A Fatal Encounter in Augsburg

Last Friday a fireman was killed by culture-enrichers in the German city of Augsburg. While he was out for the evening with his wife, the fireman became involved in some sort of disagreement with a group of seven “youths”, most of whom had multiple citizenships — Turkish and Lebanese in addition to German. The seven culture-enrichers surrounded the unfortunate fireman, and he was felled by a single blow to the head. He died of his wounds with his wife looking on in horror.

The following videos and text reports give an account of what happened that night in Augsburg. Many thanks to MissPiggy for all the translations (video and text), and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Video #1 — Fireman killed in Augsburg:

Video #2 — Augsburg homicide press conference:

The accompanying notes from the original video:

Germany: Seventh suspect arrested in connection with firefighter’s killing

A seventh suspect has been arrested over the death of a firefighter during an altercation in Augsburg according to police in the southern German city on Monday.

Gerhard Zintl, the leader of the Criminal Police Inspection, described how the police were able to identify the suspects using surveillance footage from the Christmas market, where the attack took place. He described how the man was “suddenly surrounded by these seven young men. Then there was a blow. The man fell to the ground,” before “the group went to the other, second man, who wanted to come to the aid of the first and subsequently fatal victim; and was attacked and also seriously injured on the face.”

The firefighter had been enjoying the evening at the Christmas market with his wife and friends before being attacked by a group of “seven young men.” He was fatally struck on the head before his friend tried to come to his aid and was also seriously injured. Police reportedly attempted to resuscitate the victim at the scene, but he died in the ambulance. The women were unharmed.

Details emerged regarding the suspects’ nationalities, of which six had dual German and Turkish nationality, one of the six had a third nationality (Lebanese) and the seventh had Italian nationality. Two of the suspects are 17 years old, including the main culprit, who was already known by the police for “assault.”

The seventh suspect was apprehended following an investigation and a manhunt. The police are not looking for any further suspects.

Over 100 firefighters paid their condolences at a vigil at the scene of the crime on Sunday.

Video #3 — Petr Bystron of the AfD attacked by Antifa while laying a wreath at the memorial for the fireman:

The accompanying notes from the original video:

Petr Bystron, member of the Bundestag and the Alternative for Germany in the state of Bavaria, visits the memorial for the murdered Fireman in Augsburg (also in Bavaria). He gets attacked by Antifa members physically and verbally. They damage the wreath he brought by ripping off the ribbons. The police treat him like the criminal, tell him to calm down and ask him to show his identification (for wanting to pay his respects).

Video transcript #1:

00:02   The city of Augsburg is in mourning, and 150 firefighters
00:05   gathered to commemorate the death of their comrade.
00:08   Here at King’s Square is where the fireman was killed on Friday
00:12   in the middle of the pre-Christmas period,
00:15   for no apparent reason. There is bewilderment among the citizens of the city as well.
00:21   It makes me sad and angry, a combination of both,
00:25   simply because it was completely senseless what happened.
00:29   It could have been anyone, myself or my friends.
00:32   It could have been someone you know or someone from your family.
00:35   After visiting the Christmas market, the 49-year-old
00:38   was on his way home together with his wife and a couple they befriended.
00:42   That’s when they were involved in a fight with seven young men. At first only a verbal dispute,
00:46   it turned physical when suddenly one of the attackers hit the firefighter
00:50   and he fell to the ground. Before his wife’s eyes,
00:53   he later died from his serious injuries.
00:56   With help of the analysis of recordings from the surveillance cameras,
00:59   the police were able to identify the principal offender and make an arrest.
01:03   The principal offender is a 17-year-old citizen of Augsburg
01:07   who holds several nationalities. He was arrested early this afternoon
01:11   and is currently in police custody. —Another juvenile suspect was arrested as well.
01:15   The fireman’s exact cause of death
01:18   is still unclear. The wife is an important witness to the murder,
01:22   but she has not yet been able to give her eyewitness testimony
01:26   because she is severely traumatised by the event.

Video transcript #2:

00:00   Press Conference — The King’s Square Homicide in Augsburg — December 6, 2019
00:08   As I said, for some reason, the deceased victim had turned around.
00:15   The security video shows the group looking in that direction and making gestures.
00:22   The victim then approached the group and was suddenly surrounded by these seven young men.
00:32   After that the victim received a single blow and fell to the ground.
00:38   The group then moved further to the left, in the field of vision of the camera.
00:46   They approached the second man,
00:50   who wanted to come to the aid of the deceased victim and was attacked.
00:56   His face was seriously injured. The entire course of action only took a few seconds.
01:14   We have five (perpetrators) with German, six with German citizenship
01:18   and one with Italian citizenship.
01:22   Five of the perpetrators also have another nationality,
01:29   namely Turkish nationality, or the parents were Turks or are Turks.
01:38   One of them, as you know, also has Lebanese nationality.
01:50   The main perpetrator is 17 years old and, as you’re aware,
01:55   the minimum age of criminal responsibility is 14,
01:59   and from that point on, as a rule, criminal records
02:02   are held by the police. In his case, in recent years, he has been charged
02:06   with the typical juvenile offences. Among them,
02:09   as I previously mentioned, assault and battery charges are included.

Video transcript #3:

00:00   Don’t push me. Don’t push! No, I’m not coming. I’m going to stay here.
00:05   This place is for the family. Not them.
00:12   Today we brought a wreath to the square in Augsburg to commemorate
00:19   the fireman who was beaten to death here in front of his wife.
00:27   On our way here, we stopped at the Central Train Station in Munich where a police officer
00:35   was attacked this morning, cravenly stabbed with a knife from behind. Such events were unimaginable
00:44   a few years ago. Equally as horrible were the reactions
00:50   of Antifa members as we observed a moment of silence
00:55   in remembrance. They caused a disturbance and damaged the wreath we placed at the memorial.
01:00   It was ripped off. —OK. —They tore off the ribbons and hurled insults.
01:08   Are you a schmuck or what? You’re a real schmuck!
01:14   You’re an a*****e. This place is for the family. Not them.
01:22   Don’t push me. Don’t push! —Leave Mr. Bystrom alone.
01:25   Please give me… I am only asking for my property back,
01:29   that’s all. I’m not doing anything. Why are you approaching me?
01:32   Yes, yes. Cool down, OK? —These men were pushing me around, so why are you talking to me?
01:36   That’s why we’re here now. OK? —OK, good.
01:40   No, I’m not coming. I’m going to stay here. —Do you have identification?
01:45   I need to see your identification.
01:50   Come. Please come with us.
01:54   This is the colorful Germany. This is colorful Augsburg in 2019.

16 thoughts on “A Fatal Encounter in Augsburg

    • Opel, you are right. Actually muslims cannot do much without antifas help and collusion.
      “The women were unharmed. ”

      That’s glass half full. It’s better to focus on what makes Europe happy not on negative things. No worries everything will be alright. What we need is more loose laws to bring more muslims here and more strict human rights to keep them here. Moreover, there are many Germans unkilled by muslims … proof that it is a (religion 😉), political theory designed to colonize, destroy, occupy, master, absorb other countries, their wealth and women.

      Did the killers cry,” Wir schaffen das?”
      We must remember who and when was that phrase acclaimed.

      Did his niece hoist the slogan: They are not dangerous, they are in danger.”

      How a civilized Continent turns so chaotic and uncivilized overnight?

      Where is Toynbee: Life is challenge and response?

      Was killed in front of his wife? Has Merkel been brought to hear the music? Or was she busy signing visas?
      Did anyone tell her that she is responsible?

      But this is democracy . . . you bring here those who elect the liberals? No discipline. Anything goes. The result is corpses.

      Just go to Saudi Ar. or Paki and scratch a muslims or kill an infidel there and see the difference.

      Who lacks advertence, awareness, maturity?

      This is war not criminal acts. wake up. Deny not.

      Are the criminals and their families going to be deported?

      No. Give more visas.

    • tri-collusion : The elites and establishments + muslims + antifa (incl. NGO)

      these all help destroy The West. Why are so many entities self-destructive? Is this Leviticus 26?

  1. Irony on: how can you say ” killed”? The cities official obituary said that ” he died in a tragic event”. Like after malpractice in surgery, a car crash on a snowy road ,or what? It has become newspeak in the german press that people who got killed( in whatever degree of homicide) just died. In two notorious cases they even wrote that the cause of death was their heart stopped to beat! Didn’t we all know? This is the most common event when a person passes away, like grand- dad in his 94 year.

  2. Enrichment is why we can’t have nice things. Everyone will have the precious equality when it is a turd world.
    There will be no escape from the enrichment improvementation but you can always cling to muh democracy or the constatoooshun.

  3. It’s only business as usual. What we’re seeing are the tactics in fighting a war already lost due to a strategy of self-immolation by Merkel and her coterie.

    The original assault was carried out by a gang who obviously did not think of themselves as German and who viewed real Germans as not only an enemy, but as an enemy outside the boundaries of humanity. It’s not like the sharks and the jets of West Side Story where at least they cohabited the same territory and fatal violence like shooting and knifing, although always possible, was viewed as a last resort. With the rootless Muslim “teens” of indeterminate age, who somehow got a German citizenship, fatal violence can be seen as a first resort because they see their opponent as totally outside the bounds of humanity.

    The police, I believe, were not like the British police vis’a’vis Tommy Robinson, with an active mandate to frame him and arrange for his assassination. The German police were simply trying to get through the day, and knew that they would be far less at risk by hassling a law-abiding German citizen, rather than the pampered, indulged thugs of Antifa. The primary objective of the police was to avoid trouble, and the most immediate and least risky path was to back off the German citizen indignant at the murder of their fellow citizen.

    At this point, I’m willing to leave the West European peoples to their fate…with one proviso. Should they rise up and deal a well-deserved punishment to their leaders, I’m afraid the international militaries, such as NATO and quite possibly a nascent European Union force, will come in from outside and ruthlessly crush them.

    I’d say they had a window of about 5 years. Trump would never agree to crush an indigent West European uprising, and Trump is likely to get re-elected. I think for the 2024 elections, the demographics of birthright citizenship will kick in with a vengeance, and the Republicans as an electoral force will be finished.

    • RonaldB. A very interesting assessment my friend, but with one thing wrong with it. The militaries of Europe, they are organizations steeped in centuries of military tradition. NATO and EU army will be a pipe dream as things go Balkans on steroids soon, for the government are completely inept at dealing with a large scale civil unrest and war inside their borders, the military will at some point step in and take over from the inept and treasonous governments, and once martial law is declared, the military will side with their own and start cleaning out the rats nests of 3rd worlders in their midst with no interference from anyone. This very scenario has been planned out over 10 years ago and will happen in the near future. This is why those governments have not funded their own militaries because they fear what is coming. There is no escaping it now.

    • @Ronald B: From the class interest of what the Alt Right here mistakenly calls “Communist Merkel” and those she works for, the war is not lost at all.

      That is because aggregate demand to preserve GDP growth and enhance corporate financial statements (future mortgagees, tenants, auto buyers, diaper buyers, white goods consumer loan debtors) is being imported /flown in daily across various ex-borders.

      By the way, I imagine you mean “indigenous” West European” and not “indigent”; if they were the latter, immivaders would not be clambering those high fences at Ceuta and Mellila to cats themselves into the ample lap of Mutti Merkel.

  4. “… In recent years, [the main suspect] has been charged with the typical juvenile offences. Among them, … assault and battery….”

    Yes, just some more typical, youthful foolishness.

  5. And here is another piece of news from Augsburg

    German pensioner fined for refusing to rent housing to visitors

    The district court of the German city of Augsburg ordered a 81-year-old local resident to pay compensation in the amount of one thousand euros to a migrant from Burkina Faso, to whom a pensioner refused to rent an apartment. It is reported by Deutsche Welle.


    • yes, sadly enough, this elderly gentleman was so unwise as to claim n his add : only Germans apply for the lease.
      A phoncall with: sorry, no more available would do.
      BTW, the plaintiff is a professional troublemaker who skims( or gets supported finding) adds that might contain racial bias.

  6. Beyond insanity, Germany is lost , nothing absolutely nothing can bring this country back on their right track, is just soo sad ..

    • Save, a 1 million man yellow vest march might wake a nation up if done throughout the major cities every week. insanity’s back can be broken but it takes grass-roots people being committed to a cause over in above of the love of peace, normalcy, health and home and family. This is the curse of normalcy and the luxury of our times—hard to give this all up.

  7. What if the sewer rats start their day of spreading dis ease and carrying death threats – find that the entire native population has gone Chinese. That’s just for starters. Merkels inferno. No internet.

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