Space Aliens or Mohammed Made Him Do It — Take Your Pick

Watch all the way to the end of this video (and read all the way to the end of the article) to get to the punch line.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this news clip:

This is one of those cases where a psychotic fruitcake was drawn to Islam and converted. Or possibly it was Islam that made him psychotic — who knows?

Below are excerpts from the accompanying Fox43 article:

Police: Myerstown Bomb Suspect Believes Aliens Will Destroy the Earth With ‘Nuclear Laser Beam’

LEBANON COUNTY, Pa. — The suspect accused of planting an explosive outside a Myerstown hotel Sunday said he did so to get the attention of police, none of whom would listen to his story that aliens are going to destroy the Earth with a nuclear laser beam if humans didn’t “start being good people,” according to the criminal complaint affidavit filed in the case.

David Oxenreider, 28, was arrested Sunday after State Police were called to the scene of a bomb threat at the Bahney House Hotel on West Main Street at about 8:54 a.m.

Oxenreider, who lives at the hotel, allegedly told the manager of the property that he had made an explosive device, and that it was inside his room. The manager contacted police and told them he ordered Oxenreider to remove the device from the building. Oxenreider complied, placing the device next to a dumpster outside the building, the manager said.

Police responded to the scene and located both Oxenreider and the device. Approximately 30 residents of the Bahney House were evacuated while members of the State Police Hazardous and Explosives Section looked for potential secondary devices and disarmed the main device.

Traffic was disrupted for approximately six hours while the situation was being investigated and resolved, police said in a press release.

According to police, Oxenreider said it was not his intent to hurt anyone, and that the device had to be detonated by hand. He told police he made the device because he wanted to talk to police about things he had been experiencing. He had previously gone to several police agencies, but no one would listen to him, the criminal complaint states.

Oxenreider allegedly told police that in 2014, he had encountered a UFO and aliens. He said the aliens told him “humans need to start being good people, or else they were going to destroy the Earth with a nuclear laser beam,” according to the criminal complaint.

Oxenreider said he had been trying to spread the advice the aliens had given him, but no one listens to him.

“When he tells people about his alien encounter, people say he is crazy,” the criminal complaint said.

Those who knew Oxenreider say he converted to Islam a few years ago and went by the name “Muhammad Shahid.”

Hat tip for the article: Reader from Chicago.

4 thoughts on “Space Aliens or Mohammed Made Him Do It — Take Your Pick

  1. The ones who believe in “buraq” as aliens, are all crazy.
    Getting close to any flying object, whether in your head or sky, is a danger to their health, and to any one near them.
    Simply flying objects are dangerous.

    Declaring you are sort of kin with a Mohammad, that happily told the flying “buraq” story, sort of makes you known.
    “Lone wolves”, are so often “known wolves”

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