Love in the Time of Coronavirus

The title of this post has nothing to do with its content; it just seemed an appropriate header in these parlous pandemic times for an off-topic quote.

The text below is an excerpt from Baja Oklahoma by the late Dan Jenkins (who is better known as the author of Semi-Tough). Dymphna and I both loved the book. At some point back in the ’80s she photocopied the page, trimmed it, and posted it on the refrigerator. When we got a new refrigerator in about 1990, the yellowed clippings from the old one went into an envelope marked “FROM THE OLD REFRIGERATOR”. I found that envelope a few months ago when I was going through boxes of stuff, and have restored the excerpt to the refrigerator:

Mankind’s Ten Stages of Drunkenness

In only twelve years of marriage, Bonnie fancifully transformed herself from Rita Hayworth into Joseph Stalin.

Bonnie deserved all the credit for driving Slick to a unique psychological discovery, the unearthing of Mankind’s Ten Stages of Drunkenness, which were:

1.   Witty and Charming.
2.   Rich and Powerful.
3.   Benevolent.
4.   Clairvoyant.
5.   F**k Dinner.
6.   Patriotic.
7.   Crank up the Enola Gay
8.   Witty and Charming, Part II.
9.   Invisible.
10.   Bulletproof.

The last stage was almost certain to end a marriage.

2 thoughts on “Love in the Time of Coronavirus

  1. Because you used a picture of an old Carlsberg label in the post, I felt compelled to clear the name of my birth country’s well-known brewery: In Denmark it is well known – but probably less so outside of Denmark – that up until 1945 Carlsberg (founded in 1847) used the swastika in their trademark. The swastika, although infamously appropriated and used for evil by the Nazis, is of course an ancient hindu symbol of prosperity and good luck. It is strange today to imagine any other meaning attached to the swastika except the Nazi one; nevertheless here it is! I can only imagine the haste with which the Carlsberg management acted to get rid of it after the liberation from German occupation in May 1945 🙂

    • Thank you, Anne-Kit. Yes, I knew all that — I posted the image first about 12 years ago as an answer to Charles Johnson and all his “Nazi” this and “Nazi” that. But I suppose I should have apprised my readers of its background, since most of them weren’t reading here in 2008!

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