Multicult: Love It Or Leave It

Tunahan Kuzu is a “Dutch” politician and a co-founder of Denk (a Turkish-interests party) in the Netherlands.

The following video of Mr. Kuzu was recorded in 2018, but there’s no indication that his views have changed since then.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   If they don’t like the variegated Netherlands, where different people
00:04   of different backgrounds live with each other in a city like Zandaam,
00:08   in a district like Poelenburg, then they can f**k off.

13 thoughts on “Multicult: Love It Or Leave It

  1. Bravo, SO TOLERANT, but lets be consistent now Mr Tuna-Ham Bozo

    When will Turkey open it’s borders to mass importation of military aged Dutch, German and Austrian males? Let us enrich Turkey with some no-go-zo.. errr “cultural enclaves” where wearing a hijab gets you raped by indoctrinated young male Hitlerjugend…uh I mean “groomed” by troubled “youths”, and swastikas are hanging everywhere, and where society is educated on the dangers of “Christianphobia”. But Turkish flags, eek that’s WAYCIST you neo-Young Turk who wants to exterminate the Armenians and Greeks again! These poor people *pictures of little blond children even though most are square-jawed he-men in their 20s and 30s* need refuge from the totally-not-from-china-virus.

    Turkey’s urban birthrate is declining, so they need young, fertile men from western Europe. Just ignore the native Turks who could fill up that gap from the country side. Turkey must recognize it is a multicultural nation, more than 1/4 of Turkey’s population is non-Turkish (Kurds). Besides, Turkey has always been a nation of immigrants, the bio-Turks came from across the Caspian Sea after all. Turkey even has a tradition of non-Muslim foreigners being tolerated: just look at the 50,000 Bosporus Germans, many of whom have even taken Muslim women as wives and thereby “enriched” Turkey.

    Forget the fact its been nearly 200 years and yet Agust here still identifies as a German who celebrates Christmas, he is enriching Turkish culture this way. The Muslims must learn it isn’t just Europeans who have to share their women with Muslims, soon the Muslims will have to share their Halal virgin women with Kaffir men. The Indonesians already do this in fact, albeit they make Western men pay a dowry for taking their women by the truckload – you can see the appeal; they want submissive women, and stereotypically Asian+Muslim=ultimate doormat wifey. While we are at it, lets ship British men by the truckload to Pakistan, get them welfare dependent and voting for the ruling elite, them put them in close proximity with litte Pakistani school girls, ah the sweet smell of progress. I can’t wait for the diversity Jihad!

    #OpenBordersForTurkey #OpenBordersForPakistan

    • I agree. Turkey is a made up usurper anyway; the whole region used to be the Byzantine Empire. Lets recolonize the region and make Istanbul Constantinople again.

    • You know that Hitler and the swastika are much liked in muslim countries because they hate jews.
      And the Grey Wolves of Turkey are the NPD / Klan of Turkey.

      Yes, I know your comment is satire but I support your demand for unrestricted immigration of christians into muslim countries. And that they have unlimited access to muslim females and in Pakistan they should emulate the muslim behaviour. You know kidnapping young girls of the opposite religion, brainwashing them that they are now of your Religion and then doing a forced marriage.
      (Just writing it makes me feel totally wrong but that is the difference between us and them. A forced marriage and all that it means for the woman is totally against everything decent. But for them it is totally normal. Benes decrees 2020 NOW)

      • Yes, I believe you are right. I don’t think Turks are much bothered by swastikas. After all Turkey (like Iran) never fought Hitler, instead they traded and provided Germany with valuable war materials for the entire duration of the War. I’ve also read that Mein Kampf has been a perennial best-seller in Turkey for many many years.
        Let no one be fooled by Erdogan calling european leaders and Israel “nazis”, it’s all theater and rhetoric on his part.

  2. In other news, the European Commissioner for Home Affairs told Greece that it must allow all migrants from Turkey to apply for asylum.”

    Just 2 hours ago, I read on the news that (the horned Satan=) or EU offered $2000 to any migrant to voluntarily return to the hellhole they came from. It seems this $2000 deal was announced in EU countries just to blind their people, as if they are doing something to stop the invasion. While the real deal is announced on the Greek-Janissay -Turkey border. This one is real. The $2000 deaL is considered real for CNN and its ilk.

    EU is determined to destroy Europe: How can they return any muslims?

    By now we should know what the Satanic EU’s aim is?

    EURABIA, Stupid.

    Does a virus thrive when population explosion as a result of waves and unending waves of invaders bring all types of viruses and skin diseases and TB strain bugs?

    The last 70 years in DarkAgeEurope have been the most abysmally ignorant.

    Muslim can’t believe that Europe is so unlettered and unwitting.

    After living 0ne year in Europe they believe it.

    • “European Commissioner for Home Affairs told Greece that it must allow all migrants from Turkey to apply for asylum.”

      As I wrote there, now is the time for East European countries to leave the EU altogether. The biggest danger has always been a military response from the EU, and the EU is now so disorganized and focused on the Corona panic, that they are unlikely to be able to muster a military response.

      So, the time is now. Seize the moment or remain enslaved. Give up the subsidies from your German masters, and live within your means.

      Ignore the EU diktats and maintain your economic life. Yes, some people will die from the virus. Most won’t. But, the death rate will still be far less than any military action.

      • RonaldB, Ahhh, there it is, see if the western Europeans try to use the Militaries of their countries, it will kick off military coups all over western Europe, for they set themselves up for this very scenario, for their militaries will not invade or attack their neighbors, it is interesting to note that Merkal and Macron think they have their militaries under their control, they don’t. These very same Generals had a conference minus the US when the first surge of 3rd worlders took place and they basically have a mutual non aggression pact with each other and if one needs aid, it will be sent. These leftist traitorous politicians really have no ide of what they are about to unleash upon themselves if/when things go south if they are ordered to attack their eastern neighbors. Oh let us not even start at what Russia will do if that happens.

        • Better to not loose the dogs of war at all. I made this recommendation under the assumption that for a European country or leadership to order a military action, other than literal self-defense, will be to give the lie to the danger of the virus.

          It’s a great time to totally ignore the irrational command of the EU, close their borders completely, and pull out of the EU rules and regulation, including the open border agreement. If I’m correct, there is a window of opportunity when the hands of the EU are tied.

          • The Dogs of War is now inevitable, mass 3rd world invasions of our western nations have Balkanized us to the point of no return with leftist(communist) insanity that all cultures are equal, when it is clear as day they are not and never will be, so conflict is coming, as history has clearly demonstrated time and time again. Even us in the US and Canada will not be immune to this. With the passing of the immigration Act in 1965, it doomed the nation to eventual massive bloodshed just as the leftist in Europe did. For it defies nature that all can live with all races, religions and cultures, they can’t and nature will have it’s way sooner or later.

  3. If they don’t like the variegated Netherlands, where different people
    of different backgrounds live with each other in a city like Zandaam,
    in a district like Poelenburg, then they can f**k off.

    He is right: Europeans are running away from two enemies:

    1. Their own traitors 2. Muslims encouraged by traitors.

  4. That there’s male talk. It’s largely becoming a female and weird world in the west end of Europe now. The UK has Turkish relative incompetent incompetence blowing smoke up the the bums of liberal and lefty superstitious pastors and parents. A pathetic little khan do of a London dope dealer and his co-ideologists [micturating] on anything Christian. A mental disease and viral dance until death do us part. The party is over ladies and losers.

  5. Europe is doomed the US needs to cut it loose, ending the UN and NATO. We should request a refund of our Marshall Plan investment.

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