The People-Smugglers’ Hotline

The following video from Italy makes it clear that the human traffickers are coordinating with NGO migrant ferries when they transport people to a rendezvous just off the coast of Libya.

An investigative journalist posed as a Tunisian and called the smugglers, using information gleaned from Facebook (yes, the traffickers have a Facebook page). The groups that advertise on social media are competing with one another for trade, so their productions are engineered to be as slick and appealing as possible to attract the potential customers.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   We are in Tunisia. Can you come get us? —Yes, for, Italy €2500
00:03   We are in Tunisia. Can you come get us?
00:07   Yes, per person, from Tunisia to Libya and then Italy, it’s €2500 per person.
00:16   But we have to be sure that we will arrive in Italy.
00:20   I am trustworthy.
00:24   The people heard in the audio are like other traffickers
00:28   who claim to be in contact with people on board the NGO ships.
00:33   I’ll set it up with them and come get you.
00:45   This video was published on September 12 on the Facebook page
00:49   of a human trafficker in Zuwara, Libya.
00:53   Here in his presentation he writes: “Trips from Libya to Italy”.
00:57   He is called “Phares”. On his profile is published “Trips to Italy”.
01:01   We contacted him through an accomplice who pretended to be a migrant ready to leave.
01:05   But the telephone number of the NGO? Or I send them a message.
01:09   They have a Facebook page where they post their updates. I’ll send them a message
01:13   and tell you when a ship is embarking. —The traffickers claim to be in contact with
01:17   NGO ships, but is it true or just a strategy to convince
01:21   the immigrants to leave with him?
01:29   For certain, these immigrants, among whom are women and children, have given him their trust,
01:32   and after they throw their ID cards into the sea
01:36   comes the moment when a ship, impossible to tell what kind it is from the images,
01:40   approaches to render aid to them.
01:45   With a profile step on Facebook, we succeed in entering the organized groups
01:49   who arrange trips to Italy. In Zuwara alone we find dozens of them,
01:52   a competition that pushes traffickers to continually publicize photos and videos
01:56   of their trips, as well as updates on the presence of NGO ships in the Mediterranean.
02:00   And this is a photo where you also see the logo of Sea Eye. It was taken on board
02:04   one of the NGO rescue boats,
02:08   and the traffickers utilize this photo to demonstrate that their trips are safe.
02:12   And look, the traffickers post, “Free, liberate Carola Rackete”.
02:18   In order to insure that their trips depart in secrecy, one of the strategies
02:21   is to share the positions of the rescue ships in the Mediterranean.
02:25   In the case of Open Arms, the trafficker reports,
02:30   “Good news. The rescue ships have arrived off of the coast of Zuwara.”
02:35   In this case, on the other hand, the position of [unintelligible], and the traffickers,
02:39   also in this case, write: “NGO ship is 30 km
02:43   from Zuwara. Tomorrow a departure for 30 persons.”
02:46   Very often, however, the photos don’t show a date. In fact,
02:50   in the documents, someone has noted that at that moment, no ship appeared.
02:54   but the embarkation would occur all the same. Not all, in fact, have instruments
02:58   to verify the position of the ships. They trust the traffickers.
03:04   You said €1,000 from Zuwara? —Yes.
03:09   Is the Sea Watch there or not?
03:12   Even if the Sea Watch isn’t there, we’ll do everything and we’ll see who is there.
03:18   This trafficker is called Isham. He doesn’t waste time. He understood that we wanted to be assured
03:22   of the presence of the NGO ships, and look what he sends us: A presumed exchange
03:27   between the man and what seems to be the Facebook page of Sea Watch.
03:32   Can you tell me the exact position of your ship in respect to Zuwara?
03:36   We are in the Mediterranean Sea exactly 60 nautical miles from Zuwara.
03:40   Therefore, there is a boat arriving next week. Are you going to be there?
03:44   We’ll remain in the sea for five days, and we are always here to save people’s lives.
03:48   Good. Continue your good work.
03:51   One detail however, gets our attention — in respect to the official page,
03:55   in the message, the word “watch” is written in small case letters. We then analyze the chronology
03:59   of the modifications of the page, and we discover that up until October 23 2015, the name
04:03   had been written in small case, just as in the message. The conversation,
04:07   if true, would be incidental, but in that period, the image used in the profile,
04:12   as Sea Watch presents itself, interpreted by the [unintelligible] of the Republic, was different.
04:15   IT consultants who analyzed the photo inform us that while not being able to confirm
04:19   100% that it is false, but it is probable that it is,
04:23   an evidently high level of sophistication reached by the traffickers
04:27   to convince immigrants to depart.

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  1. This is all scum , scum, scum , close the borders for God sake , !!, how this Europeans allow to happen is a mystery..

    • No mystery at all, my friend. TPTB in Italy and most other EU countries WANT this to happen. They are international Communists, aka Globalists. They want the native European breeding stock replaced with brown and black third-world teeming masses who are racially and culturally much more receptive to Communist authoritarian government. You are witnessing the current phase of the Koudenhove-Kalergi plan taking place in real time.

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