Border Guards From Génération Identitaire Get Six Months in Jail

Last year, to prove a point, a group of people from the French nationalist organization Génération Identitaire set up a cordon on the border between France and Italy, in the Maritime Alps where “refugees” were wont to enter France illegally. Now three leaders of the Identitaires have been sentenced to six months in jail for the action.

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Here’s a report from Voice of Europe (hat tip Reader from Chicago) about the sentencing of the Identitaires:

French Identitarians Slapped With Six Months in Jail for Alpine Expedition

A court in southeastern France handed three leading figures of Generation Identity (GI), a right-wing youth organization, to six months in jail for engaging in a peaceful expedition in the Alps designed to bring attention to the migrant crisis.

The three right-wing activists were charged with “exercising activities in conditions that could create confusion with a public function” — a charge that surely does not warrant six months in jail.

Although prosecutors allege that the group’s stunt could have been misjudged as a police maneuver, it’s quite clear that charges are entirely politically motivated, and are meant only to inflict damage upon the growing movement.

Video transcript:

00:00   An anti-migrant action which will cost them dearly.
00:04   Three leaders of Génération Identitaire were sentenced this Thursday [August 29th]
00:08   to prison without suspension and a substantial fine for a commando mission
00:12   that they undertook in the spring of 2018 on the Echelle Pass in the High Alps.
00:16   Three leaders of the xenophobic and racist Génération Identitaire
00:20   have accordingly been rebuked with six months of prison time without suspension, and
00:24   a fine of €75,000 for erecting a sort of a symbolic border
00:28   at this passage point well known to migrants arriving in France.
00:33   Two helicopters and about one hundred people
00:37   were mobilized in order to send a violent and heinous message to
00:41   the refugees crossing the Alps from Italy.

9 thoughts on “Border Guards From Génération Identitaire Get Six Months in Jail

  1. Are europeans truly so stupid that they do not see this as politically motivated?

    Anyone with critical thinking abilities might ask just why “refugees” would choose to cross from one safe european country into another at such a remote and hazardous location. And just why is Generation Identitaire considered so racist and xenophobic? Because the media said so? What exactly was criminal about their actions in the first place? That they happened to humiliate Macron’s government and make him appear to all of europe as the prize boob that he is?

    • It really comes to a question of heresy. Generation Identitaire talks about European (white) nationalism. It is heresy to talk about white identity or religious identity, especially if the religion is associated with any kind of white constituency. I don’t just mean that the ideas are considered wrong. They are considered heretical and so malevolent that their mere presence is dangerous and as infectious as the ebola virus. Arguing about the truth or falsity of racial identity as as forbidden as arguing about the virtue of Satan.

      This is why you see such horrific penalties for crimes committed by white nationalists. They are not simpler prosecuted for the crime itself; they are being tried for heresy.

      This is why the history of the march at Charlottesville has developed into a myth accepted by nearly everyone; that the marchers were white supremacist, anti-Semitic who randomly murdered counter-protesters. Certain elements of the march actually fed into that trope, probably on purpose. The day before the march, a march was held by real neo-Nazis with banners and swastikas. Most accounts of the events conflate the two marches. The point I’m making is that there is no dialog or even monologue. There is simply a triggering of an emotional response.

  2. Is there another court they can appeal to? They could at least try the European Court. Public opinion has turned against the migrants, and the European Court may not want the negative publicity that upholding the conviction could create.

    • Generally, french justice is a farcical system : the judges make their decisions according to their political opinions and not according to the existing laws !
      If these men had been judged by a rightist judge, they would probably have had no penalty at all.
      What is good for them is the fact that french prisons are overcrowded at a point that almost never a penalty under one year jail is actually executed. Generally, in this case, they are told to wait for a jail cell to be empty, which can take years. And after years, they have a job, children, and generally the judge says, ok, no prison after all that time.
      But, probably, the french government has chosen the “good” judge ( i.e. the leftist judge in a leftist court… ) or have made pressure over the judge to make a decision according to the government desires ( independance of justice is a fairy tale in France ).
      These people can make an appeal, using the “appeal court”, which will probably give them a much lower penalty or no penalty at all ( judges in the appeal court are generally more serious than judges of correctional courts ) and then they can go in “cour de cassation” ( a kind of french equivalent of american supreme court ), and then, they can appeal to the european court of justice, but this last court has a lot of leftists judges, which will judge also according to their political agendas !…
      ( sorry that my english is very limited )

      • “judged by a rightist judge”
        There are no such things in the French system. All judges are properly trained in their Marxists doctrine.

  3. The state fails to uphold the law.
    The voice-over speaks of a “violent ..message”: it is not clear if this is a quote from the court. How can a message be violent? The message expressed certainly contained no threat of violence.
    What was illegal about that action?

  4. Macron is a fascist leading a thuggish regime. There was no point in liberating France from the Nazis.

  5. Sending out more examples to us all, I see. Funny what Frenchies see as problems. (or too bad) Anyone can read that sign language.

  6. What has happened to the rule of law in Europe? Six months imprisonment and a 25 thousand Euro fine each for “exercising activities in conditions that could create confusion with a public function”. It is naked political persecution with obscenely harsh punishments to deter anybody else from committing a similar non-violent, nobody-had-anything-stolen-from-them act. As somebody wrote in this thread, it was a heresy trial pure and simple. As 25 thousand Euros is a great deal of money, I infer from the size of the fine it was intended to make funding an appeal from the six month sentence financially difficult.

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