Assassination in Kassel

A local political leader for Angela Merkel’s CDU in the city of Kassel in Hesse was shot dead over the weekend. Walter Lübcke was apparently a victim of assassination.

Ned Kelly, who tipped us to the incident, included this brief background summary

A German politician, a member of Angela Merkel’s CDU, who told critics of her illegal mass immigration policy they “can leave Germany if they don’t like it”, was found shot dead in his garden over the weekend (head shot). The police are puzzled about the motive.

The video below shows the meeting at which Mr. Lübcke invited those who disagreed with him to leave the country. Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below are excerpts from an article in the English-language service of Deutsche Welle about the death of Walter Lübcke:

German district president found dead with gunshot wound — report

Walter Lübcke was discovered in his garden with a gunshot wound to his head, according to a local media report. Police said there was no indication of suicide and that they were looking for a perpetrator.

The president of the regional council of the central German city of Kassel was found dead in his garden early Sunday morning.

A spokesman for Walter Lübcke’s party, the conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU), confirmed the 65-year-old’s death late on Sunday.

Regional news outlet HNA reported that Lübcke had been found with a bullet wound to his head and that police had found no weapon at the scene.


The CDU described the Lübcke as a “bridge builder” who never shied away from “telling it as it is.”

There’s more information (in German) from Osthessen News.

Video transcript:

00:00   Let me finish. I came here despite my broken voice and we’ll get to [?] in a second.
00:06   No, “The poor guy”. Sure. You can spare all this pity.
00:12   I’m proud that we as a government made a video, along with a team of volunteers
00:16   that contributed to it. I also thank the students. From what I have seen in the newspaper.
00:20   And also the teachers. I have voiced my support for the school many times.
00:24   We’ll also pass this on to the school here, so that we have fruit from it.
00:28   We have a great school. We also have a church here that communicates values
00:32   in which we say: It is worthwhile living in this country. In order to do that one must stand
00:37   up for these values and if you don’t represent these values you can leave this country
00:40   at any time if you don’t agree. Every German has the freedom… —BOO! Shame! BOO! Shame!
00:52   I can’t believe this! Get out of here! I can’t believe this!
00:57   I say explicitly, we all have freedom. We have a democracy here and that means… —Democracy?!

25 thoughts on “Assassination in Kassel

  1. So now it begins. Everybody, or most everybody, could see this coming from a mile away, I am just surprised it took this long.

  2. We don’t yet know who did this, or why, but an informed guess suggests they had similar motives to the Christchurch shooter, or the van driver at the Finsbury Park mosque in London.

    Such people do so much harm to the non-violent counterjihad cause, handing ammunition (excuse the term) to our Muslim and left-wing opponents. I don’t have a solution; if only one could get hold of them in advance and point this out.

    • if only one could get hold of them in advance and point this out.

      Being the civilized person you are, you’re presuming such as they are capable of hearing rational arguments. Or were ever educated to understand the rational.

    • Reason only works when it is respected. In today’s world, reason is ignored in the interest of politically correct social justice. Whoever killed this man apparently understood that reason was no longer possible as the idea being espoused was for Germans to leave Germany to the Muslims. Of course, there may be other answers here like a robbery.

      • Emotion rules. Rational facts and debate are brushed aside, because it would expose the complete lack of sensible argument.
        The left is more like a religion, YOU MUST BELIEVE! And if you don’t, you are evil, and must be punished.

    • There’s no reason to assume anything at this point. Politicians are well adept at angering a wide variety of people. The shooter could even have been a refugee.

      • Completly right! it’s now said to be a “younger man,” who it is said had “admitted” to having been in a “private relationship” with the conservative politician.

    • “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable” JFK

      Violence is inevitable due to how apart the two sides are, and the impossibility of reconciling the differences. The issues are not a simple political debate over the ideal level of taxation or useage of public funds where reasonable people can agree to disagree, and show their displeasure peacefully through the ballot box. Instead, the issues facing Germany in particular and Europe in general are whether it will be turned into another islamic feces-hole or whether it will remain the country of the Germans.

      There is no middle ground or possible political compromise. The clock is ticking on the date that muslims along with african invaders gain political power and voting majorities either through uncontrolled invasion or through uncontrolled breeding or a combination of the two. Simple demographics show this to be a mathematical inevitability if nothing is done to stop and reverse the arrival of new invaders, along with deporting those already arrived.

      Every time Germans have been given the opportunity to vote, they have consistently chosen to continue the abrogation of their children’s inheritance, and the tossing away of the sacrifices of untold generations of ancestors. Not enough of them care to reverse this trend through the ballot box, but there is a sizeable enough number of those who do, and will refuse to bow the knee to the foreign invaders that violence and civil war are all but inevitable. I don’t know the solution either, at least one that does not involve violence. And seeing that it is inevitable, there should be some effort made to provide a philosophical and moral underpinning as to exactly why violence is necessary and just what it is that those who fight will fight for.

      • Moon, Well said. The time for the high moral ground is left for those who will be buried in it. This ends one way or another, them? or Us! Let it rain!

      • Germans never had a leader that aimed to harm them until Merkel, so this idea is completely foreign to their mentality and that’s why they vote the way they vote. Some leaders may have been harsh, but ultimately it build the country up. Simultaneously Germany never faced islam before, considering it was always stopped before reaching there (either in France or in Austria). It’s a new situation for them and clearly not that many are fast to adapt.
        The positive thing is that various groups of Europeans have shown time and time again that it only takes a tiny group of us to win big battles. Czechoslovak legions controlled the whole Trans-Siberian railway against Bolsheviks, Spartans are extremely well known, Templars in Jerusalem are too, but the list is pretty much endless, whether it’s against outsiders or Europeans among themselves.

    • Mark H, Sorry, but, the high moral ground where the counter jihad is concerned is reserved for those who are going to get buried in it, we are at war, you just don’t know it yet.

      • You may be right, G, but unless things get a lot worse, many (most?) people will be afraid to act; look what’s happened to Tommy Robinson, who’s hardly a violent insurrectionist.

        • Mark, Things are getting worse, how much worse do they have to get before action is required? What is happening to Tommy is the reason why the bullet box is inevitable. The Rubicon is crossed, it is now just a matter of who lights the match.

    • That’s an extremely naive view, my friend. Or uneducated, though I find that unlikely by a regular on this website.

  3. Perp may be the grieving parent or sibling of one of Mutti’s victims.

  4. If it is a private garden, I presume there would be decent security in place. For this reason, I suspect a political hit — someone he knew, or a hired professional hit man.

    • No, some years ago he had police security. But this kind of politician had normally no Security.

      Mainstream Press wrote: The CRIME SCENE WAS CHANGED!

      So perhaps it was family…

  5. Could be any numbers of people who knew him . A former love? A political rival ? Someone who though he knew too much a” political hit ‘ ? If free speech and open debate about the “refugee invasion problem ” is prohibit it could have been a “private citizen ” who snapped. It does not bode well when a SJW is murder as long as it remains unsolved the far left will demand it had to be right wing hit job. When someone on the political right is murder the murderer is always displayed as mental unstable person working along ,when someone on the left is murdered the murderer is link up with all right wing groups or political leaders or “hate speech” no matter the murderer has no connections to them.

  6. The difference between the leftists and the nationalists, is that the rightwing nationalists will support a full investigation and prosecution. No cover up and no light penalties just because a murderer happens to support your political stance.

    The built-in disadvantage of the right is not that it refuses to reflect the biased justice of the left. The built-in disadvantage of the right is that they insufficiently recognize that the larger the government, the more attraction to leftists, who are able to amass power through bureaucratic infighting, rather than through competence at anything.

  7. Good, this traitor got what he deserved! He has enabled open borders and was complicit in the destruction of Germany through mass illegal invasion of islamic bogus refugees, in order to wipe out the German race!

    I salute whoever had the [testicular fortitude] to do him, and I await with glee to read about Angela Merkel and the other members of her nazi party when they are dealt with properly, finally, no mercy given to these fascists of Germany!

  8. We’ve been in the middle of a war since 9/11 and every time someone gets killed, it’s a big mystery. An alien flying overhead in his space ship would say” these people don’t know who they are or where they have been or what they are doing.”

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