Amsterdam: It’s a Gas, Gas, Gas!

The videos below are not Counterjihad-related; however, they do concern cultural enrichment in a broader sense. They feature a Turkish-Dutch “entrepreneur” who exploits a loophole in the peculiar Dutch laws about the distribution of drugs in order to peddle laughing gas (nitrous oxide, N2O) on the streets of Amsterdam.

He’s an obvious rogue, this gas-dealer, but an engaging one. I can’t help but enjoy his repartee, despite his sordid trade and the decadent environment in which he works.

The Netherlands is well-known for its tolerant attitude towards vice, whether it involves substance abuse, sexual license, or other deviant behaviors. It seems strange that the Dutch Powers That Be should be fastidious about nitrous oxide. Yes, it’s toxic, especially in the quantities you see this dealer inhaling, but hardly more toxic than some of the other recreational highs enjoyed on the streets of Amsterdam.

I’m an old prude, so the unabashed hedonism (on the part of both native Dutch and culture-enrichers) on display in these videos seems creepy to me.

The translator includes these notes about the protagonist in the videos:

Deniz Üresin is a Turkish-Dutch rapper turned “entrepreneur”. A hustler playing the system to deal drugs (laughing gas) on the streets of Amsterdam without legal repercussions. He gets high on his own supply, walks around in camouflage, with a “security” patch on his arm, says he maintains law and order on the street.

Halfway through the first video he says he should be King of the Netherlands. Watch the little speech at the end, where he says he’s the future mayor.

Many thanks to C for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Video 1 (Deniz on the street with his “business):

Video 2 (Deniz appears on a TV talk show):

Video 3 (Deniz in conflict with the city council):

Video 4 (Deniz in a one-man demo; note that he apparently has had a mild stroke, possibly neural damage he sustained from his own supply):

Video transcript #1:

00:06   I’d advise to use it sitting down. Don’t stand, because you may fall.
00:12   and if you fall, you’ll end up in the ER, and nowhere else,
00:18   and you’ll fall over, left, or right.
00:27   What you see here is a whole fleet, man.
00:30   We are the legit laughing gas delivery service you want at your home, on the square, at your place.
00:36   You know why? We’re laid back, fun. The fun Moroccans, the fun Turks.
00:41   And everybody loves us. Gays too, straights too. Everybody, they love us.
00:47   Sander [shout-outs?] everybody. Gangway!
00:52   Look. We have bought professional cleaning equipment.
00:56   On our own initiative, with our own f***ing money.
00:59   No grim atmosphere. Fun, party atmosphere.
01:03   And, we enforce the law, keep order, keep the peace.
01:10   This is our, let’s call it our little stash. —And where does everyone go?
01:16   To their stations. Leidseplein, Rembrandtplein, RLD, Regulier dwarsstraat.
01:21   Koningsplein, sometimes Central Station area. Spread out over the whole city.
01:26   So, I estimate tonight there’ll be 40, 50 people working. —All from Amsterdam?
01:31   Amsterdam south, west, east, north, every corner, man. —And you’re in charge?
01:36   With my partner, 13 together.
01:41   As-Sunnah [shout-out?] Apollo. —You know it.
01:51   No, he’s only filming the departure of the thing, bike.
01:54   I was clear about this during the meeting, right?
01:57   If you don’t want to be filmed, doesn’t want to see this. Just take a few days off, right, brother?
02:03   Why would these guys object to being on camera?
02:06   Some just don’t want it. Their parents may have a different attitude towards laughing gas.
02:10   One is OK with it, the other isn’t.
02:18   Go to the Leidse [square] area, over. —Order received.
02:30   High visibility shirt? Hey! Put the shirt on. Launch.
02:38   You work for Deniz too? —No doubt, I work for Deniz.
02:41   What’s it like? —What’s it like? Just like work, regular work.
02:45   You do your job. That’s what you can call it. —How is the pay?
02:49   Of course. I make a decent living. That’s what we do it for. Money, right? Or we wouldn’t be here.
02:56   Otherwise I’d rather sleep, right?
02:59   Of course there are a few balloons lying around sometimes. but we clean it up.
03:05   Give us a little time to clean it up and we’ll clean it up.
03:08   If you don’t deal with the illegal sellers, it’ll be a mess!
03:12   How are you a legal seller, what makes you legal?
03:22   Delivery. —Delivery? You’re not delivering now, right?
03:28   Yes I am; people order it, right? You can order through,
03:32   SMS, Instagram, Snapchat, everything.
03:35   Right, let’s go. To the next cart.
03:40   Whether you order laughing gas from halfway across town, or from one meter away,
03:44   in the eyes of the law both are delivery.
03:48   How many do you have around here? —We deployed around three bike carts here.
03:54   Direct sale is not allowed, but police say it’s very hard
03:58   to determine whether an order was made or not.
04:01   Can you demonstrate how the ordering system works? —[laughs]
04:08   So the viewers can understand how this is possible.
04:11   Look, the only thing viewers need to understand is, that, how we’re doing this legally, yeah?
04:19   How we take care not to sell to children, take care of whatever it may be.
04:24   that we keep the streets clean, don’t cause a nuisance for business owners and neighbors.
04:30   That we respect each other always, and send grim people away from the city.
04:34   So you do something that makes it legal. can you tell us what that is?
04:39   No, because if I reveal that, I paid a lawyer a lot of money for nothing.
04:44   If you really want to know, hire a lawyer, pay him €400, before tax, per hour.
04:50   and he’ll explain whatever you. want to hear. That’s what I did too.
04:56   Marco, send somebody with extra balloons to McDonalds Leidsestraat, over.
05:03   [?] I’m on the way. Where are you from? —Pakistan.
05:07   Pakistan. How do you feel now?
05:15   Only when there is a disturbance or littering will police seize the laughing gas.
05:20   It will be returned to the owner later. Laughing gas does not
05:23   have high priority, according to a police spokesperson.
05:26   You’ve got it together so that you can do this within view of a police
05:29   camera, and they have nothing on you.
05:32   They’re powerless. —Bro, I keep the peace together with police, and Amsterdam city guards.
05:39   We keep the streets safe together. We’ve had all these problems in the city for years.
05:45   They say the streets cause problems. No, the streets don’t cause problems, the streets solves them.
05:51   The fun-loving street boys are here, every day, and we solve your problems.
05:58   This is Mikey, he’s my best friend. This is my best friend, from the street.
06:03   In Amsterdam we take care of each other. Mikey, take your balloon.
06:25   He also did Deliveroo for a while, Uber, changed ads on bikes.
06:30   So many things, I can’t keep track. He really has a lot of… jobs for people.
06:35   He’s, how do you say, a leader. He looks out for people.
06:40   He sees… everybody wants to work, everybody wants to make money.
06:43   And he likes to see that everybody does that, I think, in a honest way.
06:49   How many did you take? —Yeah, I try not to go over 30. I just count.
06:55   I’ve been here for five minutes and you did ten already. —That’s very possible.
06:59   This evening I do it for him, so everybody can see
07:02   that you can stay clear-headed, that I don’t fall over, that I don’t end up in ER.
07:06   and that my brains are still here. Scientists of the RIVM advise:
07:10   no more than once a month, no more than ten balloons per session.
07:14   Yeah. we may float up into the air! [laughs]
07:22   Appoint me King of the Netherlands, and I’ll make your life wealthy. Period!
07:27   Deniz, how many balloons you reckon you did?
07:30   Today, really a lot! Especially for you.
07:34   I’m completely wasted, all for you. —Normally you don’t do that? —No.
07:38   No way. Not even one balloon. —Really?
07:42   Just… one balloon. One balloon, yeah.
07:56   This is why we always say: use it while seated.
08:01   To prevent situations like this. You see what I’m doing?
08:12   The evening here is almost over. —Yes, that’s right.
08:16   The mayor has said she’d like to see it banned, laughing gas.
08:21   She wants to find ways to get a grip on this trade, to see if she can ban it. —Uh huh.
08:30   So, it looks like it’s going to end, this.
08:33   No. No. Then I’ll interrupt, and say to the current mayor
08:39   that the future mayor, who is talking now, that it’s not over, that the business continues.
08:46   And that, if necessary, we’ll hire [lawyer] Moscowitz a thousand times.
08:52   to protect our business, and if it’s necessary, to communicate with each other.
08:59   The mayor should engage you? —Yes of course! Don’t you agree?
09:03   I’ve run the business for a short time and look how many problems we already solved.
09:08   So imagine in a year, two, three years, whatever the case may be. So.
09:12   Yes, have a conversation with Deniz, the future mayor.
09:17   Gangway!
09:26   We keep enjoying Amsterdam.

Video transcript #2:

00:00   If you were now to see me here, instead of one bottle of vodka, drink fifteen bottles of vodka,
00:06   believe me, I think I’d catch all possible diseases, that I couldn’t even sit here,
00:10   not even communicate with you, not even think clearly. And I think that
00:14   the same goes for other kinds of drugs, whether it’s laughing gas —
00:18   laughing gas isn’t even considered a drug, it’s groceries, like a cola.
00:24   Deniz [Üresin], can I stop you there for a sec? —No. —Many drugs are bad for people. —Can I finish?
00:28   But we know that laughing gas cuts oxygen to the brain. —You interrupt me without my permission…
00:32   …and causes damage to the nervous system. We shouldn’t even discuss other
00:40   harmful drugs, we know that. That’s not the point, we’re talking about laughing gas this evening,
00:44   and laughing gas is not something we should use.
00:47   Why is that, sir? I’m in the city every day and I see lots of drunk people.
00:50   and they are much worse. I only get the fun ladies and fun people, fun gays, all together.
00:56   And in my clinic I see paralyzed people, who wet themselves. —Who!?
01:02   I get that. —Who are your customers, Deniz?
01:05   It’s the same with too much beer. when I see these dudes on the Leidseplein
01:08   who drank thirty beers, I see them wet their pants, too.
01:11   Whether it’s about laughing gas or other drugs, it’s about responsible use, you see?
01:17   You say if you use one, two, no, thirty balloons per day, that’s all good?
01:21   I can communicate with you, I can still think clearly, without stammering, you know.
01:26   How many balloons have you had today? —I’m on #4 now I think, or #3?
01:31   I’m getting there… in a responsible way, you see?
01:35   Yes? —I’m not mentally addicted, I have discipline.
01:38   So that doesn’t mean I’m sucking on that cylinder all the time or something.
01:42   Can you abstain for a week, have you done that? —Yes. Of course.
01:46   Do you understand that some people are worried… look, you’re going to use now.
01:50   I wonder if I can talk to you now. Do you understand that some people are worried
01:53   that it’s too cheap, that it’s too easily accessible, that it’s dangerous?
01:57   Yeah, beer too, right? It’s 30 cents or something in the supermarket. 40 cents;
02:02   I see all those homeless guys get wasted every day, with their 30-cent cans from the supermarket.
02:06   The reason I’m here is that I see people behind the wheel, like that video just now.
02:10   that people get behind the wheel with a balloon. —You’re absolutely right.
02:14   What if it’s your kid getting run over? It makes me very angry.
02:18   It’s the same with alcohol, right? If somebody…
02:21   We check, we’re very strict about alcohol, and people
02:24   use laughing gas behind the wheel. —That’s absurd.
02:27   It’s my understanding 12-year-old children use balloons. —That is my message.
02:32   Can I interrupt you , because he interrupted me, too. —I agree,
02:36   and I get that you’re worried, that’s completely justified,
02:39   and you get to see the excesses in your clinic. And of course you shouldn’t drive
02:43   while doing a balloon; those people are nuts.
02:46   But the thing is, I’d find it a shame if excesses,
02:50   people who can’t handle whatever kind of narcotics,
02:55   that everything gets banned. I mean, mushrooms, in principle they’re a fun drug,
03:01   but because we get some tourists who smoke, drink, do mushrooms and then jump off the fourth floor,
03:08   those are excesses. —But maybe… Why would you use chemicals that are bad for your body?
03:13   Or does that make me very conservative? —Well, conservative,
03:17   I can have loads of fun without being drunk or using drugs.
03:22   Of course, but I think. —Deniz, you just did that balloon. Is your buzz gone, or how long are you…
03:29   I’m almost sober now, I think a few minutes I’ll be totally [?]. I’m serious now, right?
03:35   I feel the tingling sensation go down, and I do it live on TV to have a fun [??]…

Video transcript #3:

00:00   May we ask you something, in a moment? Your fans go first, I think.
00:06   Laughing gas salesman Deniz has an appointment at city hall at 4:30pm.
00:10   He’s been invited by police and city council. But first, he is recognized.
00:15   Does it happen often lately, that people recognize you in the street?
00:19   Yes, it’s ridiculous. It’s as if I’m the holy one. My Instagram page was closed down, unfortunately.
00:26   Yes, somebody has… people have tried, I think… or laughing gas.
00:31   Due to a legal loophole, his company has been selling laughing gas in the street for months.
00:36   A permit is necessary for this, but because from a legal viewpoint
00:40   the business delivers, it’s all legal.
00:44   Many other laughing gas dealers do the same, frustrating locals as well as Mayor Halsema.
00:51   It doesn’t matter if you have ear buds, this sound will always go through no matter what you do.
00:56   Because, according to Deniz, police are breathing down his neck.
01:00   he plans to hand out 20,000 balloons at city hall next Thursday.
01:04   This is the reason he was invited, was our belief.
01:07   Today we’re here for a conversation, to see what we can do for each other,
01:10   to see if we can get the police off our backs.
01:14   But during the conversation, the city council announces they’re going after the street trade.
01:21   Legal research has shown the loophole doesn’t exist, according to the mayor.
01:26   Dealers will be fined €95. If they persist, a periodic fine will be imposed.
01:32   This turned out to be the subject of the dialogue with Deniz. What is the fine, if you persist?
01:37   If I keep selling, I can be fined €100,000.
01:43   But I’ll tell you one thing, I won’t quit, man. I’m a legitimate businessman.
01:47   and I keep doing legitimate business. I’ll go to court, everything. But you know what’s too bad
01:52   is that a city has [?], a city maintaining the rule of law. Only focuses, only deals with.
01:59   a few deliverymen, while the city is on fire, and is full of criminality.
02:03   They suddenly… €100,000. You know how much €100,000 is?
02:08   That’s why we give away €100,000 worth of balloons this Thursday.
02:12   So that’s still on? —No, nonono, we’re increasing it, from 20,000;
02:17   there will be 30,000 extra backup balloons.
02:22   And if it comes to it, the next action will be on Herengracht, or um Prinsengracht,
02:25   wherever the f*** she lives. —The mayor’s house.
02:28   That’s right! The second protest. Mayor, if I were you,
02:31   I’d think long and hard how you want to treat us legit delivery men.
02:34   Are you going to war with us, and do you want to make things worse
02:37   for your career, end up in a mess with us?
02:40   Or are we going to make the city have a nice atmosphere again? Vote Deniz,
02:43   I make the city fun, vote [Mayor] Halsema, you’ll get this.

Video transcript #4:

00:05   OK, can you take the hat off [?]
00:09   I think you’re having an orgasm over this story. There’s just one protester, one man here.
00:14   Are you part of the protest? —No, I live around the corner from here.
00:18   Don’t you think this is over the top? —There’s a lot of press here, yes.
00:23   I count thirty, forty members of the press, I count one man who is having his say.
00:28   We’re going to work as models, right? You could also hand out balloons filled with regular air [?].
00:34   I could do that, but… —That’d be a good statement!
00:37   We planned to do that, but you know, the thing is, we don’t want to provoke,
00:40   because we’re not here to provoke. —Of course you are!
00:43   We would. No. Well Deniz, is this what you were after?
00:46   This is exactly what I was after. I want to be heard, yeah?
00:49   I focused more on media. I wanted media attention. —And you got that, right?
00:53   Absolutely! —How many interviews do you think you did? —Pff. I lost count.
00:57   I’m on German TV too, yeah, so I have to go to Germany tomorrow. —There were
01:02   almost no protesters, right? —That’s because we discouraged people internally [employees?],
01:06   because we’re still negotiating with the city council. They said something.
01:10   Yes? I asked the mayor’s spokesman, and he says they’re not negotiating anymore.
01:14   Twenty times they say different things every day. One time they say that, the other time this.
01:19   They have communication problems themselves, internally. So, reached [?] that conclusion.
01:24   Yes. So how are you doing otherwise, you had a mild stroke, right?
01:27   Are you OK? If people wonder.
01:31   Brother, I feel only so strong [?].

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  1. Pure insanity! Now he might get into trouble all because he is white(looks white?). Not sure if it matters if he is part of the Religion of NO Peace or not. They may crack down on him. I know, insane! Plus, probably not good to threaten the mayor… but we all know how soft the Far Left Politicians are when it comes to things like this for ONLY “certain” people.

  2. First rule of drug dealing is never use your own product.

    I see a Darwin Award nomination in his future.

    • Ha, I’ll bet he’s got a string of wee illegitimate bairns scattered throughout the welfare-supported banlieues of Amsterdam. His DNA is safe!

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