5 thoughts on “Pat Condell on the CCP: “They Are Enemies of All Humanity”

  1. After China, Italy (Lomardy region in particular) is the country worst affected/infected by the Wuhan virus. Milan the capital of Lombardy has a very big Chinese community.

  2. I live in portugal, here they have the pcp, portuguese communist party,
    Running same utopian game, preaching same lies as msrx, lennin, trotsky, mao, look at venuzuela? Cuba?

    Communism is same as the Nazis, but much worse,
    like isis should be banned!

    Communism has murdered over 200 million people,
    Islam 300 milliom
    Hitlers Nazis 50 million,

    Watch the film the killing fields, pol pot!

    Watch the film, the matrix,
    Then u will see where communism leads to!!!

    Open free market capitalism, with social safety net support, and health care, for the genuine old, disabled and needy, is the best we got.

    We must now band together, and destroy communistm, islam, and
    Feminists! And dismantle the lgbt xyqz insane madness.
    Best to deport these nutters to syria.
    Islam will take good care of these deviants and freaks!!!

  3. Pat Condell, an atheist, is a gift from God.

    I know that sounds weird, but it’s true.

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