Couchsurfing Her Way to Culture-Enriching Sexual Assault

The following news item concerns an, ahem, overly credulous young Canadian woman whose trusting nature allowed her to be molested by a Pakistani culture-enricher in Barcelona. You don’t have to “blame the victim” to exclaim, “What was she thinking of??” when you read this story.

By the way — I’d never heard of the Couchsurfing app before I read this article. It sounds like it’s tailor-made for would-be rapists to acquire new prey.

Pampasnasturtium, who translated the piece for us, includes these remarks:

I find it hard to believe that a 23-year-old can be so self-suppressingly stupid. I suppose the lack of exposure to potential danger inhibited her survival instinct. The minute the man opened the door and told her such tripe, she should have gone to the police (the fact that she did not even think of it is astonishing) and then booked a hotel room for herself, an affordable one could have been found on the very same day… Or a pricey one, anything better than ending up a harem plaything of such vile scum.

The translated article from El Nacional (NOTE: intimate details are included below the jump. Don’t “Read More” if you’re sensitive to such descriptions):

Accommodation for free

The dangers of ‘couchsurfing’: Female Canadian tourist sexually assaulted

by Anton Rosa
Barcelona, February 4, 2019

A female Canadian tourist who used the Couchsurfing digital platform to obtain free lodging in Barcelona was sexually assaulted by her host. The victim, 23 years old, contacted the man through the app and they agreed that the girl could sleep for some days in his flat in a single bed. When the woman arrived at the location, the attacker explained to her that they’d have to sleep together, and made use of the nighttime to fondle and abuse her. The prosecutor asks for six years and three months in prison for the accused.

The events took place last March 13, when the Canadian girl contacted Usman Yaquoob, a Pakistani citizen who was offering free accommodation via Couchsurfing. The man — who was using the nickname Danni on the platform — agreed with the tourist that she could stay in his flat for some days on a single bed while she was visiting the city. On arriving at his place, her host explained to the woman they’d have to sleep together because, in the end, the man did not have an additional place for her to sleep on. The Pakistani citizen reassured her that there would be no problem, that he was ‘homosexual’ and that it wasn’t the first time he had slept with female tourists in the same bed.

Once it was nighttime and the two of them were in bed, Yaquoob started kissing the girl and fondling her in her genital area, despite her constant reluctance and refusals. The man continued by applying lubrication to her anal area, introducing his fingers and rubbing his penis against her.

The tourist ended up stunned and frightened, as she didn’t know anybody in the city besides her attacker, did not have a place where she could seek refuge, and didn’t know what her host might be capable of.

Yaquoob will sit in front of the judge this Tuesday, accused of a type of sexual assault crime. The attorney is asking for a sentence of six years and three months in prison for the Pakistani citizen.

17 thoughts on “Couchsurfing Her Way to Culture-Enriching Sexual Assault

  1. After the introduction of the culture of ‘Threes Company’, women have little regard for their own honour.

    I fear if there is to be a women’s backlash against our permissive culture, they may foolishly choose the Islamic form of male ‘protection’ and burkas as a perverted form of ‘security’.

    • Yes, foolishly is the right description. They should talk to their muslim sisters living in islamic paradises-on-earth; they would be shocked to discover that a piece of cloth will not protect them from rape, and their male “protection” is just as likely to rape them as anyone other muslim male.

  2. Perhaps Jan and Dean could sing a new version of ‘Sidewalk Surfing’:

    “Grab a pillow and go Spanish couch surfin’ with me…”

  3. The attitudes and mindless idiocy behind this does not surprise me.

    I recently had a heated discussion recently with a young man concerning Uber. I contend that it is inherently dangerous for a lone woman to get into a car with a man who has virtually no oversight or police clearance to act as a public driver.

    His response, repeated over and over was simply that the drivers have given their credit card info. to Uber and this provides all the security necessary.

    He and his ultra-liberal mother are of the opinion that such businesses provide the common people with opportunities to make extra money.

  4. She probably thought “Danni” was a cool American skater dude… not realising that such names are now used by many Enrichers online, possibly to increase their chances of success with western women.

    But after he said there’s only one bed for them, but it’s okay cos “he’s gay”, the fact she continued suggests she is either ultra-naive and stupid, or was (more likely), in a way, willing to do “a lot” to get some free accomodation?

    • It is fairly common to meet moslems with Old Testament names and Middle Easterners with New Testament names are usually Catholic / Christian. Many people are fooled by this thinking any Biblical name equals a Christian person.

      One of the most horrific murders in decades in my city upon an elderly lady was committed by a young moslem who choose the name ‘Daniel’ when he entered Canada.

  5. I’d say couch surfing is a natural part of the European “university student class”. As university students we could couchsurf our way to any city in Europe, and I would never think of it as something dangerous. Well, times have changed since the 90’s.

    As to the actual incident, it is like this old Swedish lady that I met in a hospital in Stockholm: Her greatest worry was that she is racist because she felt uneasy around an dark dark black African nurse. If people are so brainwashed as to discard their instinkts as something evil, well, they are brainwashed…

    • I figured couch surfing is ok as long as you follow these simple rules:
      1) don’t visit or take in anyone who doesn’t have a good rating (yet)
      2) as a woman definitely use female acomodations only, as a male it’s probably still preferable to use female acomodations, but male acomodations are ok too (at least nowadays it would lower the chance of being acused of rape)
      3) always travel with a companion (especially if a woman)

      This young lady in question didn’t do any of that and clearly she didn’t research the area(s) she was going to visit either. AND she didn’t even have enough brain to figure she could spend the night at any police station despite not knowing anyone in the area.
      Oh, scratch the last one, Canadian feminists probably brainwashed her into thinking the officers are going to molest her, so she decided one Pakistani is better than a group of policemen. She can be lucky he hasn’t called his friends over – chances are she would be kept as a sex slave to this day…

  6. This story shows how much harm feminism has done to women. Like any crackbrained ideology, it makes it followers lose contact with reality.

    Any grown-up woman in her right mind would understand that agreeing to sleep in the same flat with a man she does not know at all whom she has not even seen before she is running a serious risk. And any grown up woman would understand that agreeing to sleep in the same bed with a man she should blame herself for any consequences.

    And any grown up man when a woman agrees to spend a night with him in the same bed would think that the woman is looking for a sexual adventure.

    Race and religious background are not really a major factor here. Though, of course, it is natural to suppose that men of southern origin – not just Arabs, but Greeks, Italians or Spaniards, are usually more hot-blooded and sexually active.

    I am sure, that this silly girl’s grandmother would have known all that and would never get into such a situation.

    I do usually sympathise with women abused by predatory males, but this is one of the rare cases when I have more time for the man than for his ‘victim’. I think she needed this lesson and that she got off lightly. By doing what she has done she might have easily got in the hands of a sadistic maniac or gang-raped or even kidnapped and sold into sexual slavery.

    The real culprits in this case are propaganders of the lethal anti-human feminist ideology.

  7. The root cause of all this is that millennials have been taught from pre-school upwards two gross untruths: that all cultures are equal and to be “discriminating” on the basis of ethnicity, race or religion is ipso facto “bad”. Whereas, the natural human practice of discrimination is in fact an essential survival mechanism. To be a discriminating person was one extolled as a virtue: choose your friends carefully. As there are no European taxi drivers in my city, my daughter has been taught since age 13 to only get into a taxi with a Chinese driver (easily identifiable as one stands on the street hailing passing cabs) – a risk minimisation strategy that has worked for five years.

  8. Note 1. to self:
    Do not say: “She was really asking for it”.

    Note 2. to self:
    Do not make cheap jokes like: “That could become the most expensive home-delivered Fast Food for the enricher ”

    Thinking aloud: ….if , as they say, 60 (y.o.) is the new 40, then 23 is the new ??? THAT explains it.

  9. Perhaps this was sex tourism gone wrong.

    I assume she went to Italy to sleep with Italians not Pakistanis.

    Next time, turn the lights on to get a good look at the nationality.

    After all, no one goes to Paris to buy sauerkraut.

  10. At least she was spared a knife wound to the neck.
    – What is this gentleman doing in Barcelona? I remember being quite surprised at seeing Pakistanis during my visit to the city.

    • berserker

      From what he is doing there, you may confidently conclude that he is not a gentleman.

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