3 thoughts on “Tommy Sues the Police

  1. I was taught that there would always be an England, as the bastion of liberty and rule of law. I suppose that bastion has sailed west to friendlier shores as the England today is not the ideal that I grew up with. If we ever visit Europe it will be copiously avoided, and if things in Europe become any worse maybe we won’t bother at all.
    The rock opera by the Who comes to mind but this is a different Tommy. I will dig in the couch cushions to see if there is anything besides dead spiders there. My worst fear is what this country will be like if the Demo(n)crats win in 2020 and decide to import England’s policing model. I hope they haven’t stuffed the ballot boxes yet as they did in California.

  2. There hasn’t been an England for a long time. The English are hated by their own establishment – that’s why they’ve been subsumed into the ‘UK’ as a means of rubbing them from the face of history.

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