The CFA-Qaddafi Nexus

Giorgia Meloni is the leader of the anti-immigration party Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy) and a member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies.

A couple of weeks ago we posted Ms. Meloni’s remarks about the CFA franc — a regional African currency manipulated by the French government to serve the interests of the ruling class in France. She believes that French machinations have helped make Africans even more impoverished than they already were, thereby driving them to emigrate northwards to Europe.

Giorgia Meloni has made another video about the CFA franc and how it is related to the French plan to assassinate Colonel Qaddafi. In it she cites an unusual source: an email sent to Hillary Clinton when she was secretary of state.

Many thanks to He ha for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:01   Finally, we’ve let everyone know about French neocolonialism and the CFA Franc
00:06   that France prints for fourteen African countries.
00:12   And obviously the Italian Left has started defending the French
00:16   and their neocolonial policies adopted in those poor African nations.
00:21   And above all, they’ve underlined that there is no nexus between the French colonial currency
00:25   and the immigration wave that has been overwhelming us.
00:30   I want to have the chance to ask the Italian Left,
00:34   but above all I want to ask the Italian Government about this.
00:37   This is an e-mail published by the American State Department in 2015.
00:44   It’s an e-mail that was sent to Hillary Clinton back when she was
00:47   the US secretary of State, about the Libyan situation.
00:50   According to this American civil servant who wrote to Hillary Clinton, the French
00:54   had found out that Qaddafi had planned to replace the French colonial currency
00:58   with an African currency based on the Libyan dinar.
01:02   According to this American functionary, this is the reason that would have
01:07   pushed France to bomb Libya in 2011 and murder Colonel Qaddafi.
01:12   I find it shameful that nobody has ever wanted to look deeply at the contents of this public document.
01:18   To figure out the real reasons that unleashed the turmoil in Libya
01:22   and generated the chaotic wave of immigration to Europe.
01:26   If all this were true, it would mean that France doesn’t exactly print this currency
01:31   out of philanthropy, but would do anything to defend this colonial currency.
01:36   May I ask Deputy Prime Minister Di Maio — who was brave enough to denounce all this,
01:40   after the Brothers of Italy did — to summon the French Ambassador
01:43   and hold him to account for the contents of this document?

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    • Hillary complicit in unconscionable venal financial manipulations? Tell me it ain’t so.

  1. We all know that Kaddafi had to go because of money and oil, because oil is oil, and money is money, and you don’t just simply leave the Mafia without consequences…

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