Covid in a Time of Turmoil, Part Two

Below is Seneca III’s wrap-up of his two-part essay (part 1 is here) on the coronavirus crisis in the UK, with a particular focus on Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

“The rules of the world-historical game change from decade to decade, and the dogmas that we have now will probably become obsolete.”

— Freeman Dyson Mathematical Physicist, Polymath and Philosopher, 15 December 1923 — 28 February 2020, a sad loss to humanity even after such a great run.

Covid in a Time of Turmoil

Part II. Covid 19 as an inorganic socio-political enzyme.

by Seneca III

1.   A virus is made up of a core of genetic material, either RNA or DNA, surrounded by a protective coat called a capsid which is made up of protein. Sometimes the capsid is surrounded by an additional spikey coat called the envelope (see above). Viruses are capable of latching onto host cells and invading them.
2.   An enzyme is a substance that acts as a catalyst in living organisms, regulating the rate at which chemical reactions proceed without itself being altered in the process.

Later, for the purpose of this analysis, let us change ‘chemical reactions’ to ‘human interactions’ but first, in a very simple way, let us look at how the enzyme, furin, enables and accelerates the penetration of a living cell by a virus, followed by a short description of how mutations occur, and then a look at vectors.

First, enzymes. Enzymes have a region known as an ‘active site’ that binds to a protein or other substance during a reaction. The envelope proteins (capsids) of viruses such as HIV, influenza, dengue fever, several filoviruses including Ebola and Marburg virus, and possibly SARS-CoV 2 must be cleaved by furin or furin-like proteases to become fully functional. The human enzyme furin is encoded by our chromosome No. 15, band 15q26.1.

Some proteins are inactive when they are first synthesized and must have sections removed in order to become active. Furin cleaves these sections and activates the proteins. Furin is also known as PACE (Paired basic Amino acid Cleaving Enzyme. (Note: see mutations!)

Second, once the virus has penetrated the cell wall, aided and abetted by furin, it injects its own short-string RNA (ribonucleic acid) or DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) into the cell and supplants the cell’s own reproductive function, replacing it with its own and then reproducing itself using the resources of the original cell, thus rendering that cell dead and depriving the infected body of a part of its essential functionality.

Vector is the word used to describe the way in which infections travel (are transmitted) between living organisms. For example, the vector for Yersinia pestis, the Black Death bacterial strain, was the fleas that lived on rats and transmitted that strain to humans by biting them. The vector for malaria is the anopheles mosquito which carries and injects infected blood containing the plasmodium that causes malaria. The vectors for Covid can be personal contact, contact with surfaces with the virus still alive on them, viruses travelling in airborne aerosols from coughing and sneezing, and also from infected faeces. This is why cleanliness in all respects and social distancing reduces or precludes the chance of cross-infection.

Note: The shorter the genetic string of a micro-organism, the harder it is to kill. The converse is why we as human beings with our huge genome are so vulnerable to micro-organisms such as viruses. The human genome has over 3 billion base pairs and is organized into 22 paired chromosomes, termed autosomes, plus the 23rd pair of sex chromosomes, (XX) in the female and (XY) in the male. These large linear DNA molecules contained within the living cell nucleus are open to a variety of attack vectors and what they carry, and the latter can now be bio-engineered via the use of rRNA (recombinant RNA) techniques and other methods… none of which were invented by bats or pangolins!

Natural viral mutations occur when the furan, after penetrating the capsid, or by the bio-mechanical process of insertion itself, breaks up the viruses’ RNA chain or DNA helix and rearranges it/them in a different sequence. This can also happen when two or more viruses attack the same cell and the broken RNA and/or DNA sections from more than one source reassemble in different sequences.

And that, dear reader is all the amateur micro-biology, virology and epidemiology sufficient unto the needs of this monograph. Let us now look at Covid as a global inorganic enzyme which, through its presence and threat, is now catalysing the penetration of the ideological fault lines that run through all human affairs and thus accelerating their normally slow rate of change.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

The world has been in turmoil since long before a vagrant virus came wandering out of a biowarfare lab in Wuhan (not necessarily by accident, either). In essence, I am sure that you, like myself, have for a long time been deeply disturbed, even angered, by the way our economic, monetary, fiscal, political, moral and other affairs have been grossly mismanaged, often with malignant intent, by those we have elected, appointed or allowed to slither into positions power whilst enriching themselves in the process. Both money and power tend be addictive, usually in combination, so let us start there.

The epitome of the combination of wealth and absolute power is the People’s Republic of China under the iron fist of the Chinese Communist Party and its oriental version of Einsatzgruppen, the People’s Liberation Army. Now, the enzyme Covid has catalyzed the public exposure of the duplicity, global ambitions and methodologies of the Chinese ruling cabal, as long suspected by acute observers, and thus accelerated it into the open for all to see. I shall, however, say nothing of their disgusting eating habits and personal hygiene.

Lo! Belt and Road, Carrot and Stick, cheap hand-outs given with one hand and less than subtle economic controls imposed by the other. What more is there to say but “Thank, you, Covid, for exposing the greatest power grab of all time. Now that you have woken us up we have much to do to regain our sovereignty, heal our peoples, both physically and morally, re-establish our independent economic base, replace the ideological indoctrinators in our education systems, neutralize the destructive impositions of the peddlers of invasive, primitive alien belief systems, and take a firm perhaps even death grip on the International Banksters, Corporate Pirates and Hedge Fund Spivs who have been so complicit in imposing this parody of governance by utilizing the tyranny of endless debt circulating without any hope of repayment and represented only by ephemeral slips of useless paper or bytes in the bowels of computers.”

We can also look forward to the accelerating death of embryonic police states such as the EU that have bloomed over decades and are now wilting in the full light of day, as do all useless weeds.

“So where do we start?” you, the reader, may rightly ask; that is going to be a hell of a job! Yes, it is, so let us look at a few possible starting points, although I am sure there are many more you could add to my truncated list.

And I would posit that there is no point in starting at the top by lopping off a few heads, deserving though the owners thereof may be of such an elegant solution. They understand and exercise control over the intricacies of the very interdependent web of process, cause and effect that delivers, via their management (or mismanagement) skills, the supply of the things, both physical and monetary, that sustain our everyday existence.

The pressing project ahead of us, of We the People, is to find a way to control the controllers, and not just in the half-arsed way that we are limited to today. I will return to that subject in a later essay (political structure and tightly controlled representation) but first let us look at some of those areas in dire need of immediate reconstruction or abolition, and which should be the first to be visited by the Phoenix that one hopes will rise from the ashes of this abominable construct that has been the hag on our backs for far too long.

First and foremost, at the moment anyway, is Boris Johnson, Huawei and 5G. This has to be the most stupid or naïve act by a British Prime Minister since Chamberlain returned from Munich waving a piece of paper and proclaiming, “Peace for our time.” It was and remains an insult to our friends and allies; it jeopardizes our internal security and communications and our essential security alliances across the globe. It is beyond rational comprehension that such a decision could have been taken in the first place, and it is even more irrational now in the light of what Covid has revealed about the full extent of China’s imperial ambitions and methodology. If it is not rescinded post haste it could be, together with item two below, the jagged rock that sinks the Johnson boat.

Secondly, inward travel, immigration (both legal and illegal) and the processing and containment of persons therefrom. Again, it defies even the weirdest form of logic that still, as I write, aircraft are arriving at Heathrow, several each day, from China and Iran, and that the French continue to send us little rubber boatloads of possible vectors which we continue to accept in the name of ‘humanity’ instead of sending them back or sinking them the moment they enter our territorial waters.

In the case of China and Iran there can be no justification whatsoever. In neither country do we have sufficient expatriate British citizens requiring repatriation on this scale to justify the arrival of so many aircraft for so long. This is another jagged rock awaiting Johnson’s ship of state. Even the excuse that the Chinese aircraft are carrying trade goods does not wash — we need no more of their indulgent cheap tat manufactured by slave labour, and it won’t hurt us to do without until we re-establish our own, quality manufacturing base. And why Iran? We not only do not trade with them because of the embargo, but in places we are even involved in an armed confrontation. Something is rotten in the State of Denmark or, in this case, Britain.

Thirdly, let us take a look at other priorities that follow, noting that although few of them are of Johnson’s direct making, let us have no doubt that he bears a substantial part of the collective political responsibility, having been a long term participant in and contributor to the machinations of our appalling governing class.

The sacred cow of “Our Amazing NHS!” is, despite the courageous, endangered toilers at the coal face, rapidly approaching the status of a basket case itself. Overstaffed by a butterfly horde of ‘managers’ and petty bureaucrats whilst desperately short of homegrown doctors, nurses and ancillary clinical and support staff and with its procurement services fragmented, poorly managed and regularly ripped off by predatory suppliers despite (or because of) the vast amounts of money poured into it over recent decades.

To the credit of the men and women beavering away on the front line it stumbles on, doing the best it can despite the burdens it carries… and thus it grows weaker by the day.

To compound this situation even further it is inundated with so-called ‘health tourists’ who use it as a pass-through service without contributing a damn thing, and also with ‘immigrants’ who bring with them obscure, ancient diseases and the resource-demanding results of primitive social practices (genetically damaged offspring resultant from consanguineous breeding) that have been long been banished from this country. There is much work for us to do here.

And elsewhere, wherever we look: The over-abused benefits system that gives so many an easy excuse not be economically active and hence idle their lives away immersed in booze, drugs and the soporific effects of twenty-four hour moron-grade television — the bread and circuses of our time; the ‘diversity’ farce that slowly and insidiously destroys our once creative homogenous culture and denigrates it in the process; the giant Ponzi schemes of ‘Climate Change’ and ‘Net Zero Emissions’; the rise to emotional public prominence of deviant sexualities and practices that undermine the traditional family structure and its purpose; the educational and academic establishments that indoctrinate rather than teach and, finally, the arrogant, corrupt and totally out of touch judiciary, to mention but a few.

Indeed, our forthcoming labours shall be many, hard and long, but thank you, Covid, anyway; all this is well overdue.

Observation. As I walk and drive around on my short shopping trips, I notice that the way we conduct ourselves, at least here away from the urban hives, is slowly, almost imperceptibly, changing. Where I live is not a particularly uncivil place to begin with, but the people with whom I interact on those trips, from at least six feet away of course, are definitely more considerate of each other and most are there with a ready smile and a nod as if of mutual encouragement in this time of change. It is difficult to determine if these small mannerisms and attitudes will still sustain after the passing of the plague, but I would hope they do.

Afterword. I am of the opinion that it would not be unreasonable to classify Soros and his organization as another dangerous pathogen and that it and its multiple minions peddling disinformation, disharmony and destruction should be sterilized with the best available disinfectant ASAP.

— Seneca III, in the very quiet and subdued remnants of Middle England on the day before the Day of Fools in Year Zero — how very appropriate!

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13 thoughts on “Covid in a Time of Turmoil, Part Two

  1. very thoughtful and very well said. Let us deal with our viruses as they are. We have the protocols, borne out of numerous contagions that have gone on before, to address this current situation. Let us also address the situation didactically, leaving politics and emotion in their place until we are free enough and clean enough to call for them and understand what they are saying without distraction. As you said, its is time to address the existential challenge to our existence. We can deal with the niceties afterwards.

  2. Agreed, african and islamic savages are the vector for the death of Europe by affluenza, a disease of it’s former nobility and wealthy upper classes who shrugged off the responsibilities of noblesse oblige in favor of globalist claptrap.

  3. Well put, Seneca III.

    The NHS must be broken up and each new entity allowed to compete innovate and fail.

    All illegal immigrants must be deported forthwith, no exceptions.

    All invaders should, as you suggest, be shot out of the water before they even reach out shores.

    All foreigners must have health insurance before they are allowed into our country. On short term visas only. And when foreigners who are working here have completed their contact they must be forced to leave.

    The racist far-left bbc must be, preferably closed down and at least forced into a subscription system of funding. And all anti- UK propagandists in all the MSM fired and prosecuted for treason.

    The Civil Service must be culled and all the traitors, such as Mark Sedwill and that commie, Olly Robbins, charged with sedition and treason.

    Banks must be allowed to fail, those who have been involved in illegal activities must be prosecuted and jailed for life.

    The government must be forced to learn not to spend our money ( or currency, rather) on foreigners or anything other than for services such as national defence ( not war mongering in other countries).

    Local government must be redesigned to force it to be accountable to the local people who pay for it. For too long these local councils have operated as uncontrolled fiefdoms run by jobsworths and exciting too often for their own benefit.

    The police forces are now a paramilitary organisation, organised and controlled by unelected psychopaths and sociopaths.

    The judiciary is infested with socialists, communists, and Common Purpose graduates. They are facilitating the implementation of UN policies such as the compact on migration, agenda Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. They must be purged.

    The rot runs deep and the swamp is deep and wide. It must be drained.

    I hope you are correct and thus virus situation is the catalyst that starts to wake up the general population.

    • “The NHS must be broken up and each new entity allowed to compete innovate and fail.”

      It has already been broken up to a limited extent, John. The National Health Services in Wales and Scotland are being administered by the devolved national assemblies and they are not faring well to put it mildly.

      Many Welsh are, if they fall ill, swiftly crossing the border and seeking treatment in England and this is placing an extra burden on the NHS here.

  4. Typo
    other methods… none of which were invented
    It should be was invented

  5. Not to be too picky, SIII, but when the wind is from the west here (which it is most days), I’m under the approach path to Heathrow; the ‘planes are often only a minute apart, but today I’m not sure it’s even one an hour, and Gatwick and City Airports are closed.

    • OK, I haven’t used flight tracker recently but when I did a few days ago the Chinese and Iranian ones were coming in regularly, two, sometimes three a day although, of course not by the minute. And anyway, even one from those places is one too many.

      • Question should be, are the people being quarantined? An American friend returned a couple of weeks ago to see her frail parents, but still has to wait a couple of weeks before she can.

  6. Yes, Viral infections and vectors are apposite metaphors for many of the problems currently facing us and Boris should know. In 2013, after the Woolwich atrocity, he said:

    “There is no sense in blaming Islam, a religion that gives consolation and enrichment to the lives of hundreds of millions of peaceful people…we need to make a hard and sharp distinction between that religion – and the virus of “Islamism”.

    Personally I incline more to the view he expressed in 2005 after the 7/7 bombings, that:

    ”…the problem is Islam. Islam is the problem”

    but since he now sees sees Islamism in the same terms as Covid-19 it would not be unreasonable to expect similar responses to the two viruses.

    We know the nature, the symptoms and the means of transmission of Covid-19. But that is also true of Islamism. Its primary characteristic is Islamic supremacism, its symptoms as displayed where it has fully taken hold are all detailed in Sharia and its means of transmission are the various forms of jihad from dawah to holy war.

    Boris should know what must be done. Anyone showing signs of “Islamism” should be quarantined until they recover. This could be a lengthy period of course since there is no known cure, but we have to think of the uninfected. These signs could include such things as support of the Muslim Brotherhood or similar organisations; praying for “victory over the Kuffar” as apparently happens very occasionally in a tiny minority of mosques by a tiny minority of Muslims. Here is that nice Cat Stevens singing about it, for instance, (at 2:00):

    or attempting to force non-Muslims to eat halal food or ban them from criticising Islam (see the All Party Parliamentary Group on British Muslims report “Islamophobia Defined”).

    So many indicators of the virus but our Government advisers will be up to the job of identifying them all. Now that the “Herd Immunity” approach on tackling viruses has been discredited Boris will have no option left but “Total Lockdown” if he wants to save an ageing patient with underlying health issues. Perhaps it won’t work but at least it will make clear how attached Muslims in general really are to the supremacism that some of us suspect is at the core of Islam rather than at the edges.

  7. What I find most disturbing in all this – sad to say because usually in the comments section I generally wonder if my mind is actually the dullest of the comments, but today I think it is not, scary if I say so myself. It seems up until the always very smart, maybe brilliant Matt Braken, no one seems to have logged into the very possibility that this “lucky” coronavirus which has now served up to us is a warning of so many bad things that have to be fixed is the very possibility that that the Chinese Communists did it on purpose. And if so, and happy as it is for the hopeful dissolution of the EU, only me and Mr. Braken came to that conclusion. If Matt Bracken meant by his highlight of the two links he provided, that the encirclement of China was only of secondary importance, then once again I guess I will have to sit in the corner with one of those silly dunce caps on.

    Now as a fairly regular reader of Gates I am as aware as most I think of the virus of Islam, especially when the vial that that virus is in breaks, and all too often as far as I am concerned. I think Seneca 3 happened to be warning in this instance of China Though of course like everyone else I noted to myself that Boris was greeting planes from not only China but from Iran. A Churchill he is not. Someone has to shake him by the lapels. I was always wondering why Nigel Farage was always feuding with him and I wonder if that is the reason….that is, that Boris lacked the guts initially not only to go all in for Brexit, but for not going all out, or as much as could be legitimately expected against Islam or at the least the Islamists.

    Mike from Brooklyn

    P.S. BTW thanks Seneca 3 for the explanation of how the virus works, most interesting.

    P.P.S. What’s a good Matt Braken book to read first. It appears I suddenly have a little
    unexpected time on my hands.

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