Knife Jihad on the Streets of Paris

Here’s a report on a culturally enriched fracas in France. It’s worth noting that the first name of the alleged perpette (Fathia) is Arabic. I could find no non-Muslim instances of it during a quick internet search.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for translating this article from Le Parisien:

Paris: A driver stabs two young girls after an altercation and tries to escape

The events occurred shortly after 3 p.m. Monday, rue du Colisée, in the 8th arrondissement of Paris.

by Benoit Hasse and Tanguy de l’Espinay
December 16, 2019

A raging horn-honk followed by a dangerous manoeuvre to which insults and then blows followed in response… It is probably this sequence of “derisory” incidents that is at the origin of the bloody altercation that took place this Monday afternoon, in front of 10 rue du Colisée (8th arrondissement), a stone’s throw from the Champs-Élysées.

A driver, insulted by two young girls she had just accused of walking on the road, did not hesitate to get out of her vehicle with a knife in her hand… before stabbing the two pedestrians. The scene was played out in a matter of seconds in front of dozens of witnesses who were in the small shopping street.

One of the victims hit in the chest

According to one of them, the driver of the small van, who was accompanied by a passenger (“presumably her daughter”), driving very fast down the narrow one-way street, just missed hitting the two young girls crossing the road. Another witness reported that the pedestrians remained in the middle of the street and even tried to slap the passenger through the open window of the car.

In any case, the tension very quickly increased. The driver quickly exited the car with a knife. “A knife she had hidden in paper,” says a source close to the investigation. She stabbed one of the girls. Her friend, who came to defend her, was also stabbed.

The first was very seriously injured in the upper torso, and was treated at Bichat Hospital with life-threatening injuries. The other, although only slightly injured, was transferred to Lariboisière.

The opium-positive driver

The driver and her passenger (who would in turn leave the vehicle to kick the victims) then got back into the car and tried to escape. The car even accelerated when a worker from a nearby construction site tried to block their path a few metres away.

Finally blocked in traffic by a red light, the driver and her passenger were controlled by the many passers-by at the corner of rue de Ponthieu, just 50 metres from the scene of the altercation. “The car was immediately surrounded by about twenty people. Everyone was screaming,” said street vendors who immediately alerted the emergency services.

When they arrived very quickly on the scene, the police arrested the driver and her passenger, who were both taken, handcuffed, to the police station in the 8th arrondissement where they were held in police custody. According to our information, the car driver with the knife, Fathia R., 41, resides in Plaine Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis), and is “very unfavourably known” to the police services. By initial toxicological screening she tested positive for opium. The Paris Public Prosecutor’s Office has opened an investigation into “attempted murder”.

“Incivilities are becoming more widespread.”

“When I arrived on the scene, I saw a young girl sitting on a stool who had obviously lost a lot of blood,” says Jeanne d’Hauteserre, mayor (LR) of the 8th arrondissement, who had just driven her car into the Rue du Colisée when the altercation occurred. “According to the initial finding, all this started as a stupid disagreement between road users,” she says.

“I don’t know if that’s all there is. But I note that there is a growing climate of violence and tension on the streets of the capital. Between pedestrians, scooters, motorcycles, cyclists and cars… incivilities on the public roads are becoming more widespread,” the elected official concluded.

7 thoughts on “Knife Jihad on the Streets of Paris

  1. Yes, just crowded roads and normal road rage. Islam has nothing to do with it. After all, doesn’t every middle-aged woman carry a knife around with her while driving to stab unruly and uppity pedestrians?

    • Precisely.

      Multicult leads to a low-trust society where suspicion is heightened and tempers are shortened. It follows that incidents of violence become more common.

  2. I imagine once again the Seine will
    see bank to bank logs floating away. Every nation has its guardians.

  3. Yes, I think we have all observed this with the ghettos we have in our own cities. Non integrated migrants gathering together in large numbers and developing a culture of “us and them”. Mass migration and bad policy are two core causes. Governments should not bring in too many from any one country; divide and rule/integrate.
    The tribalism we are seeing in the gangs is because they see themselves as separate and hate the host culture. We are now starting to see retaliatory gangs in Melbourne to counter the African crime gangs (robbing our children everywhere and shops). The ones around Chelsea are called “Ashies” and have their own uniform according to the cook at work and talk back radio callers. For Australian teens to go out they need to be in larger numbers so they are not hunted by the Africans so they dress to identify each other and go as a group. Australian teens are no longer safe to go out unless they do this. This is probably sociology 101. Chelsea beach is where we may see our race riots, if the police don’t control it, between the Africans and maybe the “Ashies”. Watch this space.

  4. Paris, inlived there in 1992/5, 18th arriondisement, north paris metro simplon or clignancourt,
    It wS full back then of arabs, nth africans, it was dangerous there, but not like it is now!.

    France is finnished, same for sweden, uk, belgium, holland, germany, spain, and finland is almost done now with leftwing marxists taking power, and portugal is a communist marxist nut job countrt by default, letting in 1000s of islamic welfare scroungers, they bring them in, in the middle of the night across from spain into portugal on huge busses full of them, the enter portugal via the guadiana river bridge, at ayamonte, no border control!!!! Just open crossing, while the portuguese are sleeping, bus and bus and bus and bus loads of muslims arabs, blCks from third world, bogus refugees are bussed in in accordance the eu kalergi plan!!!

    No one says a word!!!!!

    Ive been at that border at 03.00 am a few times, ive seen the busloads of then being clandestinly secreted into portugal.

    For free welfare, free apts, free health, free clothes, free food, free schools.

    Im a eu citizen, i got skin cancer, if i go to a portuguse health center they insult me, abuse me, and turn me away!!!
    I invested my life savings in portugal, paid taxes, taxes taxes, and if im ill i cannot get any treatment for anything!!!
    In spain the public health system seems functional,
    In portugal, algarve, you will die here.

    Theres no doctors, hospitals are full with cleaners and nurses, not many doctors.

    3 years ago, i fractured my fibia leg bone, i layed in faro hospital for 6 days before a orthopedic doctor showed up.

    I sAw dead people, laying deAd on bed trolleys, parked in the hallways of faro hospital portugal.

    The reception staff, and nurses abuse foreigners freely, yet in uk, there 10 times more portuguese using our uk public health services for free.

    The whole of society now is on the edge,

    This paris stabbing, is impossible to find on google news, it must be being covered up

    I only saw one mention,

    It looks like most violence from muslims is being filtered out crom viewing.

    These are scary times.

    The ussr is back, now its eussr, and usa misledingly named democrats.

    Like antifa, theres nothing democratic about the usa democrAts!!!!

    Were living now in this orwellian on steroids insane inverted reality,
    Being lied to, betrayed by not only goverments, but also by about 50% of tge population, suckers who have been infected with the frankfurt school poison of pc and cultural marxism, homo marriage, we are at truly at war now.

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