Violent Cultural Enrichment in the Netherlands

The videos below show two acts of violence by migrants (or their descendants) in the Netherlands. Both include surveillance camera footage released by the police in hopes of tracking down the perpetrators. The first incident is more egregious than the second, but both are wantonly violent.

Many thanks to C for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Video #1: A female train conductor is attacked without warning from behind and knocked unconscious. The earlier part of this video, which depicts events on the train that preceded the attack, is an obvious re-enactment by actors:

Video #2: Violent robbery in the lobby of an apartment building in Arnhem.

Video transcript #1:

00:00   Our first case is one that makes your blood boil.
00:03   A passenger was caught riding without a ticket
00:06   and punched a 63-year-old conductor, knocked her out.
00:09   And that happened here at the station in Breda.
00:12   And there are lots of cameras around, so we have good footage.
00:24   A 63-year-old conductor was working on Saturday Sept 28
00:28   on the international train from Brussels to Amsterdam.
00:32   This conductor is a happy professional. She’s been working
00:35   for sixteen and a half years, she’s been working as a train manager,
00:38   which she greatly enjoys. She likes helping people,
00:42   answering questions, and working in and around the train.
00:46   Around 6pm that Saturday, the woman checks a young man.
00:51   Can I see your ticket? —This is my ticket.
00:54   I can’t see it from here, may I have your ticket? —I’ve shown it.
00:57   I see that it’s not valid. —She finds a passenger with a ticket, but it wasn’t valid
01:03   for the train he was riding in. She tried to have a conversation with this man,
01:07   and to point this out and tell him what the procedure was, but to no avail.
01:14   This is valid to Roosendaal. —What do you want, do you have a problem or something?
01:17   I don’t have a problem; I’d like to see your ticket. The man becomes
01:21   verbally aggressive, and the colleague makes the call, decides that it’s no use,
01:25   so she commandeers the ticket, tells the man to report in at Breda [station] to deal with it there.
01:30   You can buy another ticket in Breda.
01:34   So she decided to stop, to de-escalate that way and not let things get out of hand.
01:42   At exactly 6:19pm the train enters the station at Breda.
01:47   and the conductor has almost forgotten about the incident with the non-paying passenger.
01:52   She leaves the train for a short break. What happens next is on camera.
01:57   And we warn you, these are rather shocking.
02:00   The conductor gets out. The man follows right behind.
02:04   And then it happens. He knocks her down from behind.
02:08   A bystander tries to tackle him, but the suspect runs down the escalator.
02:13   Attacking somebody from behind is low and cowardly.
02:16   Knocking out a 63-year-old conductor is unacceptable. This is why we ask you to join us,
02:23   and help us find the perpetrator of this violence.
02:27   He is a lightly colored man, who has a noticeable Flemish accent.
02:31   He’s rather short, around 1.65m (5’5″), medium build, and he has short, dark hair,
02:36   with shaved sides and back. He wore a white sports jacket and black pants.
02:43   On Saturday Sept 28 he was riding the international train from Brussels to Amsterdam,
02:49   which stops at Breda. Every scrap of information helps.
02:54   So if you saw where he caught the train that Saturday evening,
02:57   if you were walking there and saw something, but haven’t talked to us yet, please do so.

Video transcript #2:

00:02   On Sunday September 15, the victim walks to the elevator
00:05   of a flat on the Brandenburg square in Arnhem.
00:08   While he’s standing near the elevator, two men walk up and talk to the victim.
00:13   During the conversation, one of the men strikes a serious blow.
00:18   The victim falls to the ground. The men yell something at each other and steal the victim’s wallet.
00:24   When they attempt to flee outside, the door won’t open, so they exit through the other side.
00:34   Yes, Anne, an unbelievably cowardly act. How is the victim doing now?
00:38   Yes, this is really not done. The victim received rather hard blows,
00:42   and was inconvenienced for a rather long time…
00:45   He had a little cut on his ear, and his face hurt quite a lot.
00:49   And what did the men take, exactly?
00:52   Well, when the victim was able to stand up, he noticed right away his wallet was gone.
00:56   containing multiple credit cards, his debit card and his driver’s license.
01:00   Fortunately, he blocked the credit cards right away, so the robbers couldn’t use them.
01:06   Fortunately, we have clear footage of the men, so we have an accurate description.
01:11   Yes. Suspect #1 is a lightly colored man with short, curly afro-hair.
01:15   He is thin and wore a gray sports jacket that day.
01:19   with a broad black stripe on shoulders and arms.
01:22   Below that he wore gray jeans and black shoes.
01:25   Suspect #2 is a man with short dark hair and a full beard.
01:29   He has a stockier build, and that day wore a dark shirt,
01:32   blue jeans with holes, and black sneakers with white soles.
01:36   If you recognize these suspects, or know more about this case.
01:39   contact the police as soon as possible, because your tip can make the difference.

9 thoughts on “Violent Cultural Enrichment in the Netherlands

    • At least go out like men. It’s millions of them or millions of us. The Chinese have got it exactly right. And they are just beginning. With islam and its migrants we have no future. Why are we so queer? Our countries and children are being eaten away by preying Muslims.

  1. Seen this on London rail for years. I actually intervened when one started abusing a ticket inspector at the gate. The stupid inspector demanded to know why I had interceded. The black fellow also tried to intimidate me. It failed but that was the last time I intervened, “Stupid is as stupid does”. That was back in 1982, I also intervened when a couple of “SJWs” insulted and harassed a woman wearing furs. Now look at the situation. Nobody cares anymore and put their heads down. My nature simply will not allow me to ignore such behaviour. But then I’m old school.

    The situation in London is now so bad that I hate going there. I could not hold my temper in check if I got hold of one of these miscreants-many of them incomers, The arrogance is off the scale.

    • There is hope. About a month ago commuters have dragged climate change protesters from the roof of a London Underground train.

  2. Seen this in London for years. I tried to intercede where I could and probably still would. Many of these acts are by incomers and their sense of entitlement is “off the wall”. I intervened in two incidents in 1982. One was a black teenager trying to threaten his way though a ticket inspector. Both then turned on me. Then an “SJW” from the time abused a woman wearing real furs. These events and their perpetrators make my blood boil. If I even caught one my righteous indignation might result in injury of the aggressor- I am that angry so I try to keep my temper in check…. these days.

    These miscreants have a sense of self entitlement that is off the scale. The situation today is far worse to the point I am nervous of going into London, in which wherever one goes there is an air of brooding menace, if one is white.

  3. Why bother to public asking for assistance to identify the man? He will get no sentence or perhaps at most, a slap on the wrist. Part of the demoralization campaign – the law does not apply to “visitors” or their descendants.

  4. The real culprits are the left-winged so-called “intellectuals” from the Frankfurter Schule, who infiltrated our institutions since the 1960’s, and now dictate education (at all levels), media, politics, and even churches, the police and the military. These evil academics have brainwashed us into believing that “we” (members of the white race, Christians and Jews) are guilty of everything bad that has happened in history. It put a taboo on discussing the much worse evil that originated everywhere else, and even distorts education of history and socials studies in schools.
    This way, we have become morally defenseless against the evil that now comes our way in large numbers from the backward deserts and jungles across the Mediterranean. A return to our Judeo-Christian-Humanistic roots is paramount now, in order to achieve the spiritual and moral rearmament which is the pre-condition to take back what’s legitimately ours, our countries, cities, neighbourhoods, streets, safety, schools, media, public space, public debates, freedom, tolerance, and the future of our children and our grand-children.
    But this spiritual and moral rearmament is only the beginning. After that, the demographic, cultural, economic and even military conflicts will follow. I feel sad that it has gone so far, that there is no peaceful way anymore to turn back the evil before it becomes dominant. In the 1970’s or 1980’s, even the 1990’s it would still have been possible to solve it peacefully, by making clear statements about our cultural values, and send those who do not want to integrate back to their desert, where they supposedly would be happier.

    • You are exactly correct. I am an American whose grandparents emigrated from Poland and what is now the Czech Republic, and I feel proud that the Eastern Europeans, at least, have asserted their pride in their heritage. They emerged from under the Communist boot not long ago and are not eager to be enslaved again. But how can the small Eastern countries hold out once Western Europe is submerged by this flood?

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