Sweden: The New Tribalism

Paulina Neuding is a Swedish journalist, the daughter of Polish refugees who came to Sweden, assimilated, and became Swedes. The following video shows a speech given by Ms. Neuding in July of this year at a conference on National Conservatism in Washington D.C. sponsored by the Edmund Burke Foundation. In her remarks she describes the social and political Götterdämmerung that is currently unfolding in Modern Multicultural Sweden:

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  1. Integrating or at least attempting to ‘integrate’ and ‘Swedify’ them is not acceptable either. Multiculturalism is a crime and its purveyors are also criminals. Sweden has its own culture, bloodkin relations, and race-People. It is unique like every other nation state since the Treaty of Westphalia. Integration is not for bureaucracies to regulate but must be voluntary behind strong borders and security systems that keep out the type of lowlife illiterates that have all but destroyed Sweden and in the process of doing the same to Germany, UK and France et al.

    Many of these nations have internal regional, even county cultures and traditions. The evil criminal ‘elite’ totally ignored the ancient Working Class in UK. They responded by wiping out Labour Communism and the equally Communist Greens and ‘Liberal Democrats’ in the recent Election. Although Boris Johnson is for now at least a breath of fresh air the war is far from over. Indeed we must now double down to ensure he keeps his promises.
    These invaders that have sought western welfare and to import their own ways and primitive beliefs and enforce their writ over all alike in favour of Islam must be ejected. We owe them nothing, Yet they expect and demand everything, our welfare, our countries, our beliefs, our submission, even our habits and beliefs. That is an act of war.

    When did a Jew ever do that? I like my English Jews. I do not want them to leave for Israel to escape from modern persecution by the new invaders. A whole area of London I know well was a wonderful place to visit ad even live in. My Mother was often taken for a Jew because of our family name often borne by Jewish families. It is Prussian actually but my Mother spoke highly of their grace, customer service and just how safe that area of East London was in her day. That is no longer the case due to mass invasion that drove a thriving Jewish community out of existence and it is a sad reflection on the state of the UK.

    Why did this have to happen? Why?

    As an historian and archaeologist I am familiar with what has been lost or threatened by the Multiculturalist madness and criminality and it makes me rage in anger like nothing else. The Political Klass are criminals and must be made to pay for what they have intentionally done. And I will not rest until they do and face a court of Law and penalty through due process, that is far more than they gave Tommy Robinson and even the ELECTED President of United States that are now impeaching him on baseless fabricated ‘charges’. These activities are typical of the Bolshevik ‘Show Trials’ of Third Reich and USSR. Why cannot folk see this for what it is?

    This is the sort of human persecution and destruction carried out in Hitler’s Reich and the old USSR and China- aka ETHNOCIDE.

    WE have an absolute RIGHT to be who and what we are! I am English and Anglo-Saxon. Does the reader comprehend what I am saying?

    People blame the ‘Joos’ but by comparison to what the criminals have imported to replace them and us, the ‘Goy’, there is simply no competition. I like Jews and they are urbane and cultured. They are part of our history and culture- a culture and history dating back 1800 years.

    • You rightly mention the fabricated ‘charges.’ I’ve watched most of the “impeachment” in the House and see a cabal of Jewish congressmen and academics full tilt on pushing every statute they can to breaking point to get rid of Trump and continue the open borders initiative before all of the West wakes up and has a reckoning with what’s happening, so where comes your defense of who you interestingly call the ‘Joos’? Ethnocentrism?

      • Last I checked, Nancy Pelosi wasn’t Jewish. And she played a key role in the impeachment. In the Squad, not one Jew. And they were driving the herd. The Obama administration, including Attorneys General Holder and Lynch supervising FBI Director Comey and CIA director Brennan. All non-Jews and all involved in the never-Trump, impeach Trump tsunami since before Trump was elected.

        I favor free speech and debate for anti-Semites, but they are sooooo boring in their generalities.

        • You’re going to raise that stupid argument with me? Pelosi’s not interested in anyone but herself. The squad’s Muslim (an Abrahamic faith=aniconic, pronatalist, UNASSIMILABLE, and Socialist (AOC). Obama and his admins: Lefties. Bernie, Liz, Beto, etc.: lefties. Soros: Lefty. Hollywood: Lefty, the media: Lefty. Wall St. Lefty. Academia: Lefty.
          Who are you kidding?

      • Paulina Neuding was articulate and perceptive. It is ironic, she says, that Sweden’s universalistic ruling class has managed to revert large parts of Sweden to a tribalism reminiscent of the Viking Age through uncontrolled immigration. Modern Sweden was successful because of its blend of Swedish nationalism and Christian values.

    • The upstart feminist gutless must be smashed along with their inferior arrogant ignorant Muslim inferiors. Turkey will be having a go soon. I imagine.

  2. Mixing mandatory sexual deviance, alcohol, drugs medications, and a welfare state that places the criminal on par with a so called elite. Where the mind eventually becomes so sick and twisted that it can’t figure out who is who in the pathetic unoriginal barbarian zoo. Sweden embraced the Nazis. Millions more casualties this time. If it’s taken in by Sweden then it must be a forewarning the costs for everywhere and everyone else will be extremely high.

    • This is essentially the multicult utopia that the Left, led by Soros and Antifa are promising to deliver.

      In a caliphate, the deviance and substances would simply move behind closed doors.

    • “Sweden embraced the Nazis.”

      Sorry. Can’t let that lie. Sweden stayed neutral during World War II, but provided diplomatic pressures, particularly in the person of Raoul Wallenberg, to save hundreds of thousands, or more, Hungarian Jews. The Norwegians and Danish smuggled their Jews out of the country when invaded by the Nazis. Which country took the Jews in? Sweden.

  3. Mixing mandatory sexual deviance, alcohol, drugs medications, and a welfare state that places the criminal on par with a so called elite. Where the mind eventually becomes so sick and twisted that it can’t figure out who is who in the pathetic unoriginal barbarian zoo. Sweden embraced the Nazis. Millions more casualties this time. If it’s taken in by Sweden then it must be a forewarning the costs for everywhere and everyone else will be extremely high. Is that cross on the Swedish flag become a source of shame?

    • Careful calling Swedes Nazi’s, lest they become something that will make the Nazi’s blush with envy. The Swedes played both sides of the fence during the War to make a buck and did save the Danish and Hungarian Jews by the way.
      I really hate to break this to you, but democracy as we know it is dead, prepare for the Night of the Generals when they take over from these Quislings who wrought this upon us in the first place.

  4. Nice safe read. No emotion. Very Swedish. Heard it all before. Any slave markets planned?

  5. Yeah right, the Swedish left paint her as a spittle-flecked raging Nazi. Listen to her here speaking in her mild and measured and thoughtful tones and make up your own mind.

  6. I don’t want to throw cold water, but Paulina Neuding exhibits many of the same stereotyped patterns of thought that helped create the mess.

    She equates her own background as a refugee of Polish descent to equate herself with the African and Muslim savages now being imported as refugees. She assumes that all peoples have the same potential for assimilation, except that the Swedish government is tolerating the “tribalism” of the newcomers, rather than insisting they adopt Swedish “nationalism”.

    She brags that Sweden had the first feminist government, and complains Sweden has the highest rate of immigrant importation. Is there any relationship between hysterical, neurotic, emotion-based feminism and the impulsive acceptance of weary-looking refugees holding their rent-a-kids in front of them as they appeal for asylum?

    The refugees streaming in have not only a tribal culture, but likely a strong genetic predisposition to traits which will make it impossible to integrate into Sweden: low intelligence, high impulsiveness, weak future orientation, low motivation and a predilection for strong in-group identification. In other words, once the refugees enter, the future script is pretty much set. The actions of the Swedish government is not going to change the way the consequent actions are going to play out.

    I can’t claim to know much about the Swedish system of elections or government, but in the US and UK, with majority elections, a small but cohesive identity group is going to have tremendous political power. So, once you import even a small number of highly-tribal immigrants, you skew your state security apparatus like the police to downplay the actual offenses of the newcomers. The police naturally focus their attentions on the less-dangerous law-abiding native Swedes, which is why a Swedish bureaucrat came up with the cockamamie idea of housing pensioned seniors with immigrant “youngsters”. The seniors are not going to riot in the streets, march with guns, throw rocks, or organize politically. The Swedish welfare state made sure almost no Swede had the discretionary resources to organize a political movement.

    There are a limited number of options, giving the realities of the situation.

    The least disruptive would be to strip all the rights of citizenship, especially voting, from the immigrants. This is somewhat akin to what Israelis do to the Palestinians in the territories (not in Israel itself), allowing Israel to manage the situation with the necessary security measures. Hopefully, this would make security measures such as aggressive policing, reassertion of control over no-go zones, and a complete cessation of immigration, politically possible.

    Truthfully, I’m rather pessimistic about the native Swedish populations “rising up and throwing the invaders out”. If they were capable of doing so, why haven’t they done it?

    • I had the same impressions as I watched her quiver through her timid speech. I wonder how many people are inspired by speakers like Paulina? Virtually none is my guess.

      Sweden, like Germany doesn’t appear to have many men left. Most of their warriors are dead, killed while following morons and maniacs over the last 100 years.

      The Euros appear willing or complacent as they wait to be raped and subjected. It use to bother me, but there’s not much hope for a nation of sheep. And when they’re gone the muslims who live in their houses will turn to the next euro weenie and take repeat the process.

      Here’s the difference between America and euroland. And we have the same muzzie problems. We’ll [decisively act against] the bastards.

      • You should visit the eastern half of Germany, there you will find that those Germans aren’t going to put up with the 3rd world savages, they fight them all the time, burn down their immigrant centers and mix it up with antifa types with regularity.
        Things will no doubt get a lot worse, and when the time comes when everything is out of anyone’s control, the militaries of Europe will take over, take it to the bank. A telling sign in France will be when the Legion is deployed to mainland France under the auspices of an exercise. In Germany it will be under a massive exercises to coincide with the French. As for the Brits, well that will be a crap shoot. Make no doubt, there will be blood and lots of it soon.

        • The big question is, if the militaries take control, what kind of policies will they have? Will they continue the reckless importation of alien peoples and the political pandering to their identity politics?

  7. This lady looks and sounds as the dumb deaf lifeless brainwashed emotionless stereotype of a human
    she might otherwise have been. Discouraging indeed if this gets points.

  8. When you see those dark bearded Swedish and Norwegian jehadis with the mocking sneer and the angry blond Scandinavian female staring in the worlds face with their national Christian flagged jackets. Is Sieg Heil! coming back for a hundred million or so?

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