but it disinfects them completely.
01:38   There is a lot of work to do. We try to do the disinfection thoroughly
01:43   by moving furniture, tables and everything else.
01:47   We try to disinfect it well and carefully.
01:59   There is a lot of work. Of course it is helpful for our staff,
02:03   because with our current resources and with our sick staff
02:06   we are not able to disinfect everything that needs to be disinfected, so we thank you
02:12   and the civil protection who help us in this situation.
02:24   Of course, we would not have expected help from Russia, perhaps from a country that is closer
02:28   to Italy than Russia, but we appreciate it all very much.
03:53   20 people have died here in three weeks because we have the virus here. The virus is out there.
04:00   We’re helping to deal with it. We’re disinfecting it.
04:06   All rooms will be disinfected with 70% ethyl alcohol.
04:21   I believe it’s necessary. I’m very glad they came to disinfect this hospital.
04:40   I think it is necessary to cooperate with countries the way Russia and Italy are doing. It is
04:44   necessary to help each other, because today you are helping us and tomorrow we will help you.

21 thoughts on “Russians Help Disinfect Italian Hospital

  1. Why the deragotary vodka commentary? At least they are helping. So far I haven’t seen the US offering any form of help and the Italians are gonna remember this…

    • It’s not derogatory. I was just having fun. I like what the Russians are doing in this video.

  2. You can’t imagine how much hatred, sarcasm and ridicule caused the news about this “help” in Russia.
    In the conditions of a completely ruined (“optimized” as they say) medicine, to help not their own people, but someone else’s.

    Everyone is very evil. Russian authorities are saving the country where the families of Kremlin officials and oligarchs reside.

    • Elena, just give it a rest already. Do you seriously think we believe all these negativities you are constantly [vigorously uttering]? Бог мой, нет! [My God, no!] You are just one person with one opinion and you do not represent Russia. Open your eyes and your heart and perhaps you’ll be able to see some of the good, unless of course you live in a burrow somewhere out in the Тайга [taiga].

      • Russian trolls from Olgino like to learn how to live. [ad-hominem redacted]
        Yes, and what else is arrogance in relation to those living in the taiga or burrow? Do you have something against these people?

        Baron, can I also write under the comments of the Germans, Swedes and the British that they have a too gloomy outlook on life and a little positive?

        • Yes, absolutely, as long as you stay within the guidelines for civility and decorum.

          • It was a joke. But seriously, Anonymous wrote a comment in the style of pro-Kremlin bots. Fake optimism and humiliation of the opponent. This is very noticeable. They always write like that.

            But it seems that oil has reached a negative value. Soon he will be kicked out without allowance.

        • Elena. I could have said: “…..unless you live under a rock” which is the English idiom meaning being oblivious or unaware of what goes on in the outside world. To “live in a burrow somewhere out in the taiga” means pretty much the same thing. I don’t think Russia has tiny little 5 inch tall midgets living in burrows, and so I obviously don’t have anything “against these people” since they don’t exist.

      • See how people react to other news.

        “Russia is the richest country in the world and sent a plane with medical equipment to the United States.”
        I recommend to run the article through Google or Yandex translator.

        … Meanwhile, Russia itself does not produce any medical equipment itself, I wonder where it was stuck to send to the Americans? Apparently, somewhere I bought equipment manufacturers in countries and sent it to the Americans!

        Meanwhile, Trump n ordered each of his citizens to pay 1,000 bucks to the children, 500 bucks!

        And ours will be quarantined in fact on a starvation diet!

        … Meanwhile, in Russia, after optimizing health care, hospitals are in terrible condition, there is not enough medical equipment, poorly fed patients, patients bring their own medicines and collect them by SMS to pay for the treatment of children abroad! Masks, although they are useless in the fight against the virus, can not be found in pharmacies in Russia, antiviral drugs, too, and God forbid someone in the province gets coronovirus, this is a death sentence! In the provinces, even there is no ambulance for ambulances, and the hospitals themselves are usually located more than 30 kilometers from villages, while the usual ambulance and paramedic arrive, and not the reanemobile, the patient will die 100 times during this time and another car will have to be called for funeral services !
        I’m not talking about how people react to this on social networks.

        • Elena. I see where you get your information from. This is the kind of article any main street media would salivate to publish.

          Here’s a small part from Yandex you didn’t quote: “And our people will be quarantined practically on starvation rations!
          Rejoice dear Russians, you are helping America, they are poor and they can not buy their own ventilators and antiseptics! And this is not surprising, we are a colony of the United States and must support their master!”

          And here’s an interesting comment from one of the readers, also translated in Yandex: “One lie!!!Russia has its own production of equipment and now it is more than necessary.The mask and the combinations will buy in pharmacies!Why so much anger and hatred?AAAAA-from envy….”

          And so, Elena, I think it would be better for your equilibrium if you opened your horizon a bit when it comes to the news.

          The commentator above was right – Russia indeed does manufacture medical (and dental) equipment. ” Some 90% of Russia’s domestic production of medical equipment and devices is manufactured at 660 enterprises having federal licenses for the production of medical equipment and devices, including 220 plants which are primarily dedicated to the defense industry. The Ministry of Health has approved over 20,000 medical products and devices for use in treatment but only 12,000 of those are represented among the list of locally made products.”

          Incidentally, Jordan Peterson recently spent time in a Russian hospital. By choice.

        • I would be interested in your ideas about an alternative? What steps do you think need to be taken to improve the situation you are painting?

          From where I stand, Russians are nowhere near ready for a proper democracy and your economy is nowhere near capable of providing appropriate services for everyone across the country (the same goes for every big country, btw). Hence why most Russians are able to help themselves. Outside the cities anyway.
          In my opinion it doesn’t help that many of your young adults go to study abroad and stay in the West, instead of returning home and trying to improve the country.
          It’s not like those fights can be won by an outsider, you have to do it on your own.

          • We are ready for everything and for democracy and responsibility for ourselves and for our lives.
            But Putin’s oligarchs will never share their power with us. Only the 1917 variant remains.

  3. It is quite strange as things have gone up to now… In any case anybody helping (not just the russians, also many other countries) is great appreciated, and there should be no complain for whatever reasons they are helping. One should not ask too much the reasons why someone is willing to help. But I suppose they are wanting to see and inspect in first person the consequences to take measures at their home.

    The virus is not as deadly as they tell on statistics (in italy they are adding any people dead tested positive to the same count even if the main cause of death is not just the virus), so not a lot to worry if you are not quite old; maybe some measures are a bit exagerated (especially not all of italy has been infected and they should have not locked down at least half of it, i think). Unfortunately there have been quite a great number of deaths especially due to infection spread by hospitals in the beginning and especially elder carehouses; i checked the numbers (total number of deceased for any possible cause) from statistical data released, and find out that some few towns in lombardy (and very few in other northern regions) had an anomalous number of death count: some even tripled it relative to the first 3 months of the year compared to previous year.

  4. @Baron Bodissey

    You may have been joking, but that’s essentially how commercial stuff is made here in the US. Except they’ll add a “denaturing agent” like methanol to make it unsafe to drink.

    No western country has been doing proper testing. Most probably don’t even have the capability, even the US, which spends gobs of money on health care.

    I think Russia has a bigger issue with the virus currently than they are letting on, or maybe even suspect. It wouldn’t be surprising if Russia started spewing sick refugees because of this.

    • Yes, I was wondering whether the cleaning solution had been adulterated with something toxic to deter employees from indulging in it. It would make sense, from an administrative point of view.

    • I think they all know and understand. They do not know what to do, they have no plans. And then there’s the economic crisis. And nobody has yet canceled the reflex to steal from the Russian elites.
      While they are publishing some kind of Kafka laws to punish informational fakes regarding the coronavirus.

      I also think your last assumption is correct. It is amazing how you understand the realities, while not living in Russia. The combination of factors will force the Kremlin to choose between us and migrants.

  5. This pandemic raises a lot of questions. I don’t doubt the existence of COVID-19 or its proliferation all over the world, but it is not such a deadly disease. Not like plague or Ebola. Is it bad enough to justify measures which most certainly will bring about great hardship and suffering for people who will lose their livelihoods? The great shutdown will doubtless drive many people into very bad depression, which could very negatively affect their health. Some will even commit suicide. Of course, it will never be possible to count and compare the number of deaths caused by COVID-19 and those caused by measures aimed at curbing the epidemic.

  6. Well maybe not all countries have a plentiful supply of alcohol to spare. If Russia has a lot to spare then sharing is good. Australia has a lot of ethanol from sugar cane so we have plenty. We just exported a large quantity to Taiwan in exchange for medical supplies. The suits they wear would be needed to stop them getting drunk on the vapour. When denaturants are added it is called methylated spirits and would still work as it is 95% ethanol here. They don’t add methanol as a denaturant these days, but foul tasting chemicals. I haven’t tried but they could possibly be separated out by redistilling.
    Glen 20 is 60% ethanol so the same thing. We had lost this manufacturing to Malaysia but they are now in lockdown so we are making it here again. I know the family who own the factory.
    Australia has also got back a lot of hand sanitiser work which is 60-70% ethanol. China is still off line as a lot is till being exported.
    The incident is a political gesture but as long as its helpful that’s OK. Look at Soros’s gestures. People have to be grateful for that poisonous help because they are desperate.
    Economic destruction versus 1000’s of deaths. It is the choice of a civilized society. Once you treat certain sections of society as expendable then it is a slippery slope.

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