Fascists Must Go, But Commies Are OK

The video below features the Finnish politician Ben Zyskowicz. KGS, who translated the clip for subtitling, includes these contextual notes about the video:

Ben Zyskowicz is a long-serving National Coalition politician (Kok) and member of the Finnish parliament. In this video he is addressing a recent situation in which the Finns Party youth wing’s second vice chair, Toni Jalonen, self-identified as a Fascist. The Finns immediately removed him from the party.

The Finnish Left was quick to use Jalonen’s admission to paint the rest of the Finns Party with the wide brush of “Fascists”. Finns party members and their supporters were quick to point out that the Left Alliance, which is currently a member of the newly-formed government, has a member of parliament, Anna Kontula, who has come out as a bonafide Communist.

Serious questions arose as to why she still remains in the Left Alliance, as well as a sitting member of parliament. Why the double standard? Ben Zyskowicz is Finland’s only Jewish lawmaker, and certainly no friend of Fascists or Fascism in general. Here he makes a great many salient points about why Communist and their supporters enjoy a measure of credibility in Finland, as well as why they shouldn’t.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

For more on the sacking of Toni Jalonen, see this English-language article from the Finnish state broadcaster Yle.

Video transcript:

00:27   Hi. The Finns Youth Wing’s second vice chair declared himself to be a Fascist,
00:33   and now he’s resigning from the party.
00:37   That’s good. I don’t want any Fascists in politics,
00:43   nor do I want them in Finland, either.
00:46   Some have asked about this recent interview
00:53   where Anna Kontula announced that she was a Communist.
00:56   Why doesn’t Anna Kontula’s being a Communist
01:00   create the same kind of brouhaha?
01:03   Why isn’t she resigning from anything? And why, for example,
01:07   is the Left Alliance’s party subsidy not under consideration by anyone for being canceled?
01:14   Actually, the facts are these:
01:17   That in comparison to Stalin, Mussolini was an amateur.
01:24   And Mussolini’s stack of bodies is small in comparison to Stalin’s stack of bodies.
01:32   Why, in this day and age in Finland, do we behave so differently
01:35   towards the evils of Fascism and the evils of Communism?
01:38   I’ll try to answer that. Firstly,
01:41   My generation learned in school, in associations,
01:46   on campuses, in the media,
01:49   that Fascism is evil, as it is; but news of the evils of Communism was suppressed.
01:53   On the contrary, the Soviet Union’s system was lauded.
01:57   Secondly: Many representatives from my generation
02:00   are still societal decision makers, university types,
02:05   journalists, let alone artists,
02:08   who are involved in our daily lives,
02:11   and Communists are unable to admit to themselves,
02:16   and to others, just how horrible and bloody was
02:19   the doctrine of the dictatorship that they supported during their youth
02:23   and wanted to implement here in Finland.
02:26   What’s even more difficult for me to explain:
02:29   Why do so many of our younger generation, in the Reds and Greens,
02:33   also reject equating the evils of Fascism with Communism?
02:40   Maybe their families or close relatives include Communists or have sympathies towards them.
02:46   In any case, the former Communists and their offspring
02:50   are on the front line in Finnish social media,
02:54   mocking those who want to equate the evils of Communism
02:58   with those of Fascism.
03:01   This mocking, but what about Communism?
03:05   In my opinion, it’s like
03:08   dancing and rejoicing upon the graves of the millions of victims of the crimes of communism.
03:16   Go to Estonia and ask if Communism a fun thing.
03:20   That’s all. Goodbye.

13 thoughts on “Fascists Must Go, But Commies Are OK

  1. My question would be, what kind of fascism was Toni Jalonen an advocate of?

    We have discussed before, on GoV, how fascism is actually the mutual support of government and large corporations. Large corporations are allowed and encouraged by the government, as long as the corporations support the government and obey the government diktats. In other words, there is no real line between big government and big corporations. Corporations are allowed an independent existence and the corporate owners are allowed to accumulate great wealth. In return, the corporations become a tool of the government.

    Hitler began his political career as a socialist (National Socialist) but when he actually obtained power, he was perfectly satisfied to work with the existing German military aristocracy and industrialists. Was there any air between Krupp Industries and the German war aims? So, Hitler became a fascist, kicking off a rebellion by some of his followers who resented giving up socialism.

    As I write this, the stark parallels pop out in current politics. The traditional Democrats, Pelosi, Biden, Schumer are perfectly satisfied to have a humongous government along with giant mega-corporations that work hand-in-hand with the government bureaucratic rule. The young Democrat progressives such as AOC are upset that the Democrat leadership is giving up on the idea of government seizure and control of all means of production.

    Anyway, back to the past, the Italian fascists under Mussolini were not necessarily antisemitic. The Italians steadfastly protected the Jews and resisted the pressure by the Nazis to persecute Jews; that is, until Mussolini was overthrown by a popular revolt and rescued and propped up by Nazi commandos.

    We talk about the bodies piled up by Mussolini, but what about the bodies piled up by the US adventures in Vietnam and Syria? Even the first Gulf War, generally approved of because Iraq had overrun Kuwait, was instrumental in the killing of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi conscripts.

    I’m not defending fascism. My view is that big government devolves almost inevitably into fascism. As a government accumulates more power and more money, it becomes very difficult for corporations to become large without the active complicity of the government. The anti-federalist opponents of the US Constitution and the Jeffersonians opposed the very concept of a corporation given independent rights and a charter by the government.

    • Sorry to contradict you, but the Italian fascist government introduced antisemitic legislation from 1939. You are correct that Italian Jews were not deported to concentration camps until after the Nazi takeover of the parts of Italy not liberated by the Allies.

      Jewish refugees in Franco’s Spain did remain safe (inasmuch as anyone was).

  2. I lived in finland for 10 years, 1989 – 2000, finland became in the 1990s a basket case of leftist nutters! And homosexual deviants,
    The universitys were full of marxist professors, one eugene holman comes to mind, an american black jew, teaching philosophy at helsinki university,
    A complete marxist, and hypocrite, whike peddaling communism this rsole was running his own book publishing business across the baltic sea in nearby estonia, “pandora publishing”

    These enabelers, were busy inside the gates,,planting slreading the seeds of left wing communism amongst thousands of finnish university youth, who are now plodding the streets of finland, preaching the lies of communism, and corrupting and fooling evermore unsuspecting people to believe in the lies and distortions of marxism.

    Finland today, is a dangerous place, hot on the steps of following sweden in the decontruction of a once great little nationnof peoples, whose elders fiught and died in 2 winter wars against soviet union, and loss of 27% of there land in kareilia, in a peace deal, to appease communist ussr.

    Today, finland is being run by traitors, communist, femiNazis, and their current traitor pm, sanna marin, is even from lgbt same sex family!!!!
    U coukdnt make it up!!!!
    Where are the finnish strongmen??? They been feminized, by pc, and hate phony hate speech laws, the true finns, party like afd are under constant Attack by the leftists, and there misleadingly named antifa, which really (Neo nazi brownshirts) hiding behind a false description.

    Helsinki, since 90s, been destroyed by leftists, and feminists, its sickening!!!!
    Finnish strongmen??? Wake up and save suomi from the communist takeover!!!

    • “Homosexual deviants”? Some people are gay (and a very small number are andogynous- I’m avoiding “trans” because of the horrendous behaviour of some activists); best scientific evidence to date suggests that both are due to too much or too little testosterone in utero, ie it’s not a deliberate choice.

    • Good post. The one comment I have is that your use of “appease” to describe Finland’s loss of territory to the USSR gives the impression that Finland had a choice. They didn’t. Finland had great success in killing Russian soldiers in the early part of the war, largely because the Stalin government was inept and unprepared. But, Communists are good at war if nothing else, and Stalin finally got his war machine working. Finland was being overwhelmed and bombed regularly. Just as in the war against Germany, the Russian army looked at the beginning to be worse than it was.

      Your comments also made me want to observe that centralized, public education is going to attract the Marxists as teachers, professors and administrators. Marxists by definition want power without having to earn it. What better way than to become a seat-warmer parasite on public funding?

      • Something interesting to note, over 5,000 Finnish Americans from MN, WI and MI went to Finland to volunteer against the Russians when Stalin Attacked. If Churchill hadn’t tried to throw the Finns under the bus like he did the Poles the situation might have turned out different, instead, Von Mannerheim turned to the Germans who provided arms and desperately needed aircraft, including the Flak 88 which they used as coastal batteries until the 80,s. Unfortunately for the Finns when they sided with the Germans, they suffered harsh peace terms when the Germans began to lose in 43.

      • Finland did hava choice,
        hand over a huge chunk of nth east karelia for peace, or lose finland proper!
        The russians had already bombed helsinki.

        Marshal Mannerheim, his back was up against wall,
        Finland in ww2, chose initially to be on the side of and ally itsself with germany, finland allowed in large detachments of the germany army and they were stationed in lapland.

        Many finnish soldiers assisted and fought with german army units, in the siege of leningrad,
        Later, finland realised they had chosen to be on the side of the losers, and asked the germans to leave finland, they did, and burnt down half of lapland when they retreated.

        • Another fun piece of trivia for you Morpheus, A entire regiment of Finns who fought the Russians in the SS Wiking Div escaped back to Finland right before the war ended and whose graves, if you have ever visited, are kept neat and proper to this day in Helsinki by Von Mannerheim’s statue. Also quite a few made their way to my neck of the woods after the war.

  3. so can someone tell me where the Germans just being mean by rounding up Jews in Italy or was it for security reason for “Judea declares war on Germany? Most people didn’t know that US gov put pressure on Latin American country’s to turn over Germans living n those country’s what was that about? h by the way my great grandmothers first husband a German was rounded up in during the first world war and was imprisoned and died in a Washington state internment camp.

    • The Germans generally put pressure on allies to imprison and persecute Jews. Morpheus has mentioned that the Finns sided with Germany during World War II. The Finns had Jews in their army. The Germans asked the Finnish command to imprison the Jews, and the Finns told the Germans to stuff it.

      Hungary was a kind of ally to the Germans, and the Germans took over Hungary and rounded up the Jews, who had not been molested before.

      So, the general fact is, the Germans instituted persecution of Jews in countries they conquered, and which had previously been tolerant of Jewish presence. In other words, the Germans persecuted the Jews for no reason except hatred. Some antisemites claim the Jews were taking over the German economy, subverting the society and the like, but that explanation does not hold water. In that case, the Germans wouldn’t care what happened to the Jews in occupied territories or in armies allied with the Germans.

      You can argue over the exact number of Jews killed (6 million, 5 million, 4 million, etc) but you can’t argue that the persecution of Jews by the Germans was anything other than a fanatical drive of destruction.

      I emphasize again I do not wish the German harm; nor do I wish Merkel on them, although she seems to be in power through the electoral choices of Germans themselves. They are taking worse revenge on themselves than I would wish on them.

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