Culture-Enriching Robberies at the Railway Station in Rome

A few days ago a gang of Algerian thieves robbed two people at the Termini railway station in Rome. One of the victims was a magistrate (political affiliation not specified), and the other was a senator for the 5-Star Movement. The latter party has just formed a national government in coalition with the Partito Democratico, which has reversed the anti-migrant policies put in place by former Interior Minister Matteo Salvini.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Il Giornale:

Railway station: Band of Algerians rob senator for M5S and judge

The thieves struck twice within a short period. The police succeeded in finding the stolen objects in a bed and breakfast near the station.

by Andrea Pegoraro
September 25, 2019

They were robbed in the course of a short time by the same thieves, a band of young North Africans who struck in the area of the Termini station.

The victims of this ugly experience were Gabriele Lanzi, a senator for the 5-Star Movement and an appeals court judge. As reported by Metro News, two members of the gang have been captured and arrested, accused of aggravated theft. They are an Algerian of 20 years of age and another of the same nationality, age 27. The third is still being sought.

The thieves first struck the magistrate who was having lunch in a restaurant near the station. When the moment came to pay, the appeals court judge realized that his travel bag had disappeared. Inside were private documents and files of the proceedings for a conference in which he was supposed to participate. Shortly, thereafter it was the turn of the Honorable Lanzi. The (5-Star) senator was looking for a taxi in Via Amendola, and at that moment, a young man approached him asking him for an address while another young man kept a lookout. But it was an excuse. The moment of distraction was costly for Lanzi, because another member of the gang arrived, and carried away the bags that the politician had with him. Inside were a PC, an iPad and some documents. The gang then got away.

After the theft, the senator went to the police. The officers searched the streets near the station, after recognizing the perpetrators of the theft. They identified an Algerian and noticed that he had with him the keys with the logo of a bed and breakfast. Once inside the hotel room, they found the objects stolen from Lanzi and some of the magistrate’s documents.

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  1. A hint of “Schadenfreude” doesn’t seem entirely out of place here. Kudos to the italian police for acting so swiftly and efficiently, an example that is nothing short of inspiring…

  2. I doubt the Police would have acted so quickly had it been an ordrinary member of the Joe public!! The elite and upper echelon of society get a taste of cultral enrichment! Karma?

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