A New, Improved Minstrel Show in Virginia

I must admit I was disappointed when Dr. Ralph Northam (D) was elected governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia. After he won the election in 2017 I mostly averted my face from the goings-on in Richmond — it just wasn’t interesting enough to watch.

Then last month he voiced his support for a bill that would legalize abortion in Virginia up to and beyond the point of childbirth. Now, that got my attention.

But yesterday he really rose in my approval when it emerged that his yearbook page from med school contained a photo of a man in blackface next to another man in a Klan outfit. And later in the day it was revealed that his nickname as an undergrad was “Coonman” — that’s when my regard for him was heightened even further. I mean, how could you NOT love a guy named Coonman?

Then today my esteem for Dr. Northam reached stratospheric levels. It seems he woke up this morning and said to himself, “I’ll check my memory and I’ll check it quick, yes I will.” His enhanced recollection of the yearbook photo informed him that neither the cove in blackface nor the Klan guy was in fact he. However, in the interest of full disclosure, he allowed as to how that many years ago he had darkened his face to play the part of Michael Jackson in a theatrical production of some sort.

That’s when I decided that I wanted Ralph Northam to remain the governor of our sovereign commonwealth in perpetuity. Virginia needs a man like him at the helm.

In honor of the occasion, I’ve put together this meme pic:

I hope Coonman resists the calls (by both Democrats and Republicans) to resign, and toughs it out for the whole four years. Then after that he can follow the usual career path to the U.S. Senate. And from there, who knows? He could very well be presidential material…

If you want to see the now-famous yearbook photo of Rastus and the Grand Kleagle, visit virtually any MSM site; it’s the hottest story of the day. This CBS article, for example.

22 thoughts on “A New, Improved Minstrel Show in Virginia

  1. Baron, you lived in England for far too long, and learned too much from us – you learned Sarcasm with a Capital “S”.

  2. The stupid party (Republicans) is naturally piling on for Northam’s condemnation and resignation.

    They either don’t realize, or don’t care, that this is part of the movement to remove white males from all positions of leadership and power. Naturally, everybody has embarrassing incidents from their past. Teens especially are experimenting with their place in the world, and don’t necessarily think that a teenish prank will come back to haunt them when they are at the pinnacle of power.

    What happens is that the outrage and outcry is almost exclusively focused on white males, both left and right. Keith Ellison a member of the Nation of Islam? Who cares? Kamala Harris using her feminine charms of long ago to advance her career? So what? Bret Kavanaugh accused at the midnight hour by a serial liar classmate with absolutely no corroboration: squeaked by with a single vote.

    So, the history scam is simply another tool to eliminate whites from power: white males come first, but the females aren’t far behind. The method is through completely selective enforcement.

    Now, does Northam deserve what happened? Absolutely. He used the racist card against his opponent in the race. He’s either a thoroughly-compliant cultural Marxist tool or a doctrinaire cultural Marxist himself. Even abortion advocates (like myself) are pretty shocked at the idea of dissecting a baby after it’s born. But, the object of the cultural Marxist is to destroy civilization and all its anchor points, so quite naturally it becomes alright to dissect a baby.

    But, there’s a thing called strategy. If you want to recall Northam for his abortion stance, have at it. It’s a real policy debate. But to force him to resign because of a photo from 35 years ago is ridiculous. I don’t care if he first wore the Klan outfit, then changed into blackface and put himself in the second part of the picture through photographic trickery. The dumb Republicans can’t see past their noses.

    • That was difficult to read. First because passing something done while in medical school off as teenage foolishness is a non-starter. One does not get into medical school until one has completed undergraduate studies, typically at the age of 21. Unless that person is Doogie Howser.

      Second, this is not about Northam’s stance on abortion per se. It is about his describing murder as merely being a brand of abortion.

      I’m as against Marxism, be it social or political, as the next conservative. And I agree that there is a broad push to remove white males from authority in general. But I think you have really missed the point about what is going on here.

      • Rick, remember that the young male brain – especially the neocortex – doesn’t develop fully until age 25. That’s why car insurance goes down at age 25. 21 year-olds still do stupid stuff.

        • Obama wasn’t not even given a neocortex to develop. Fortunately he rides a girly bicycle.

        • Actually Clarice Feldman last Sunday quoted the Washington Post as identifying Northam as being in his LAST year of medical school when the photo was taken. I’m not sure what was his precise age, but I guess at least 23.

          And people are capable of doing stupid stuff well past the age of 25, don’t ask how I know…

      • I’ll clarify.

        I don’t care if he put on blackface and a pillow at age 15, 25, or 35. It happened 30 years ago. He didn’t kill, injure, harass or defraud anyone. I simply don’t care about the pictures. They don’t debase anyone because they weren’t seen by anyone until the “defenders” of minorities dug them out and splashed them over the news. The whole controversy is so stupid I can’t believe it.

        Secondly, I specifically said, if you want to oust him for his views on abortion, have at it. It’s a debate over policy. If you force him out because of his stance on abortion, it’s a legitimate debate. Not the show-trial of a stupid picture 30 years old that harmed absolutely no one.

        And I said, the real malevolent result of this show-trial is that the outrage and horror is limited to when material like this comes out on white males. When you have rules, written or unwritten, that make everyone guilty, the enforcers have tremendous power to punish their enemies. The cultural Marxists are determined to push white males out of power, so the cult-Marx news naturally gins up mass hysteria over…a white male governor.

        I repeat. If you want to hit him on policy issues, if you think he advocated murder, then I have no fundamental disagreement. But to go along with the sham of the photo hysteria is to play into the cult-Marxist narrative.

  3. As an outsider, I may have missed some of the nuances here, but I take it you’re being ironic?

    • Mark H, this really is insider baseball…kind of difficult to fisk. See, the B doesn’t want Northam to resign (I think). I don’t, either because he will be entertaining — as are all one’s political foes who hoist themselves by their own petard…

      The Dems, who now faint dead away at the least sniff of “racism” (though they have been deeply racist from the post-Civil War era of Reconstruction until this last by-election in 2018 when so many half-insane, fully room-temperature IQ egomaniacs got into office), are now fully weaponized against WAAYCISTs, especially the Republican variety.

      We are getting our jollies from watching the discomfiture of the hypocritical Dems as they don asbestos mitts to deal with our Governor. Northam was/is a pediatric neurosurgeon neurologist (sound familiar? See the conservative version in Ben Carson) who served as a medico in the military for eight years. I’m sure his heart is in the right place if you don’t count his feelings on infanticide as a ‘viable’ solution for problem pregnancies.

      The Coonman, historically, was the designation for the redneck fellow who handled the dogs when a hunt was organized for runaway slaves. Northam comes from the Eastern Shore, where also resided the most famous slave rebellion, led by Nat Turner. But Northam seems to have been a good ol’ boy who was smart and ambitious. He’s come a long way from Onancock, the small town to which his daddy’s farm was adjacent.

      As for the post, it is as much in fun as was Northam’s original stunt and his strange nickname. Some enterprising journalist needs to visit Onancock and talk with the graduates of the high school he attended – mostly black, btw.

      I probably haven’t made the backstory any less muddy than it was already. Blame England- they birthed our Commonwealth as a place to make money and to dump all their second sons. And insisted on slavery because it was a handy place to dump them, too. That was after the colonies had gone through the whole crop of indentured servants.

      • ‘Coon’ is a term for a black individual in discreet company much as ‘cracker’ is a term for white individuals used by black folk. Of course, white folk take the heat when they mis-speak in this politically correct world since blacks are always the victimized class, or so the left would have it.

        We have a high school football team here whose mascot was a coon. They were forced to change that as there were too many sensitive individuals about.

        So goes the war on whitey.

        • As a southerner, I am well aware of the designation, “coon”. But “Coonman” is of a different order. And “cracker” is not used exclusively by black folk. I’ve always referred to myself as a “Florida cracker” – we are different from other cracker-types.

          One of our donors comes from a town with the word “Coon” in its name. Yes, there have been efforts to re-name the town (it’s not in the South) but those attempts have been in vain. It may be that Virginia’s about-to-resign governor will push that over the edge.

  4. Abortion has killed more people of color than the KKK could ever dream of, and the Northam supported Kathy Tran bill would make it even more sinister. Yet the left is more concerned over a 30+ year old picture in a yearbook.

    Also: The Governor implies that if he were the guy in blackface in the picture he’d have to resign, but he’s not the same guy, so he doesn’t have to resign…. But then he goes on to confess to doing blackface elsewhere, but somehow that is different, and doesn’t count, presumably because no photo has surfaced yet.

    Blackface once might be a stupid choice; Northam admits he is a serial blackfacer, so it’s a lifestyle choice a la Shaun King.

    You have to admit that Demo-Logic is special.

  5. My son was born six weeks early. Viable then; still going strong. My view of late-term and partial-birth abortions? Wilfull and deliberate murder.

    • Sure is murder. But that’s our inheritance for permitting the Supreme Court to interfere in the spheres belonging to individual states.

    • When I was at law school (which isn’t all that long ago) we learnt that in the local Crimes Act, abortion after 6 months of gestation was the crime of ‘child destruction’. Then they changed the law. All to enhance ‘choice’. And a doctor who doesn’t want to be involved in providing abortions or direct referral to a ‘day surgery’ clinic has to refer the patient to a doctor who will. Not enough to have a ‘no abortions here, please ask elsewhere’ sign on the door. In any event, that won’t matter soon, because med school will weed out the conscientious objectors and all doctors will probably have been involved in abortions in their training–there are, after all, plenty of them to give them the experience.

  6. Perhaps he could say that he always felt that he is a black man inside a white man’s body and he chooses to occasioanlly present himself with black face.

    The left could never criticise that unless they claim it is some sort of inconsiderate appropriation.

  7. “The Dems, who now faint dead away at the least sniff of “racism” (though they have been deeply racist from the post-Civil War era of Reconstruction until this last by-election in 2018 when so many half-insane, fully room-temperature IQ egomaniacs got into office), are now fully weaponized against WAAYCISTs, especially the Republican variety.

    My Republican great grandfather disagreed. According to his diary, he shot and killed 11 racist Democrats at Manassas, Fredericksburg, Antietam and Chancellorsville after he had volunteered for the 22nd New York Infantry Regiment.

    • Times have changed since your great-grandfather fought for the Union. The Republican Party began more or less with Lincoln, so I doubt your progenitor was calling himself a “Republican”.

      Lots of men on both sides fought bravely. That war, 700,000 deaths later, saved the Union while decimating the South, which has yet to fully recover. European generals studied that war in order to learn to kill more efficiently.

      Now the politics of resentment rules everywhere in this country. Resentment, envy, and ignorance abound.

      • Please watch a Dinesh D’Souza video. He’s exposed the Democratic Party’s history of racism: the party of slavery, of opposition to the black vote, of Jim Crow, of segregation, and opposition to the civil rights movement (till Johnson strategically signed the GOP-authored and sponsored Civil Rights Act. Three generations ago this history was well-known, but after the 1970’s it receded 99% from America’s collective memory. It’s squally true, however, that only the Southern landowning aristocracy (under 1% of the South) were slave-owners. Most Southerners were fighting for states’ rights. My point is the Democrats’ racist past is consistent with the collectivist frame of their leftist identity politics today. They’re only tactically anti-racist and feminist now.

        • I already know the history of the Dems; been studying it for over fifty years now. I was raised in the South and was excoriated for sitting in the back of the bus (we were too poor to afford a car back then), for defending the equality of black folk before the law, etc. Yes, I was called the usual names. But that was before blacks decided to hitch themselves to the We-Be-Victims wagon.

          I agree with your opinion that Dems are only tactically anti-racist and pro-feminist now. Funny, it was once a regional, Southern thing, but the Yankees and the Leftists with the Megaphone have weaponized it.

          BTW, the exodus of tenant-farming blacks (same as slavery) from the deep South in the 1940s ff was due to the promise of jobs up North. Now many of them dwell in northern ghettoes while the better-educated blacks are moving back to their home places…

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