Will U B My Sex Slave?

Every February the religious authorities in Islamic countries warn the faithful not to observe any of the customs of the infidels’ Saint Valentine’s Day (I know the word “Saint” is generally omitted these days, but Dymphna was a stickler for the correct name, and I’m continuing it in her honor). Michael Copeland has composed a little ditty in honor of the occasion:

No Valentine’s Day in Islam

by Michael Copeland

No Valentine’s Day in Islam:
It’s decried as a Western invention.
No loving, no kissing, no charm,
No allowance for choice or intention.

A girl is quite owned by her father,
And has to submit to his vision.
It matters not what she would rather,
She’ll be traded or sold: his decision.

Should she object or refuse,
Then violence will greet her defiance.
The mosque will help force him to choose
What method to use for compliance.

3 thoughts on “Will U B My Sex Slave?

  1. The religion of peace will be ok with the upcoming Pedosexual movement.
    The comrades have let it slip in the hivemind as part of the LGQBT terminal madness.

  2. And the Lord in Heaven who created her,
    sheds a tear over her fate that’s been chosen.
    He sighs over those who would enslave His creation
    with rules that leave choices frozen.

    OK, not as good a job as the last one, but still, they should have a voice. Personally, I am looking forward to the day that the Lord gives them one and I would not want to be in the Iman’s shoes when he stands before the Great White Throne.

  3. I don’t think there is any love in Islam only obedience and submission. They are not love. I haven’t heard any one say they love allah only they praise and obey. I don’t think allah loves his subservient people either. So they have no need for Valentine’s Day

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