Praying Muslims Defy the Coronavirus in Bangladesh

Nothing stops salat (Islamic prayer), not even the ChiCom virus. The following video shows more than 10,000 Muslims at prayer in Bangladesh. They know the coronavirus cannot harm them unless Allah wills it.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Despite the pandemic, more than ten thousand people gathered yesterday
00:04   in Bangladesh for collective prayer.
00:08   This huge gathering, something one would not necessarily like to see
00:11   at the moment, to be honest, as the country announces its first deaths
00:14   caused by the Coronavirus. Officially there are 14 people
00:18   who are infected but the authorities suspect there are more than 40 cases.
00:22   The low number of cases is due to the lack of available tests. Schools and universities are closed.
00:26   Scientists are particularly afraid of the progression
00:29   of the virus in this country of 160 million inhabitants,
00:33   because of millions of nationals regularly travel abroad.

3 thoughts on “Praying Muslims Defy the Coronavirus in Bangladesh

  1. I have no opinion on, nor feelings towards, the way the people of Bangladesh act concerning the coronavirus as long as they are hermetically sealed out of other countries, particularly non-Muslim countries.

    • If it stays epidemic in some places while others are cleaned up, it will become necessary to have “transit points” where people are made to stop for two weeks before continuing on, or order not to spread it.

      It may come to that.

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