The Left and the Greens Love Antifa

In the following video, members of the German Bundestag for the Left (Die Linke) and the Greens (Die Grünen) display their esteem for Antifa while speaking on the floor of the Bundestag. The woman seen at the beginning of the clip is wearing an Antifa button at the podium.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   And say thank you Antifa! —Ms. Colleague, Ms. Colleague Renner!
00:08   We find ourselves in a situation —Excuse me? —I see you have an Antifa button on.
00:12   So? —Do you realise what you have done? —It’s a button.
00:20   My dear colleagues, Colleague Renner is wearing an Antifa button on her clothing.
00:24   I will impose on her a call to order.
00:30   I reserve the right to, I reserve the right to, I have imposed the call of order on you, and
00:34   I reserve the right to, in accordance with the Rules of Procedure of the German Bundestag
00:38   to charge you with further disciplinary measures. Ms. Colleague Kipling, I will impose on you
00:42   a call to order as well for your heckling.
00:47   The next speaker is Canan Bayram for the Alliance 90, the Green party.
00:57   Just a moment Ms. Bayram. If you want to have any further calls for order please let me know.
01:00   Measures have been taken by the chair to ensure order, and it is strictly permissible.
01:04   Once again. I consider it inappropriate to wear an Antifa button in the German parliament.
01:09   In their proposal [AfD], it states that delegates
01:13   to the German parliament should distance themselves
01:16   from movements like the Antifa and their symbols.
01:20   So I went looking on the internet to find what kind of
01:24   symbols represent Antifa. I asked myself, is this a symbol of the Antifa?
01:32   Does it fall in the category of symbols that you don’t want?
01:36   Is this a symbol of the Antifa that you don’t want?
01:40   Ms. Colleague, Ms. Colleague, please.
01:43   Is this the Antifa symbol you don’t want? I don’t know;
01:47   there’s no specification. It is not clearly stated
01:50   in your proposal, and since you are so bothered by it,
01:54   it appears that the Antifa is having an impact.
01:59   Ms. Colleague Bayram, I don’t believe the effectiveness of your speech is enhanced when you violate
02:05   the rules of the German Parliament. First of all, holding up emblems is not common practice.
02:10   It is currently not common practice. Please let me speak.
02:14   Secondly, I will assume that the term “old white man” was not meant as age-related discrimination.

3 thoughts on “The Left and the Greens Love Antifa

  1. I lived in Germany in the 1960’s and visited there in the Summers up until 1980. In my discussions with young people there I can tell you that many of them were “woke” and that was 40 years ago.

  2. This is more evidence, to my mind, of the pernicious spread of the matriarchy throughout Western countries.

    I believe this is marxist/communist in nature. And marxism/socialism/communism is satanic in origin. These antifa lovers also probably think the UN is a force for good.

  3. It’s completely bizarre. I can’t recognize Germany any longer. I mean, people have actually voted for, well, for all that. Why, I wonder?

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